Hearing is spontaneous

Most spiritual aspirants can’t bear to read anything that challenges their beliefs or their blind faith in some guru/teacher. The investment in imaginary progress is too much to let go of.

Many praise this guru or that but I have not met even one who follows and praises their teacher or guru who is clearly not still seeking and not still full of erroneous beliefs.  Everything they say is based on belief and blind faith and imaginary progress.

If that wonderful guru or teacher is so ‘amazingly clear’, why on earth has the seeking and the blind hero worship still got them by the short and curlies?

Well, isn’t it quite obvious that it is because their teacher/guru has NOT delivered them from self-centeredness?  They are still in the grips of the bondage of self.  Imaginary progress of imaginary characters.  All praising each other over nothing but erroneous belief, beliefs that obscure the naked truth.  There is no entity anywhere.  In the experiencing of this living ‘moment’ all there is is this living consciousness and whatever lies beyond this is the unspeakable reality of what is – non conceptual.

The message is either clean and clear or it is a cocktail of concepts that require blind faith and belief.

Wake up to the delusional teachings – self-centeredness – and don’t even give them a second of this living awareness (appearing as your attention).

What is true does not need belief.  Investigate the space where the fixation ‘me’ is supposed to abide.  Recognize that that space has no volume or substance.  It is all conceptual.

What is naturally true is obviously true and recognized instantly.

You KNOW it without having to think about it.

Your true nature is just like that….So clear – so obvious.

When the sun comes up in the morning, you don’t say ‘Oh, I believe that is the sun’ – you KNOW it without having to think about it.  Your true nature is just like that.

The bondage of self can be broken in an instant of insight.  There is no need for long winded practices and purification of mind or body – no matter what anyone says.

The false is false and will NEVER become true.

If you need a teacher, find one that resonates in your being – not in your personality or intellect – not one that expects you to curtail and be subservient.

The clear messenger will NEVER ask you to believe anything.

All they do is point.

Whether you recognize what they point to or not is not a choice that you can make.

At some point intelligence acts with conviction.  If the mind is full of belief, this is not likely to happen.  One must investigate belief and recognize that there is NO belief that is representing the actuality of what IS.




  1. Many get very upset when these things are pointed out. It challenges all their beliefs at once. Fear, panic turns into accusations and denial. Why pretend to want to be free? Freedom is already here for the taking. You have to put down your personal drama baggage and be open to what actually is.

  2. You nailed it. If your guru had all the answers, why are you still searching and prostrating yourself at his/her knee? I was always amazed at how many people in places like Sedona, etc., kept going year after year to ‘healing workshops’ and ‘spiritual retreats.’ If they were suffering from the common cold for that many years and the doctor was the ‘guru’ he’d be sued for malpractice.

  3. Yes, the dreamy looking guru who promises bliss by giving you a list of 10,000 beautiful mantras. And promises that if you repeat one mantra at dawn each day, by the time you are done you will be enlightened. Then he takes off in a hot air balloon with your money and some hot chick and you never see him again.

    • We see evidence of shonky teachers regularly. Some of the ‘situations’ ended in tragedy. They all had hundreds of followers who were blinded by charisma. Even when the evidence showed up that they were not what they pretended to be, the believers tried to justify their ‘teacher’. They did this because it is too painful to acknowledge that they were fooled by it all. Tricks of the mind and the insubstantial beliefs blind the unquestioning aspirant. Test everything and know the truth for yourself. There is little use in being with someone who says they ‘know’ (and you don’t) when they have no idea of how to introduce you to the clear evidence of knowing for yourself. Truth or reality is not something to trade with. Some folks think that I make a fuss about false teachers and that I am negative. Compassion over rides any wish to protect my ‘reputation’ because I know that any image or concept anyone has about me has no reality at all. You don’t know what your next thought is going to be. That fact should give you access to something so profound that the mind is stilled for a few moments. In that pause of thinking there is clear evidence that there is no entity anywhere. It is all concepts and beliefs. They all parade past the ever present actuality and NONE of them have any substance. Deny it if you want but if you want what is true right here, right now, then you have to recognize it for yourself. You can’t ride on the back of another who holds you to ransom over false knowledge that you NEED them to show you some path to a future time of deliverance. Now is the ONLY time there is. Recognize that simple truth and the charade is cut through. Fear of losing ‘something’ keeps seekers bound to hope of attaining some theoretical state of mind in the future. ALL states of mind come and go. HOW can you possibly be something that comes and goes?

  4. So called seekers want to awaken into some special state of being. They overlook the FACT that they are NOT unaware right now. Belief weaves stories and they are not questioned or challenged. The innate activity of knowing is the key. Everything appears in the seeing-knowing. Nothing can appear anywhere else because there isn’t anywhere else than right here, right now. Wakefulness is already present. What the mind weaves upon this naked wakefulness is like a dream. The wakefulness is NOT a dream. The entire universe appears upon this wakefulness. Time is a concept. All directions, all dimensions and all times, past, present and future, are conceptualized ‘realms’ that have NO substance. Recognizing this may appear as an awakening but the FACT is the wakefulness is ever present and it is NOT personal. Spiritual BS is worthless nonsense. Remove the meaning or the belief out of it all and it disappears, along with all the personal angst, believed in past conditioning and ‘everything you have believed is real’. Reality does not depend on anything, least of all Belief.

  5. There is a beautiful thrill of knowing that this is all happening without some one pulling at the reins and making mistakes and corrections along a long obstacle course. Just a free fall into the seeing. And no one can do that for you. . Funny. It could be that there are some who just like to play with gurus or have a guru, be it the spiritual, religious or secular version. They could not cope in this appearance without one. Willingly buying tickets and following the circus. Let them play. But Im sure there are just as many sincere seekers, who needlessly suffer and are kept on a leash of beliefs.

    Thank you for all the fine UGC podcasts. All 100. They have been the direct knowing. I thank you for their creation and your generous sharing of them. I have respect for a lot of the expressions that UGC led me to. I have never knowingly met or discussed with anyone who was ‘non dual’ How is this? Never in the appearance meet anyone who sees this? So, culling through UGC was it. And suddenly (and after a while) it was very clear. No time or distance. Just this. Formless (actually, I never know what it is) Yet there is a ebbing, with clarity contantly changing in the appearance of things. Form still presents itself. Time still presents itself. And then there arises an urge to maneuver, control the appearance. But it is just a state of mind that comes and goes.

    I am going to find ways to use the word ‘shonky’,

    • The UGC was useful for ‘opening up a possibility’ for those who needed a nudge in the right direction. Some podcasts are spot on and many are presenting various degrees of ‘missing the mark’. The entertaining format was useful in keeping the attention ‘alive’ while a clear message could be delivered, more or less, in each podcast. Most of the podcasts are relatively clear and direct. The UGC can be a trap like anything else if the message is not ‘heard’. The only value any pointer has is in the moment of recognizing what it points to. Being addicted to the message or the messenger is nothing useful. Adoration of teachers is a common trap that many fall into. It is possible that a complete stranger might say something that you overhear and a recognition can happen. The speaker may have no idea of the ‘importance’ of what they have said. I had hoped that the IGC would spark off some other podcasts that kept the message clean but this has not happened. Several (that I know of) tried but they all fell into the usual traps. Clear messengers disappear and down through the ages there have been many and possibly long stretches of ‘time’ where the message could only be found in ancient texts or by word of mouth to a mere few. The internet has brought about the possibility of wide spread audiences. ‘Unfortunately’ in the scheme of things, it appears that this opportunity is commonly grasped by those who have NOT seen through the self-centre. They imitate ‘genuine seeing and knowing’ but it cannot fool those who see clearly. The false is instantly recognized. Even so, the message may be delivered by these pretenders. In other words, even though the speaker does not understand what they are repeating or imitating themselves, someone may ‘hear’ a pointer. There will always be those who know beyond doubt. Whether they are moved to point others to what is true or not is not a decision that any entity makes. LIFE lives on life. There is only LIFE. There has never been anyone who lived a life. There is no such thing as a personal life, only the appearance of a personal life. Investigate your story of me and recognize it is all concepts, a believed in story. Take the belief out of the story and it is just vibrations, energy expressing spontaneously. The entire universe is energy expressing spontaneously. Who can argue with that?