Explore – Investigate.

You have taken yourself to be something that you are NOT – and so reality, or pure consciousness, is unbearable without the illusions of ‘me’.  And so reality appears to be something to avoid – but you can’t.  Suffering is resistance to what is.  What is is reality.
The me is a fiction.   There is no locality to what you actually are – the sensations of that particular ‘point’ called the body is the first appearance – then the world appears with it.
The mind say ‘Yes but….”
Where the seeing is happening is BEYOND the form – it is EMPTINESS – SEEING.
Whatever appears in the SEEING, it cannot see – the pattern cannot see. The eyes cannot see – they are instruments of seeing.
It is all appearance.
Everything is appearing IN the SEEING and it is nothing but the SEEING -it is NOT as it appears to be.
What you truly are, the SEEING-KNOWING does not appear and it does not disappear.  It has never appeared.
The fire can’t burn it and the water can’t drown it.
It is all inclusive.
All phenomena, including the body and the eyes, appear in the seeing.
Everything is the content of seeing – and nothing that appears can be anything other than the seeing.
Explore for yourself – where the seeing is happening.
What is being pointing at cannot be accurately described.
As a believed in individual it appears that ‘you’ are looking OUT of it – space-like awareness.
There is no me that sees – Awareness has NO centre and NO circumference.
Awareness is boundless presence.
The mind TRANSLATES – that is all it does.  ‘People’ believe the minds translation is reality – so it seems.
The MIND cannot KNOW anything at all of itself by itself – it is a machine.
What you are is LIFE.
There is ONLY one KNOWING happening.
Explore – explore – SEE for yourself that what I am saying is true or not.