By no means, what is, is what is

It is so common to recognize in so many ‘seekers’ a pattern of subtle belief.  They get accustomed to the ‘pointing’ and believe they have acquired some ‘true understanding’.   In such cases it looks like the old ‘position’ of me is just replaced with a new ‘position’ of me.  Listening to them expound their understanding is like listening to an orchestra that has the string section playing out of tune.  Lead violin is played by the me (is the me) and all the other facets of the personality follow suit.   The fixation on me is called self-centeredness.  

Self-centeredness distorts everything into a fabricated point of view.  Self-centeredness pretends to be important where there is no credit for self importance. The mind translates all the sensations into a story around a self-center and there isn’t one!

Everything is composed of elements and it is through the ‘chemical’ interactions of those elements that ’cause’ sensations.  Everything is sensation, except pure being and/or reality.  You cannot conceive or even imagine anything that is not a sensation.  Contrived notions about what you are, are nothing but concepts based on the mind translating sensations into words.   The sense of separation is obviously a sensation based on belief in concepts of being separate.  Remove the belief and the sensation of a self being separate or in bondage disappears.  It disappears!  If it was real, how could it disappear?  Try it and SEE for yourself.   Obscurations are fixations in mind.  They all need energy and belief is the ‘means’ of keeping them hanging around.  They will evaporate all by themselves if they are truly recognized (naked cognition) for what they are.

The me sense is constantly changing because it is nothing but a network of images and concepts.   It should be noted that these ‘pointers’ appearing in these posts are just a way of using concepts to point beyond concepts.

The light that illuminates it is not from within that fictional me.  It cannot have any light of its own.  It is like the moon.

To use an analogy, the me is like the moon and the mind-body is like the earth. The naked self shining awareness is like the sun.  Being identified with the body and the mind appears to limit awareness but the sun is shining in the sky ‘far away’ from the clouds and the obscurations of any identified notions in body mind organisms.

It appears that there is a ‘you’ that keeps trying to capture something the ‘you’ has fabricated.   It will never happen.   Equally true, is the fabricated trying to capture your true nature with concepts.  It will always fail because non-conceptual awareness is spontaneously ever fresh….. and naked awareness knows nothing of time realms.  

This true nature is timeless non-conceptual pure being.  It has no conditioning and no burden.  The imagined entity is seemingly laden down with ‘time bound’ notions.  That is nothing but concepts and (remember) mind is time.

How much does a concept weigh?   How can you possibly be a concept?   The true insight is totally empty of concepts, ideas, philosophy, afflicted emotions, beliefs and there is not one reference point for the mind to grasp upon.  

This is why anyone who claims to have ‘become enlightened’ is nothing but a deluded imagined soul indulging, in a gross manner, in self-centeredness.  

If there is still doubt in what is being pointed out…….recognize that before language was learned there was no ‘me’.   The word me was learned and used to identify the sense of presence.  This sense of presence is ‘prior’ to words or descriptions.  Words and descriptions are, at best, pointers.  The word is NEVER the thing it describes. 


  1. The last sentence is the one that will grind up against the me fixation and belief. Those who have an idol ‘teacher’ will never get free of the bondage of self simply because they refuse to see past their own delusions about self.

  2. Speaking about my ‘personal contact’ with folks ‘into non duality’, I know quite a few folk who make Bob Adamson into an idol in their own minds. Even when Bob makes it clear to them that such nonsense has no place in the clear pointing, they constantly return to the idolizing. Some even believe they have very clear understanding. It is obvious what is going on but the blind spot of idolizing blocks their view. Who cares?