Bliss of being.

What is your true nature?

You are reality itself.  Nature, the nature of all things, ALL things,  expresses itself as the appearance, which we know as the universe and the nature of all things.

The actuality is reality and the actualisation of the appearance (of things) is the expression.  In not realizing one’s true nature, one measures oneself against reality and finds wanting.

Everything is energy.  Nothing can exist without energy.  Energy is the expression.  What you truly are is the potentiality, which is never depleted, used or changeful.

It appears that the mind or consciousness is divided by thought or concept but that is  impossible.   Belief is never the actuality.  Seeking through belief is so obviously an error and yet it appears that everyone does exactly that.   It is an illusion and in the actuality the seeking never started.  The mind interjects with ‘Yes but……(etc).   The mind is dualistic in expression and mind, as pure awareness, is non-dual in essence.   How this obvious factor can be overlooked is astounding and yet naturally occurring with no real problem, unless it is referred to an imagined entity (the dualism of this belongs to a point of view ‘in’ dualistic mind).

Only by starting with the actuality, AS the actuality, does the dualistic point of view dissolve (naturally).  The self-centred ‘approach’ can only find failure, even if it may appear to be psychologically dressed up as a personal success ‘story’.  The ‘dead end guru mind game’ is an excellent example – yet few recognise it for what it is.

Everything is energy.  What do you understand about this energy that appears as (your own) body and world?  The energy expressing itself as ‘understanding’ is not divided by dualistic mind.   There is only one reality – you are that.   How could you possibly not know this?

  1. So, “I” is all there is and this is impersonal, without form, watching/witnessing smth. As for example this typing? And this must be permanent? Sounds very true, every time I check I am here and now and this presence is the only permanent “thing” that really is. As it seems for me ‘Gilbert’ is getting much better and sharper in expressing this message. Thanks a lot!

    • The ‘I’ is a word placed upon pure emptiness to assign identity to the clarity of being. It has no independent substance or nature apart from this LIVING ‘knowing’.

  2. How I am supposed to know that I am this living knowing? As Maharshi said ‘you will know it when it is gone’. But advised to keep ‘looking’ as long as separate person appears. Just trying to grasp it? Be still?

    • You are the living activity of knowing. There is no ‘how’ to it. The mind says “How am I supposed to know that I am?” but you MUST be for the thought to appear in the first place. There is no ‘you’ who will know it. That is just the mind translating the knowing into words. ‘Seekers’ grab at anything that supports the belief in being something separate (me) only because the mind has no labels for the nature of pure cognition. Be Still and Know that you ARE – not as a form called ‘you’ or ‘me’. The insight that cuts through all identified notions is an absence of everything, except the pure knowing. It cannot be described and it is here, right now. It is just not noticed. No one can describe it. A smile may accompany a sense of relief as the nature of what you truly are reveals itself. There is NO method. We have bound ourselves up with words and new words will not help. The natural state is wordless. That is as close as I can point to it, in this instance. Once the insight is registered totally, one KNOWS that all spirituality is just nonsense and the appearance of things is just energy displaying itself. Things do not exist. It is ALL no thing (one without a second) appearing AS things.

  3. hehe. When less is more. Words tend to confuse. But the words expand the nothingness they point to. It feels dualistic at times. hehe. But that is just a story.

  4. Thanks.

  5. Some times this message seems like death. Then the understanding, it is the death of me as an I. What is left? … The answer seems to be a bunch of I’s living a story that isnt real. How does one live in such a world? A world where nothing is real, it is like a play to be watched, by no one.
    Words have no point or value as they point to the what cant be understood.
    The mind cannot grasp this seeing-knowing. How is the message absorbed?
    The isness of being, its so simple. How does life continue when there is no belief in anything, what is the point?
    Sorry to be a party pooper. There is a seeing, and the minds says, Now what? Smiles

  6. I would like to say…may I take a stab at this? Life was once full of goals and reason and results . And belief had a big part to play in the juggling of it all. Successes were celebrated or mistakes regretted. Then we go back to the controls and do the analysis and fixing. We get real, get addicted, get over, get-out-a here. Very busy, this running our life business. Lots of purpose and so much to be done. Then… I don’t know what exactly, but lets just say shit happens. And beliefs, and the ‘point of it all’ don’t work. Controls malfunction. Then we start reading about the end of suffering and bliss. Oh happy day. And we read about there is no self, no ones doing anything, there are no others, just this, tag-you’re it.  We cant grasp it all. So we turn, back to the dissecting Mind and its methods to make sense of it. But then the beautiful just discovered creature dies on the vivisection table.

    If we say the living, knowing, awareness has no purpose, nothing to do, etc. maybe we miss the pointing.  Just being.  Take one instance in one speck of the universe:

    If I paddle out at dawn to the stillness of a waking river- vapor rises in waves as sun hits ripples,rose clouds stretch up violet sky, stars retreat, fish dart underneath. Turtles line up on fallen trees half sunk in the water. Great heron take flight with dinosaur wings and squawk displeasure at being disturbed. An embrace. It’s startling, just being and letting the doing happen.

    But mind dies without purpose and the resulting justification. So I try to create purpose with my mind – control and order. Even nature. Put the turtles in a row and uniforms on the squirrels and make those heron fly on time. It would be flat and non-dimensional. The mind would say: Why all the bother? We cant imagine that the purpose to all this diversity and beauty its own unfolding. Timelessness.

  7. Thank you for the window. What is pointed to is true. Beauty surrounds us.
    Getting caught up in the story, feels ugly and dark at times.
    Learning to live, in love with all there is. (it) Comes like waves, they wash over me, and retreats, comes again, and retreats. Perhaps their gentleness is wearing down the “I” in my story.
    Thank you all for helping the waves, and providing the pointing. The wave is on the rise once again, and it feels lovely and warm.

    • The ‘I’ has no substance to wear down. The wave has no substance to rub against the non-existing ‘I’. It is ALL appearance only. Find that which is unchanging – the core essence and be still.

  8. It would seem the natural state of being is like a baby that is seeing the world for the first time, no mind, just seeing. As I look out my window, I see a tree, is it also in the natural state of being? The mind asks these questions, wanting to understand.
    How does one live life as a baby or tree, seeing/knowing, but without concepts.
    Having a hard time letting go, so close, but feeling so far away.
    What is it like to just let go? Can it be done like flipping a switch? How does one stop the mind from coming back, it would seem that to stop the mind you have to use the mind?

    • The question comes from discriminating mind. See concepts as leaves on the tree (of life). There is no separation. It is only a display in mind that appears to divide the natural oneness. Contrived mind games are not the ‘seeing’ itself. Contrived mind games are a display of possibilities. Everything is clear and obvious as it is. By taking a stand ‘as’ a pattern in the display, a bias comes into play. The pattern that appears (anywhere) does not have the capacity of seeing-knowing. The pattern appears upon the knowing. You are formless. Identification with form (devotion) can only deliver identified consciousness back to its origins when it is TOTAL identification. The identification dissolves into the formless via devotion to the form (guru). Such a ‘path’ is long and often without completion. The direct path (jnana – knowing) cuts away the identification with form by pure seeing – seeing that I am formless. All points of view are floating upon pure seeing and are naturally a biased distortion of seeing – like a wonky lens. Withdraw back into pure seeing and forget about being a ‘seer’. One instant of total pure seeing is enough. Few will agree. ‘People’ do not want truth – because what is true undermines their investment with ‘me’.