Beyond the reach of words

‘One energy’ moves in all there is. One without a second.  

Indescribable, inconceivable, un-namable and totally beyond anything that mankind has given a name to.

Even though this energy, this one energy is inconceivable, it is the very movement of cognition and is not separate from any ‘thing’ and all things are nothing other than this same one energy moving.  

How can you say that you know it not?

Nothing can be separate from the knowing (cognition).

The movement is Omnipotent Cognition. Self-knowing. There is no separate subject or object. All concepts are included as subtle movements of this same one energy.

I am THAT.

(Some will ask) What is THAT?   ‘I’ represents identity, ‘am’ represents ‘to be’ (being) and ‘that’ represents existence.  ‘That’ is just a word and that is a common word….and yet it is also a rare word.  It is rare because it is free of any ‘particular’ qualities in memory based images and associations.  Consider this and see if what I say is true.

I am THAT.  No separation.   Your true nature is more subtle than any appearance, more subtle than space itself.

THAT (essence of I am) is what you truly are.

The undeniable impersonal existence of conscious being.  Prior to the words ‘I am’.

What is more clear and obvious than the clearest and the most obvious is THAT, the self-evident that-ness of all things.

What you are is non-perceivable, a living fact far beyond the reaches of discriminating mind.

Some call it ‘self’.

Its nature (That-ness) is indestructible and beyond the appearance of the constructed nature of matter.
THAT is beyond all limitations. Without gross or subtle shape, without form.

(The sword cannot cut it)

Therefore nothing that is manifested can touch it, wear it down or alter it in any way.
The being-ness that you sense as body and mind is merely an expression of an invisible, living, discreet being, which is forever nameless.  Yet it is the only thing you can be totally assured of.

The fact of your existence. It is changeless and you know it as changeless-ness, suffused with a discreet intimacy that completely escapes the realms of the intellect.

This mystery for the mind cannot ever be solved by the mind.  As you approach it from a perspective of mind, it recedes from your grasp.

Poetry often points or hints at this invisible and discreet being, beyond words.
Pure feeling, which has not been corrupted by words and memory, springs forth from this discreet being but it can never be described or labeled. Like writing upon the still waters of a pond, it disappears.  In mind, as soon as it is described, it appears to recede as the attention goes into the description. It seems to escape the attention but the waters of naked cognition flow on regardless. The blood in your veins flows with life, as life.
There is an old saying: The best things in life are free. Fortunately the intellect cannot corrupt them, no matter how hard it tries.
There never was any entity in bondage, no spirit trapped in matter.


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  1. Imagine a fish searching for something that had been suggested to the fish. ‘Water’, a mysterious wonder of wonders. Even though the fish has never been out of water, it can’t see the water and a concept about water consumes the consciousness of the fish with utter distraction. Looking for water in all the rivers and oceans it can visit, the fish cannot recognize that the search is the problem. Imagine the revelation of recognizing that water is its most intimate companion. Recognition. Investigate the meaning of the word. To re-cognize. To cognize what has already been cognized but seemingly forgotten.