Belief is ignorance.

The words belief, certainty and conviction refer to the acceptance of, or confidence in, an alleged fact (or body of facts) as being true or right without any positive knowledge of proof.

An apple is an apple.  The apple does not require belief, certainty or conviction.  It is an apple no matter what someone believes it is.  If it is a pear that looks like an apple, then it is a pear that looks like an apple.  It does not require words or belief from anyone to be what it is.  Blind belief, including so-called certainty, indicates belief and positiveness in one’s own mind, that something is true.  

What is, is what is.   Concepts, labels and belief in concepts, labels and words are all secondary. Belief is never the actuality.  To know is to know.  To believe is to believe. Knowing and belief only ever mix in the knowing of a belief as being a belief.  

A belief cannot be knowing.

If your attention is not stabilized and if the mind is not cleared of erroneous beliefs, then your life will have little meaning in any real sense.  Observe the quality of your attention and watch the mind.  In this way the mind can serve, instead of behaving like a dictator.  

If you do not genuinely investigate the believed in entity and see it for what it is, life will just follow the habit patterns that have been established and the blind spot (belief in me) that prevents you from seeing anything clearly, for what it truly is, will stay as the constant obscuration.

Most usually no one truly wants this knowledge.

They worship gurus and teachers, as if that will save them.   Ignorance is bliss.  Total ignorance is the same as total knowledge.  It is the realm between these two, knowledge and ignorance, that is called ‘purgatory’.  Oscillating between moments of knowledge and moments of ignorance is the usual pattern.

Nisargadatta:  “There are no customers for this knowledge”.

No one wants to be nothing.    To be vaporized is an unbearable notion for anyone.

The message is simple.  What is true is always simple.

What you are is inconceivable and not perceivable.   You are seeing out of empty space.   The fixation on ‘me’ is the unquestioned assumption that the ‘me’ can see and know something.  Investigate that notion.

Almost everyone in the spiritual ‘circle’ misses the essential message.  This cannot be pointed out without offending 99.99% of those who might read or hear those words.  

You do not make any friends by speaking about the illusion of spirituality.  If someone is not offended by that, they are probably telling themselves ‘that does not refer to me’….’I am a special case’.

Spiritual ‘teachers’ cannot teach what they don’t know and no one can teach what cannot be known.  

There is actually NOTHING to teach.  That is a FACT.

What you seek, you already ARE.  It just needs to be recognized.

You never did a thing.   Life lives you.

Resist, struggle and believe that you are in control, if you must – but the only way to go beyond anything is to KNOW what it is.   If something is blocking your clear view, then wouldn’t it be especially significant and wise to investigate what it actually is?

The usual thing with ‘people’ searching for meaning is that they find a ‘teacher’ who they can agree with.  A ‘teacher’ who engenders ‘hope in the future’.   All sorts of methods and practices are offered.  All in vain.  

Without making a genuine investigation into ‘the belief in me’, the ‘me’ remains intact and it regenerates itself as ignorance.  BELIEF is held up as a sacred thing for those who have not seen through belief itself.   So, for so many, belief in the facade of being a spiritual person fills their days…until they die.

How can you be something separate from what is real?  How real can any sense of being separate be?   All that is content of mind and mind is dualistic.  Awareness is non dual. No concept can divide that simplicity of being consciousness.  

There is only one awakening and that is this immediacy called Life, right here, right now.

Pure Being – Pure intelligence.

Sea birds 1-a

D/Click on image to see it clearer.  ‘Seabirds’ – by Gilbert   (In the stormy realms of confusion, seekers search for something stable to land upon)

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  1. Email Response: So when the Buddha is supposed to have said.. ‘there is action but no doer of’…..It doesn’t mean there will be no decision apparently prior to action? and that really any movement be it a thought or physical is a translation of what is prior. So the taking ownership of anything is really after the fact and inconsequential ?
    Reply: Decisions are made. There is no decision maker.
    Buddha says “Events happen – deeds are done – there is no individual doer thereof”.
    Thought and action are different aspects of the same. Some thoughts appear to be acted on and many are not.
    It is the assumed entity (me) that habitually takes authorship, ownership and doership. It is a complete fiction.
    No one wants to know this, so it seems.
    You may be a rare one who will actually investigate.
    At least you are ‘moving’ in the right direction, it seems.
    Cognition is prior to re-cognition.
    In other words you already innately know…(knowing is happening) and re-cognizing that truth ‘stills the mind’ – long enough to recognize that the cognition is free of all substance or form. Once seen it cannot be forgotten.
    Email: My goodness, so even the knowing (or being aware) of the authorship occurring is still the ‘me’ taking ownership of the witnessing of the authorship in apparent process. When that is all really after the actuality, what I am is prior to. I know this you are right…
    It’s the same as with hearing – Hearing happens – Bird sings – song is heard – no me required.
    Or seeing – eyes open (or shut) seeing happens – no me required
    It always appears more slippery to investigate when it’s the apparent internal workings under the looking glass.

    Reply: Contempt prior to investigation is called ‘me’.
    The essence of investigation is intelligence, prior to intellect.
    The essence of all things is simply an appearance upon emptiness and this movement is called ‘cognition’.
    No one wants to know this – because to actually know it would mean that they are knowingly nothing.