Belief is belief – knowing is knowing.

It is interesting how some very direct pointing merely goes over the heads of most.   How can that happen?   Pointing in plain english devoid of anything that needs to be believed in should deliver what is necessary.  But it sure looks like only a few ‘hear’ clearly, resonate with what is being pointed to.  Why is that?  Is it because the mind is full of expectations and pre-conceived notions, with no room left to ‘hear’ anything fresh?

Many years ago it was pointed out to me, that the ONLY fact I could be absolutely certain of, was the fact of my own being, my own existence.   It took a little while to SEE the truth of that.   I can assure you that it is not an exaggeration.   The ONLY fact you can be absolutely certain of is the fact of your own being.   Actually there is no ‘my own being’ because BEING is never divided into parts.   But this fact must be discovered for oneself, so it seems.

Of course the idea of ‘oneself’ as being something separate is an illusion.   But if we return to the original pointer: The ONLY fact you can be absolutely certain of is the fact of being.

You are existence itself.  There is no other.  One without a second.

In seeing the truth of this – the concept of being separate is dissolved.

Now, there are many notes posted on this site.  Some are clear and straight forward. Some stir up emotions about beliefs. It is all valid. There is no one here saying “I am better than you, I know something that you don’t know, you should worship me and crawl on your hands and knees”.  No one is holding anyone to ransom.   The certitude that comes from seeing (or non-conceptual knowing) the truth of the above ‘pointer’ is not negotiable.

There is no going back.


The entire universe moves upon emptiness :

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  1. “The ONLY fact you can be absolutely certain of is the fact of being.”
    This fact cannot be negated and the flowering of revelation is stunning. Self revealing, Self shining…
    Rumi said something to the effect of “language being a tailors shop where nothing fits”! What ‘THIS’ IS, cannot be said, only pointed to. The dilemma is in pointing to ‘something’ that is NOT a thing. And that is the challenge that a ‘teacher’ arises to or for that matter any one who attempts to communicate ‘This’ to ‘another’. You are aware, conscious and present. Describe this aware conscious presence….IMPOSSIBLE!
    You Know you ARE – Existence right now! This is NOT a belief…

  2. I would like to say… I exhausted myself dealing with the emotions and thoughts I was supposed to have or shouldn’t have, it was tiring to plan and worry and have hopes and expectations. It is possible to live with no much effort, a minimum amount of thoughts and allow all emotions without fighting them or giving them too much importance. Just flowing in the life that is presenting itself.
    It is surprising: that instead of nothing at all there is something, occurring constantly, non stop.

  3. Interesting article. Upon reading this, the image of the ‘Yin and Yang’ comes to mind. Complimentary balancing forces that don’t actually exist as a positive or negative. But are aspects of movement of the one indivisible energy without a second(which is immovable and unchanging) all sounding very paradoxical…’Movement upon Emptiness’.

  4. I would like to say…Perhaps, emptiness is not nothing at all, but the potentiality for something, like an open dimension for anything to happen. Inseparable from that emptiness is movement, creation, form is emptiness, emptiness is form?, and inseparable from that is awareness?

  5. Yes and the fact of Being has no form… so can’t be described in any satisfactory way… emptiness can’t be defined by definition. Yet all appearances or what we call forms appear in/on formlessness and it’s seen that appearances are in constant change, so essentially have no form… that even time is appearance in timelessness. So everything points to that… The core sense of nothing is happening is all inclusive.

    Anyway interested article: there is a 2 part BBC documentary called ‘Everything and Nothing’ which is on YouTube. Which explores the science behind apparent nothingness… part 2 especially is interesting exploring the history and study of vacuums, mathematics, physics etc… nothingness is alive (maybe of interest).

  6. Arisotle came up with this phrase “nature abhors a vacuum”. Interestingly the influence of what this phrase suggests, had coloured the approach of western scientists for nearly 2000 years… Now it’s debatable whether any sense can even be made of such a statement. When we talk about nothing it does seem to proke a reaction of a hostile cold dead void… buddhist use the term false imagination. So in the study of vacuums, the investigation of empty space, no-thing… It has become apparent that this assumption is not the case… the actuality inspiring phrases such as: nature is contained in a vacuum, nature is a vacuum in of itself, a vacuum is the spark of life. The imagined nothing falls by the wayside… as the joy of discovery re-cognises that emptiness is alive.

    Note: Scientist will continue arguing such points, in the nature of the need for objective proofs and validation… In what we are considering non-duality it is unnecessary to get involved in such details (suggestions of other than) and counter-inductive.
    The proof of who you are, is simply to Be as You Are.

  7. Pointing goes over the head of most because the apparent bondage to the illusions of independent self and world is strong. Bondage is a vicious circular prison. The ultimate message is that there is, never was and never will be any “one” who is bound. It is mistaken identify. But the “one” who “believes” he or she is separate, and is bound, can “do” nothing about it! “Doing” itself is illusion. All effort, all searching, all conceptualizing merely reinforces the illusion of separateness and is self-defeating The seeker already is, and always has been, what is sought. So there is nothing to “attain” and no “one” to attain it. So simple sounding, so obvious, so clear – but IMPOSSIBLE to “know” or to “understand” which is hard wired into the separate seeker’s genetic and karmic program.

    And so the seeker spins in a horrific circle that is all a dream.

    So slap me upside the head, because “I” “believe” it and there is nothing “I” can “do” about it!!

    • They are your concepts ‘Knot 2’. There is NO hard wiring and as long as you do not investigate that belief, it will rule over you like a demon. Not my problem. You have been pointed in the right direction. Use whatever courage you have to investigate. It is all ephemeral, concepts only. Hard wiring…….Phew……has any doctor ever found any hard wiring?

  8. Yes Knot but “hard wired into the separate seeker’s genetic and karmic program”… Is a concept… certainly one to investigate. Robert Adams used to say: you do have one apparent choice and that is to drop identification with body and mind (apparent choice, but in the interest of pointing I find this is an expression that is more ‘useful’). There is no need to learn or find anything a new, ‘you’ innately know this… no concept can stand up to the investigation. “There is no creation, no destruction, no bondage, no longing to be freed from bondage, no striving to be free [from bondage], nor anyone who has attained [freedom from bondage]. Know that this is the ultimate truth” Ramana Maharshi’s rendering of a verse from Gaudapada. In the investigation a potency is in play… where a spontaneous dissolution of concepts may apparently occur… There is no need to entertain stories, an image of self can not stand up to investigation… Everyone is already ‘looking out’ of non-duality… Seeing is happening.

  9. A knot in space, is only untied in space.

  10. Who told you, you must be a seeker? Ishvara is the personal god, the so called lord of karma. Who is out there pushing your buttons? Do you believe in an outside force or a personal image of God that controls your actions and apportions punishments and rewards? Get rid of Ishvara… tell ‘him he’ doesn’t exist…

    Note: “Advaitism holds that when human beings think of Brahman, the Supreme Cosmic Spirit is projected upon the limited, finite human mind and appears as Ishvara.”