Being what you are is effortless

There are stories and legends about ‘enlightenment’ and most of them are serving an illusion of being separate.  The illusion of ‘grasping consciousness’ finally attaining ‘something’, a state of permanent bliss, or some other fantastical imagined state of mind has to be split wide open.  It is all a dream but the representatives who claim to be gurus or teachers do not point this out.  Why?  Could it be simply because they too are just aspects of the same dream?  The so-called ‘privileged position’ of appearing to take on the responsibility of delivering seekers out of the dream is an impossible task because it is all the content of Maya, the illusion of separation.

“No one can penetrate my world bewitching Maya” – Lord Krishna.  

It may be too shocking to recognise that no one can penetrate Maya.  No one!   No one! No one!    Even those who say they have penetrated Maya are just in the dream.   What is witnessed in spiritual groups is basically ‘monkey see, monkey do’.  The terms, the words and the lingo are learned, more or less by rote and the intellect then works hard to maintain the facade of being ‘someone who got it’.  The visible evidence of being someone ‘special’ is on display along with an underlying ‘note’ of angst.  It is all in the realm of Maya.

Equanimity is non dual.   Wholeness is non dual.  The awareness that is awareness itself is non dual.  There is no other awareness.  Awareness is not divided into states of mind. States of mind appear and disappear upon awareness.  Whatever you believe you are aware of in this instant is due to impersonal awareness.  To claim it as ‘my awareness’ is as common an error as believing that awareness is a product of the brain.  

To bring an earnest interest in investigating one’s own consciousness will always reveal insight.  “Am I truly genuine?” is an excellent question to ask oneself.  It can reveal everything that is not genuine!

The habit of claiming some status or some special state of mind for ‘me’ needs to be broken.  In the scheme of things this ‘breaking the habit of me’ appears to be so rare, it is possible to go through life without ever meeting a single example of such.  It all comes down to you!   One without a second.   Every other being you meet or see is an appearance in awareness and that includes your own body and mind content.  The habit of putting words and labels upon everything needs to be recognised for what it is.

The mind will appear to claim many attributes for itself and the mind will also deny all kinds of things.  

The actuality is: The mind has no power to do anything.

It is imperative that a recognition ‘happens’ and that recognition overturns everything you believed that you understood.

The recognition delivers the consciousness back to its origin, which is naked cognition.

No one left to claim anything…. because imagination is rendered passive.

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  1. A sign post will eventually fall over and it’s ‘pointing’ will be lost. Down through all the ages there have always been those who understand precisely and clearly (before the limitations of the intellect distort the understanding). Messengers appear and disappear. The message in essence is life itself. Pure intelligence. One without a second.