Being tired of the B.S. is a sign of good fortune.

So, you want the truth – you want the absolute truth – but can you bear it?

The ‘chances’ are that the absolute truth is the very thing you would run from as fast as you can.

The absolute truth is that everything is nothing and nothing is everything.

There is nothing that you can do with it.  There is no entity to do or not doing anything with No Thing – nothing.

It is not a dark void – it is not negative or positive.  It is THAT upon which everything appears and disappears.  Innately you know this but there are no concepts that represent it and all concepts only appear and disappear upon THAT, which remains beyond all words, all concepts and the entire manifestation.

As it says in the ‘Gita’ “The sword can’t cut it, the fire can’t burn it, the water cannot wet it and the wind cannot dry it.”

Very few messengers point at the ultimate truth – it is not any fault of their own.  They simply have not experienced the nothingness totally.  They may have had glimpses of it and all of their concepts remain basically with the idea that ‘someone’ can ‘do’ something to ‘achieve’ something.  That is the error which cannot truly mean anything if belief is removed.  What eliminates ‘belief’ is reality.  Belief is an acceptance of a ‘fact’ without definite proof.  Belief is NEVER the actual.

In the appearance of things, when someone is gravely ill, they cease to be interested in the trivialities of the human drama.  They may well have an insight into the ‘story of me’.  They lose any tolerance for bullshit.  One does not need to be gravely ill to lose interest in the trivialities of personal drama.   Many writers down through history have recorded their insights in no uncertain terms.  So-called Great literature is teeming with insights.

Many great craftsmen have ‘left their mark’ upon ‘their creations’.  The beauty of their workmanship stands today, for all to see.  Their personal mark may simply be a sign carved into a corner stone.  Whatever stands today, will fall ‘tomorrow’ at some ‘time’.  All that is created will be destroyed.  It is all appearance only.   All things are transient and even the mountain will be worn away, apparently by the passage of time.

There is only one time and its common name is ‘now’.  What you truly are has never left this now and you cannot leave this now.

You cannot find the ultimate truth, the nothingness of existence.  You can only witness the ever-changing elements.  Every atom of this existence is moving upon emptiness and IS emptiness.

The sobriety of the ancient wisdom is of no interest to the personality.  Personality need not be a problem and a free personality may be a refreshing experience to come across in another.  Belief that the personality is real introduces all manner of problems.  All seekers are only interested in gaining something they imagine they don’t have.  That self-centeredness keeps the search going – and it keeps going because there is nothing to gain or achieve.

SEEING that the search never actually started is the insight that cuts the whole story of me away.

In the appearance of things, almost no one is willing to accept such pointing.  It is not my problem.  It is not a matter of I am right and you are wrong.   It is impersonal – completely impartial and impersonal.  Pointing happens by itself.

  1. Wow, one of us must be eating our spinach because these last few posts have been so … razor-sharp.

    Thank you.

  2. Yes, I agree, Dougrek! Sharp and completely deadly! Thanks, Gilbert!

  3. Actually they are diluted quite a bit. If I told it straight and true, the site would be closed down within the day.

  4. Keep telling it as straight and true as possible, Gilbert. Keep the sword out, cutting! 🙂

  5. Those who are able to read between the lines,appreciate the efficient and direct approach.
    No packaging of the message but,if necessary,seemingly at the cost of everything the truth!
    I suggest that dilution is not necessary.
    Thank You for your inexhaustible pointing.

  6. There is an ancient Rabbi story about a set of twins. One was called Parable and the other Truth. Truth went about completely naked and everyone avoided him. Parable dressed in colourful clothes (like a court jester) and he was very very popular. In the old age the two, who rarely saw each other, got together. Parable asked Truth how things were going. Truth said “Well everyone avoids me like the plague and I feel a little lonely from time to time. Parable convinces Truth to borrow some of his clothes. No sooner that Truth dressed up, he was flocked by people wanting to hang out.
    I like this story for some ‘reason’.

  7. Now that’s a damn good parable.

  8. Yes, a good parable, Gilbert.
    And yet, what is it that still is more attracted to hearing the naked Truth rather than hanging out and partying with Parable? Is it some kind of masochism, maybe!? And would you agree that there is a point where Truth does not hurt any more but becomes joyful in an unexplainable way (without the masochism!)? If so, would it be when there is no-one left to hurt?
    Would you also say that ultimately it is not important either way…

    • Just see that it is ALL appearance only. All differences belong to the appearance, no matter what they are. Everything is THAT. Equanimity if not something that you can cultivate. It is ALREADY equal AS everything, just as it is. It is perfect – it couldn’t be any other way. Opinions come and go – reality is THAT which NEVER changes.

  9. Yes! Thank you, Gilbert!