Being is

Where are all the thoughts you had yesterday?

Where are all the thoughts you had last month?
Where are all the thoughts you had last year?
A lifetime of thoughts, up until right now, where are they now?
They have all disappeared.  You need to stir the mind to find any to re-call.
What would be a legitimate ‘reason’ for you to need to re-call any thought from the past to support your true identity?
Thoughts may spontaneously appear ‘about the past’ but the unswerving fact is that they all appear in the immediacy and nowhere else.  The so-called past cannot be brought back – you cannot re-live a single moment from the past. The past is not a place in space.   ‘Things’ do not disappear into ‘a place called the past’.  It is a conceptualised realm.  Now this is not some new thing to take on as a new belief.  You can prove that the past is insubstantial to yourself by asking ‘What past is there, if I do not think about it?’
The self-evident, pristinely clear ‘silent response’ is most obvious……but if your mind is crammed with grasping notions and self-centredness, the clear and obvious will remain hidden from view.
Through not knowing who you are, in not knowing your true identity, a habit of grasping for whatever supports the idea of who you think you are may block everything else out.
But look clearly into those ideas of who you think you are and recognise that they are all empty of any substance.  You exist, that is certain.  What you are is not so clear.  One can investigate but few do.
Recognise that the mind is clear and empty often.   It’s significance is like space.  You can’t see it and you cannot deny that all ‘things’ appear upon that space.
The habit of believing in being a particular ‘person’ is only belief.  Belief itself must be understood.  A belief is never the actual.
Belief is an acceptance of an alleged fact without positive knowledge or proof.
Get this message: A belief is never true!
It cannot be true because if it were true it would not be a belief.  It would be something known as being true. You can’t call that ‘belief’.
Belief is not required TO BE what you are.  You do not need permission TO BE.  Being is not an ACT, being does not need permission from any ‘you’ or ‘me’ TO BE.
Is-ness is.
To believe in what you are actually not, requires many concepts to support that belief.  It requires a narrative.
All concepts are empty.
So, in seeing the truth of that, isn’t it obvious in the natural clarity of being right here, right now, there is no requisite belief structure necessary.
Being is.
Concepts have no being – they are mental constructs.
If you do not investigate what thought is and truly see the nature of thought, how can you expect to be free of thought and be free of belief in thought?
Going around in conceptual circles (cycles of belief) trying to alter the mind with mind is a kind of madness. (That is what 99% of ‘teachers’ are ‘teaching’)
Self-knowledge is merely a tool used to reveal the actual activity of knowing, the naked vibration of life, devoid of all conceptualised entities that have any form or ‘matter’.
Spiritual pride in self-knowledge is a common ailment, a blind spot, which obscures the natural wordless, silent being-ness.  The pretentious nature of all ‘spiritual people’ is clearly obvious to anyone who is not caught up in the same trap.  Offering a way out of it all is compassionate but the usual response is one of denial…..despite all evidence the attitude is…’I am alright Jack’.  Accepting to be saved in some theoretical ‘future time’, saved by some ethereal being is nothing less than denial of the pristine clear evidence of clear being….’right here, right now’ – and so the common ‘spiritual realm’ is nothing more or less than a pre-conceived construct, an imagined realm in deluded mind – so common, no one investigates it!  It is all erroneous belief.  No belief is real!  Isn’t that why the world appears to be so full of troubles – the conflict of fictional characters fighting over beliefs……’my belief’ is better than yours!
  1. I have just read the wonderful 1,000 page Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna in which (130 years ago) poetic songs of the majesty of creation were sang every day.
    As you will no doubt know but it felt very new to me, Sri Ramakrishna said the path of knowledge is by far the most difficult but the path of devotion is by far the easiest. So by always keeping the mind turned to ones ideal (worshipping the form of god that suits one best he calls it) which for me is obviously the correct reality you and Sailor Bob describe stunningly clearly then what “blocks me seeing there is no substance to the Image of Self” (as you called it) falls away. It’s most important to make this sustained mental shift away from self-absorbed constructs to always focusing on your ideal with passion and intensity and not a wishy washy focus. That is what they called the way of devotion.
    Sri Ramakrishna really had it right? Col

    • There is no answer in the mind. What the mind says is Most Important is always a deviation from what is true. In the scheme of things, the capacity to recognise one’s true nature ‘appears’ to differ with each aspirant. Some appear to be only able to be a devotee. Devotion is a way, a slow way, to the goal. Jnana (the way of knowing) is quick so long as knowledge is not worshipped. Reality is not stamped with the name Ramakrishna or Nisargdatta. Not even the name God is real. All words are mere patterns, composed of energy. Contrary to what most teachers say….There is NO mental shift necessary. Implying that a mental shift is required is a convenient mind game trap for seekers, perpetuated by their captors (teachers). It is presented in the name of truth. It is only a dream. Anything can ‘happen’ in a dream – yet nothing actually happens in a dream.

  2. Thank you Gilbert. Your answer feels so real as always. I will meditate on this today