Being identified with ‘I’ or ‘me’ blocks any true insight

Mirror like awareness.

Just as a mirror has no back to it and everything that appears in the mirror is empty and also empty of any volition, devoid of any separation from the mirror, awareness is similar.  The mirror is flat, basically it is two dimensional.  You cannot see the mirror!  The reflecting surface is full of reflection.  

Unlike the mirror, awareness has zero dimensions.  All dimensions appear within the scope of awareness.  Awareness knows nothing about time (in a manner of speaking).

Nothing appearing in awareness has any separate nature from awareness.  It is all awareness.  Nothing is what it appears to be.  This is why self-realisation is like realising one’s nothingness.  The mind cannot grasp ‘nothingness’.

There is nothing appearing in the mirror that has any separate nature from the mirror. Nothing is happening in or to the mirror.  

Take a close look at a mirror.  What is the mirror doing?   Nothing!   Recognise that.  Don’t just accept what I have written or what someone tells you.  See it.  Know it!  What is true is easy to see.  What obscures the acknowledgment of seeing what it true is due to the attention being taken up with the complexities of the mind.

The nature of the mirror is to reflect – and that is not a ‘doing’, as such.  The sun shines. The sun does not decide to shine or not shine.  In that shining, there is no knowledge of light or of darkness.  Oxygen is being transported around the body.  There is no knowledge in the oxygen and no intention in the oxygen to supply the cells of the body. Intelligence expresses itself naturally, as the forms appearing and as the apparent ‘directive’, which appears as the infinite complexity of all forms, patterns and their apparent inter-relationship.  There is no separation, in fact.  The spontaneous nature of ‘it all’ is unfathomable for the intellect.  The apparent processes of the intellect is a conjecture, a conceptual construct.  In the scheme of things, it appears that only by pausing the thinking does the naked intelligence reveal its presence fully.  The ‘witness’ of such is a disappearing subtle thought.  The activity of knowing (cognition) is not a thought, concept or idea.  Few appear to know this fact.

Your concept of being something that is separate is a fiction.  

Without the oxygen in the air you wouldn’t last very long.  Without oxygen your beliefs would vanish.

The ignorant seeker (pardon my rudeness) is imaginary, an image of an individual that it is apparently doing things in order to attain a result of some sort.  

The crux of it all is that the seeker is imagined and an imaginary thing cannot do anything. The entire realm of a seeker is like a dream.  It is absurdity on display….. a fictional character apparently pretending to be someone, someone special, ‘me’.  Ironically the absurdity of identifying what you are with words and images is the error.  The concept ‘I  am special’ can be ‘performed’ right in front of ‘a seeker’, as a pedagogical means of gaining insight, yet all they experience it would seem, is a silent judgment of the one demonstrating to them their own chief feature of ignorance.   We often dislike someone who is too similar to ourselves…. because we can see the ‘fault’ in them but not the same fault in ourselves.   The most common assumption of self importance is one of the chief features of conflict between so-called ‘people’ and of spiritual aspirants, gurus and teachers.

The mirror shines, reflects without ‘doing’ anything – its nature is to reflect.  In a dark room the mirror reflects the darkness. When light appears the mirror instantly reflects the immediacy of the light.  Turn off the light and the reflected light disappears – yet the reflecting nature remains.

Awareness remains in deep sleep.  If a sound is loud enough you will respond only because awareness is there.  If awareness were not present, nothing would stir you out of deep sleep.

Nothing sticks to awareness, just as no image sticks to the mirror.

Nothing lingers or hangs around in the mirror.  Turn off the light and the entire content of the reflection disappears instantly.  Nothing lingers and there are no parts to the reflection.

The apparent process the seeming events registering on the mirror do not alter the mirror.

Nothing appearing in the mirror is in conflict with anything else appearing in the mirror.  The reflection in the mirror is harmoniously at rest with its own nature.

Non-conceptual awareness is not in conflict with any concepts and all concepts can only ever appear and disappear.

Any apparent conflict requires reference points and they are conceptual constructs (in the mind).  They are imagined.  Image-ing! They do not appear anywhere in reality.

Knowing the difference between imagination and the naked cognising is not something that is achieved by any practice.  The knowing is not in time.  Time appears conceptually upon the knowing.  The knowing is not a thing.   It has no dimension, no direction, no time at all and no limitations whatsoever.

It is all pristinely self-evident.  Oddly enough what appears to obscure it is extremely obvious and yet no one notices it – It is the belief in concepts that appear to obscure.  But only to the imagined identity (me), which cannot see at all.   The problem of so-called un-enlightenment is entirely due to imagination.   

The craziest thing of all is that some of the clearest pointers appearing in the world today are read by a great number of readers and yet no one recognises anything.    The majority don’t have a clue about what the intelligence is.  They are all self-centred and hungry for support for the fictional ‘me’.

Basically everyone wants spiritual BS.


  1. You may believe that you understand all this ‘stuff’. It is mostly likely that you do not. Out of hundreds of individuals I come in contact with, almost none of them have any true understanding. Quite a few know the right things to say but every ‘profound’ thing they say, they heard it from someone else. I can also tell where it came from, quite often. Sometimes I repeat a series of words I have heard because they are efficient and convey something clearly. I am not parroting anything.
    A parrot can learn words. We call it ‘parrot talk’ but it is just sounds. Just because the sounds are very similar to words we know does not mean the parrot knows anything about what it is apparently saying. We ‘humans’ are excellent at mimicking.
    The special spiritual persona that is so common is a very transparent persona. It is obvious they have not got a clue about how transparent they are. Sometimes it makes me smile. Sometimes not. The impulse to shake them and tell them to stop pretending doesn’t come up so much any more. I couldn’t care less what they believe. It is just a dream. No one can enter the dream of another.

  2. Hi Gilbert,

    Who are you talking about ? Who is the one that said ” I couldn’t care less what they believe. It is just a dream. No one can enter the dream of another.

    Who says: this all if no one is there to care less ?

    How is it possible that most of the people you come in contact with have not any true understanding of their true nature ?

    Who is saying that ?


    • There is no entity anywhere. Despite belief and all the stories of mankind, there is no entity. Who am I speaking about? You can answer that easily yourself, if you can answer this question: Who is asking the question? In reality, there is nothing happening. The appearance of things happening is the way the singular essence expresses itself. Investigate the belief in the entity that you obviously believe you are. It is only the me that can be angry, depressed or in conflict with words and meaning. Language is dualistic. If one were to speak in exact terms about this subject, it would be impossible to say very much. I have no problem using words and language. Many of my post stir up beliefs and ‘things’ are exposed. I have no delusions about being an enlightened being. It is known beyond all doubt that those who claim to be enlightened are nothing but a form of identified consciousness. It is all transient and yet the spontaneous nature of everything remains as it is – spontaneous – uncaused.

  3. You wrote …..sometimes it makes ME smile !!….sometimes not….who is smiling ? Who decides i start smiling or not ?

  4. Who is asking the question? Don’t you see that there is no question and no answer to that, without a fixation on belief in being a separate entity? Rousting out that belief is ‘my job’ and it appears ‘I do it well’. If you want spiritual bullshit, you can find it at every satsang, at every religious gathering. I lay down the cheese and the rats come.

  5. You are allways right there is no way to talk to you……yes,yes…..i know there is no you or me…it only happens.

    Spiritual bullshit happens too…i love to play !

  6. Who decided not to answer ..Inside of you there must be something that says….i am nothing going to answer this guy. So, not answering did happen. Who did that ?.

  7. I understand that to speak of these things is not ever going to be popular. If you have never seen an orange cut in half and you have only ever seen the surface of an orange, then your knowledge of any orange is limited to a surface appearance. The pattern that we call an orange is not just a round surface with a particular colour and texture. The pattern includes all the interior, all the qualities, the skin, the moisture, the taste and texture etc. Investigating one’s identity is not something to fear.
    Not that long ago people believed that the Earth was flat. It was just accepted as a fact. Who would believe it today? Apart from a bunch of lunies, no one believes that the Earth is flat. Not long ago everyone believed that the Sun went around the Earth. Who would believe it today? Only lunies! The Sun shines and the Moon reflects light. To believe that the me is the centre of being is like believing that the Moon shines and the Sun reflects.
    We have all seen a magician do some magical tricks. It is illusion. No one believes that the magician is sawing the woman in a box in half.
    There is so much spiritual BS on the internet. I don’t bother beating around the bush. I see no point in tricking individuals into a progressive path with a reward of ‘higher knowledge’ up ahead in some future time. God knows we have had centuries of that BS. If you go to the post office to buy a stamp, you expect to get a stamp in exchange for a few coins. You don’t expect to have to jump through hoops of fire and do summersaults until the cows sing ‘Praise the Lord, I am saved’, before they give you a stamp. Spiritual teachers are basically scammers. Every week or so we hear of another one who has been exposed for inappropriate behaviour or whatever. Scammers are scammers. Scamming yourself through erroneous beliefs is apparently more difficult to be cured from than any other misfortune.