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There is infinite space prior to your next thought.  Explore it!

Non conceptual awareness is not a concept, idea, word bound ‘thing’ or a thought.

There is one significant pointer that I have reiterated many times and it this:

Intelligence is prior to language.

Intelligence is prior to the learning of language.

Intelligence facilitates the learning of language or the learning of anything else!

This information does not need to go over your head.   A little effortless effort to follow what is indicated…and an intention to investigate what is pointed out… is so very simple, uncomplicated… and it is wise to do so.

Intelligence does not slip away because we learn a language.   It is present before we speak, as we speak and what we speak or say is not a container of anything.  The expression is intelligence.  Whether ‘you’ as a believed in entity understand this or not is neither here nor there.  Intelligence is prior to all psychological labels, words and concepts.  

There is no distance between the intelligence and the expression. The expression is the intelligence.  The seeming separation is a misunderstanding… and the belief in erroneous ideas is the construct of misunderstanding, if you get my drift.  The emotional states that appear to bring so much grief and suffering for ‘people’ is based on belief in words, concepts and ideas – and is belief in belief, concepts and ideas… and these have no actual basis in reality.  Like clouds in the sky, concepts, ideas and beliefs appear to float about, change or disappear without any ‘reason’ other than what we give them. Intelligence is prior to and a pre-requisite to reason.  Beliefs and constructs of mind are woven from nothing at all.  

“What is wrong with right now, if you do not think about it?” – Bob Adamson

The lack of understanding between two individuals can be due to a thousand factors.  Once an argument ensues there is little chance of a resolution because of inflated misunderstanding and also the state of being offended.  Who is offended?  Me!  The fictional character!

It is debatable whether people truly understand each other in conversation, other than in simple communication, like… ‘Can you pass the salt please’.

The psychological landscape of a ‘person’ is a mental construct.  This as a conversation subject is not popular and to open it up for discussion seems to bring an anxious silence and an impulse to change the subject as soon as possible, for most.  Fear of freedom is irrational, yet it appears to be popular.  Self-calming notions are mechanical and require being made passive.  

How can one expect to find truth if the errors of belief are clung to?

Without a reference point (me) life can flow with greater ease.  Wouldn’t it be wise to test it and see for yourself?  Psychological suffering is unnecessary!  Unbelievable?   It would be unwise to dismiss this message but many do, so it seems.   Nothing happened.  The mind says… ‘Yes but’.

Intelligence is prior to language.

Words have NO power of themselves.

To imagine that words have some power is to stand under the influence of imagination and to live in ignorance of what is your birthright.  To know for yourself what is clearly obvious and natural.


Intelligence informs:

The spontaneous nature of the manifestation appears as a fleeting moment of consciousness when we attempt to view it from mind – it is the expansive nature of timelessness which is sensed as ‘wonder’ as the mind dissolves into the ever-present thought free nature of reality.


There is nothing wrong.  If you follow the ‘path’ of ‘something wrong’ you will only find fault in everything.  Pause the thinking and recognise that everything is perfect, just as it is.

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  1. It is impossible to get lost in phenomena of any kind. The one who believes they are lost is a fictional character. Your true essence is perfectly at home in any circumstance. The believed in character is the one who suffers, feels anxious, angry or depressed – and this is so because it is not real and it cannot find any solace in anything with permanence. It is the eternal essence of unicity that is unchanging. Be what you ARE and cease to pretend to be a person. You may be surprised at what you ‘find’, the natural state, which has been ignored for far too long. It doesn’t have to be that way. Relief is an insight away.