Be wise – investigate

The spiritual realm is certainly not what it appears to be.   Self-delusion is the common feature of most spiritual groups and religion alike.  Belief and faith are unquestioned gods to them all.  Ignorance parading as knowledge can only fool the unwary.

The capacity of escaping from erroneous belief appears to be related directly to the degree of being sucked into the belief in being a separate entity.
Those who question their beliefs do so only because some degree of freedom from belief still occupies so
me of their experiencing and it vibrates presently like the sound of a bell. Acknowledging the bell is a sign of our true potentiality revealing itself momentarily. Undeniable. The activity of knowing is undeniable.  Belief is relative and based on anything but reality.

You know this innately.  You are the activity of knowing, not a mere belief.  Bringing the intellect into acknowledgement of this clear and obvious knowing must overthrow belief completely.  Belief is a habit and a habit can be broken.

Spiritual images of self are conceptual and can be negated or cast out – the sooner the better.

Courage to follow through on a thorough investigation into erroneous beliefs appears to be rare amongst so-called seekers.  No blame can be assigned to anyone.  It is all mechanical – an appearance only.
Defending erroneous beliefs is very common and totally useless.  Protecting an imaginary entity called ‘me’ is ignorance.  Devoid of any self-knowledge, the story of me is just a story.

There is no one in bondage but as long as a belief that there is remains unchallenged, then that belief will haunt the consciousness like a wild hungry beast.

Light overcomes darkness.
The dark night of the soul is a struggle that appears to take place. It is where the black dog growls in the unconscious realm of belief.

It is only by the unbiased pure light of consciousness that fear is dissolved.  That, the ‘light’, is nameless as all light remains nameless.  One pointer to it is ‘the activity of knowing’.

To challenge erroneous beliefs one must be totally genuine and free of doubt.

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  1. There is so much BS on display on the internet – in politics, business life and spiritual groups. Advertisements are full of BS. We have all been conditioned to believe. So much so, we have forgotten what truth is – so it seems.