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 Things are not what they appear to be

Question everything.

Are you seeking something?   How clear is the seeking?  Is it vague and indistinct?  

Do you know exactly what you are seeking?

Is there any definite evidence that what you seek actually exists outside of imagination?

Where do you think or imagine that this thing you seek could be?  Outside yourself?  Inside yourself?  What is the self?  Do you truly know without a doubt?   Where exactly is ‘self’?  Self is self-evident surely.  The first ‘thing’ that you know must be self.  To be ignorant of self leads to seeking self. Yet what you are cannot be absent, can it?  

The thought ‘I am’ comes and goes but the being (the I am-ness) does not come and go.

Is the seeking nothing more than a sense of being separate, which shows up as a sense of lacking?  A concept of lacking, which itself comes and goes, causing confusion or a lack of clear understanding in mind?  Isn’t it the conflict between reference points that amounts to a bundle of reference points we call discontent?  Depression?  

What is aware of everything that comes and goes?  What is aware of name and form?  What is aware of the idea of ‘me’?

Investigate all the ideas you have about what you are and about whatever it is that you seek.  Pull them apart and see if there is any real basis for any of it.

By investigation, the fiction of seeking is seen through and the seeking is discovered to be nothing but the mind (the me of memory) fixating upon ideas and an emotionally charged sense of lacking.  Isn’t it all based on erroneous ideas?  Do they stand up to investigation or do they slip away into an attitude of denial?

The rich and very rich suffer from psychological suffering.

The poor suffer from psychological suffering.  The majority of those who fall between these two categories also suffer from psychological suffering.

The basic direct message takes on many forms of expression.  One of them is that psychological suffering is unnecessary.  

What is the cause of psychological suffering?   How many experts are needed to answer that question?

Ask a hundred experts and you will probably get a hundred different versions of psychological analysis paralysis.  How many are right?  Mind games don’t solve anything.

The obvious cause of psychological suffering is due to a habit of referring everything to the image of self (me), a fiction. Who is it happening to?  The automatic answer comes: ‘Me!  It is happening to Me!’  So, the obvious question to ask yourself is: What is this ‘me’?

Because the image of self  (me) is basically a fabrication of mind and is only in memory, it can’t re-present the actuality of the present.   The image of self cannot be found in the immediacy of presence-awareness. Investigate for yourself.  See if you can find it.  The immediate present is not a static point in space or time.   We do not need to beat ourselves up with beliefs or images.  

Empty the mind of words and images and recognise this naked awareness.

Memory and harmless mind constructs are rudimentary requirements for survival.  You would not be able to find your way home if you had no memory.

To punish oneself with mind constructs that are imaginary, or in trying to live up to some image of how things should be, creates conflict in the mind and the conflicted mind and the assumed entity ‘me’ overlooks the actuality of this immediacy, what is, as is.

Reference points in mind are subtle thoughts or images.  They are energy vibrating in an invisible realm we call mind.  Through belief in a fabricated image of oneself, we project a mind construct upon ‘what is’ and the attention fixates on it, as if it is real.  Belief is NEVER the actuality.  This obscuration or fixation occupies the attention in various degrees according to the state of mind that is presently believed in as ‘me’.  

“Don’t talk to me, I am in a bad mood”.

Identification with thought and image cannot be what you are.  We only appear to become these transitory states through identifying with them. They all pass.  None of it stays.  Where are yesterday’s thoughts?   We believe that words have some power.   Undhjrustyyfljisuen.  Letters arranged as a pseudo word.  Meaningless.  What is the meaning of meaning?  Is there meaning in a word?  Does the word ‘water’ spill off the page?  Words are words.  A word is never what it represents.  Words are useful but if words take over, their usefulness is lost – replaced by en-chant-ment.  The story of me takes precedent over the basic clear and present evidence.  Self-centredness is the assumption that here, in the middle of all this activity there is a ‘me’ in some sort of condition of ‘control’. Example: If you actually had control of your thoughts, why would you (me) have difficulty in dismissing depression or unpleasant thoughts?  Thought has no power.  ‘Me’ is a thought-image.  Denial of what is absolutely clear and obvious is psychological resistance – that resistance itself is the me. So, there may be a glimpse of what ‘you’ are up against.  As long as the belief in me is invested in, it will pull the attention into the same old habit patterns.  

A divided mind cannot achieve wholeness, no matter how much contrived nonsense it appears to ‘do’.  The ‘me’ is not a ‘doer’.  It is an appearance only.

The activities of seeing or knowing are not altered or changed by whatever appears in the mind or in the world.  It is the fixation with self-centredness that focuses the attention upon specific ‘things’ or ‘events’ and seemingly creates personal difficulties and experiences of every kind.  It is all about ‘me’.  The uninterrupted experiencing is transcendent to whatever the mind appears to be engaged in.  Awareness is not subjected to the content of mind.  Awareness is beyond ‘matter’.

What is an experience if you do not put words or labels onto it?

Now, if this image of self, ‘me’, is investigated without any bias or interference from belief or dogma, then the image is seen clearly for what it is.  The habit of belief, the energy of belief, naturally ceases to flow into the uninterrupted experiencing and so it appears (in that cessation) that the clarity of seeing or knowing comes to the fore.  It is always present, it is just usually ignored because the attention is busy on ‘matters concerning me’.

Transient moments of this coming to the fore of intelligence are called insights.  

The essence of any insight is seeing.

Seeing is always happening (timeless) and time is merely a conceptual construct that appears and disappears as mind content.  Thoughts are seen.  Thoughts cannot see!  The thought ‘I see’ cannot see.

What time is here if you do not think about time?

Seriously!  Investigate this.

What conditioning or ‘conditioned mind’ is here if you do not think about it?

Now most teachers or gurus will have their followers doing all sorts of practices, using all sorts of methods.  They are convincing only because of belief.

It is all time bound.   They are not doing anyone any favours.   It is a subtle trap requiring belief and non investigation.  The ‘me’ is non-investigation.  Is it all tricks of the mind?  Who is tricking whom?

You do not have to learn how to stay in the now.   You cannot get out of the immediate present (now).  Try it and see.   See if you can actually live a moment in the past or future.   It is only in imagination (imaging in mind) that you appear to leave and come back to the present.  

In reality nothing is happening in the present……and nothing can appear to happen anywhere else.  (Grasp the essence of that – it is enough)

We put words upon the clear and obvious present evidence and miss the essence of it due to belief in the words.  For the mind the present is just a word.  What is, is this timeless, spontaneous presence, we call LIFE.

There is nothing new under the sun.   


Maybe, just maybe, you recognise why the ‘progressive path’ that is promoted by so many teachers and gurus (and that is almost all of them) is a complete fiction.  The only time there is, is this immediacy and reality can never be a point of view from the mind.

  1. All these things can be pointed out, over and over until one goes blue in the face. Unless there is a genuine openness, the message goes straight to the image of self and gets distorted beyond recognition (by the hearer or reader). What is true is always simple. That which resists the simplicity, those who insist on complex belief patterns, methods and practices are nothing less than fixations of consciousness. Thousands of such individuals have come and gone, in this world. They did NOT alter reality. They did NOT change the changeless and spontaneous nature of life, awareness or reality. Teachers and gurus due to their own self-hypnosis, use ‘enchantment’ to hypnotise their followers. To be disillusioned from such psychological stuff (belief) is a wondrous relief, beyond description. Belief is known directly and immediately to be nothing but an erroneous reference point in mind. Psychological suffering is unnecessary.

  2. There is nothing new under the sun. This is not some new cult crap. In all ages, there have always been those (a few) who ‘know the essence of things’. There are ancient texts that contain the clearest pointers. Those clear pointers in the texts have not taken the world by storm. The Bible is one such text. There are extremely clear pointers scattered throughout the text and they are as fresh as the day they were written. Even after translation, the essence of the pointers is unmistakeable. The majority of those who have the Bible as their main text influence do not recognise the pointers. Everything is brought down to the level of their own capacity, which is laden with a hell of a lot of erroneous beliefs. The intrinsic value of clear pointers, found in all the major religious texts is only recognised by a few. The majority do not receive any direct and clean influence from any of those texts or from those living presently, the few who know the essence of things. It is as though everyone speaks a different language. The information generally available in society is a jumbled mixed bag of this and that. Besides that, the self-centredness of each individual precludes any openness to hearing any clear message. It is all translated into self-centred jargon.
    Even though the essence of everyone is already pure, the mind is dulled down by erroneous beliefs, which have been taken on board as something true. It is like the brambles that cover the castle where Sleeping Beauty lays suspended in deep sleep. Only the knight with pure intent can make the brambles part and allow access (for the cosmic rays of unicity). One ‘kiss’, one moment of recognising one’s true essence, causes the enchantment to fall away. There is NO use in pretending that this moment has happened. Many teachers and gurus pretend and they do not see the contempt, the utter absurdity of their own mind games. You cannot teach what you do not know! You cannot teach what can’t be taught! In essence you are already what you seek. It is just that we ignore it. Pure ignorance and pure knowing are the same. It is what lies between that is the cause of so much suffering. Belief in belief.

  3. The problems with the disturbance of the environment is due to self-centredness. The culmination of all the self-centred activities of mankind impacts upon the environment that mankind requires to survive. The gross pollution of our habitat is through neglect. At the core of the problems, there are a few individuals who are obsessed with their own sense of separation. They believe that they can secure themselves through having more money, more possessions BUT it doesn’t work. It doesn’t make them feel whole. In fact it probably weighs heavily upon the conscience, if they have one. Modern Madness is a curse of the mind and self-centred behaviour is right smack bang in the middle. The new god is google.

  4. Dear Gilbert
    For the mind the ‘present’ is only a word.

    We put words upon the clear and obvious present evidence and miss the essence of it due to belief in the words. For the mind the present is just a word. What is, is this timeless, spontaneous presence, we call LIFE.

    What is an experience if you do not put words or labels onto it?
    As long as the belief in me is invested in, it will pull the attention into the same old habit patterns.

    Reference points in mind are subtle thoughts or images. They are energy vibrating in an invisible realm we call mind. Through belief in a fabricated image of oneself, we project a mind construct upon ‘what is’ and the attention fixates on it, as if it is real.

    Because the image of self (me) is basically a fabrication of mind and is only in memory, it can’t re-present the actuality of the present.

    What is aware of name and form?
    Everything is clear and obvious.
    Thank (YOU)

  5. Seeing is happening in the immediacy of this instant. Then the voice of my ‘non-seeing’ partner is heard. The voice gets processed as a ‘nag.’ This body-mind jerks into motion and proceeds to take out the garbage. Other undone household chores are mentioned. The self-image of the weak, powerless, lazy, dependent, cowardly Slacker is called up and reinforced. Whatever I am does not want to clean out the garage or pluck a harmless weed out of the ground. I notice my car is filthy. Shame and embarrassment creep up and settle into my gut. This body grows older, fatter, weaker. I see that I still identify with it, with all this. Depression arises. Boredom settles in. Stable sameness prevails. A writer once wrote a story called: ‘I have no mouth and I must scream.’ I get that now. ‘I am no self and I must scream’ will be the working title of the story I will never write. I identify with this sad story of non-accomplishment, non-achievement, poor performance, constant verbalizing. Yet….seeing these familiar thought-images appear, the sheer fact of their appearance puts them outside of whatever is doing this seeing. I cannot be an object of my own awareness, now can I? Time to shut the hell up.

    • “Nothing deserves a long imprisonment like the tongue” – old arab proverb

      Jesus was tempted by the devil (ego) “bow down to me and I will give you power over this dominion” etc. Paraphrasing the devil is asking for trouble. Jesus told him to ‘get behind’.

      Intelligence needs to come to the fore and self-centredness needs to take a back seat….however it is difficult to fond an example of this in society. Mob psychology is like a primitive beast. A bunch of pissed off religious zealots can behave incredibly badly. ‘God told us to do it’ is sheer nonsense.

      “Vanity, vanity, all is vanity under the sun” From Ecclesiastes

      The ‘I am’ words used by Jesus (and Buddha) is a reference to pure being-ness. Everyone translates those words via their own egoic reference point (me) and so they translate the message as if Jesus and Buddha were speaking of themselves as a ‘person'(me).

      ‘I am the light’. ‘I am the life’. ‘I am the truth’. ‘I am the way’.

      ‘No one comes to the Father (NOT by me) but by ‘I am’.

      The resonance of the words ‘I am’ may resonated through the entire being or simply in the intellect that is obsessed with a false self-centre and its afflicted emotional baggage (the self-image ‘me’). Pure being will not act selfishly. Only ego will be self-serving to the point of absurdity.

      “Let no man come between you and your god” – Bible. I would interpret that as: Let no belief, word or image, come between you and your own being-ness.

  6. Dear Gilbert
    No one comes to the father But by ‘I am’
    (not by ‘me’).
    I am that ‘I’-ness (I am)
    father and I is one.
    Aham bramhasmi.
    I am not that ‘I’ that I think but
    I am that ‘I’ that is.
    AND stay with that FOR ‘SOME TIME’ SO THAT, THAT

    Thank you Gilbert.

    • Yes. Is-ness is. What is not will never be.
      You cannot stop the thinking because mind is active, that is its nature. You can pause the thinking for a brief moment.
      Later thinking may appear to be absent for long periods but initially only a pause is possible.
      The sky is always here but you are not usually focused on the sky. Silence is always present but the focus instinctively goes onto sounds. Thought is a subtle sound, vibration.

      Give credit where credit is due. There is no Gilbert. The name and form is merely an appearance. Name is a label. The label sugar is not sweet. The word is not the thing. The form is an instrument of expression and does not exist as anything separate from the essential expression. I am that.

  7. Dear Gilbert
    ‘Later thinking may appear to be absent for
    long periods….
    This is not ‘ONE’S experience.
    That dissolution is in the pausing of thought, that
    is remembered when one arises as an appearance again.
    If belief returns to this appeared ‘me’ as a real identity, ‘the space’ of pausing thought
    is found to have disappeared. (seemingly)
    For belief in false entity, me, person, thoughtful vibration, it is lost but actually it is already there as it is only space occupied or replaced by vibration.

    Is that so? Your assurance gives great relief.
    Thanks ONE energy. (SEEING KNOWING)

    • Whatever appears in space cannot be separate from space. Without space, no appearance! Space is not seen, only apparent volume, which is apparent distance between ‘objects’ appearing in space and that is perceived as ‘time’. Mind constructs a view of the world, which is a re-presentation. A re-presentation, a mind construct, can be extremely inaccurate, an illusion or relatively true, so it seems but who can judge that? The coming and going of things, phenomena, in the unchanging space is perceived as ‘time’. The belief in the words, the translation is the basis of belief in time as something real. The timeless space remains the same, unchanging and that is ‘no thing’. That which appears in the space cannot be something separate from space. The content of space is space appearing ‘as things’. Without the narrative, words, labels, the essence of space-like awareness, the attention merges with its own no thing-ness. Once the essence is known it does not ‘matter’ whether thoughts are appearing or not. It is the believed in entity ‘me’ that APPEARS to hijack the attention (awareness). Awareness is never compromised although it may appear to be so. Does the observer make things appear to be solid? In the space of pure seeing, there is no ‘me’ and no ‘point of view’- nothing is happening. No one can go beyond that. Everything is THAT. No beyond, no behind, no in front. No up nor down. No left, no right. No right, no wrong. Only thinking appears to make things matter and place an imagined ‘thinker’ in the middle. I don’t mind. Do you? At what point does it matter for YOU?

  8. Some of the so-called great scientists delved into the nature of matter. They had heated debates over different points of view. They defended their OWN points of view! Einstein and Bohr had opposite theories and both seem correct, as a point of view. There are no static points of view, everyone knows that. All theories fall apart in the face of the actuality, which remains inexplicable, spontaneous and incorruptible. Man wants to conquer nature and he proves his own foolishness in his trying. The mind appears to want to be in control and it appears that it will go to any length to gain that imagined control. Isn’t the rightful place of mind, to be a good servant? Egomania is, it would seem, worshiped and encouraged in politics. People are like sheep, they follow the one who appears to be grossly over confident. Any political election demonstrates a lot of conjuring and bad magic tricks. Promises pop up before elections and mysteriously disappear after the election. The one who is actually worthy of leading does not even want to lead. Politicians even have slogans like ‘Keeping the dream alive’. It’s a dream. How amazing it all is.