The basics:
Non duality means ‘one without a second’.
So, no matter what is conceived, perceived or dreamt……it can only ever be that ‘one without a second’.
There is no answer in the mind.
Everyone appears to be caught up in a realm of belief in thoughts, concepts, images and memory.
Thought and concept are the same.
Conceptualising and thinking are one and the same.
If you are seeking then you are looking for a conceptual answer in the mind. It will never happen (like that).
The stream of concepts is for-ever moving.

The so-called ‘witness’ is the observing (outside of the stream).
The ‘witness’ is not ‘someone seeing’.
The word is NEVER the thing it re-presents.

No matter what you fixate on, label or name….the essence of ‘that’ can only ever be ‘one without a second’.

Taking yourself to be something separate and in naming everything as separate ‘things’, you enter into a conceptual realm that has no end.
Recognise that the mental terrain is in your mind. None of it is ‘out there’.

You have ‘created a problem for yourself’.
The only way to solve the problem is to investigate what that ‘self’ is.

In solving it, you may laugh so loud, you will wake the dead.


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  1. Advaita just means NO TWO, or NO MULTIPLES. It does not imply ‘ONE WITHOUT A SECOND’. The term refers to something which is neither one, nor non- existent. Not Zero, not One. It is just what is, undefined and unqualied, unspeakable. Will remain so forever.

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