At the core of all experiencing – understanding is.

When the milk is churned, butter spontaneously appears.
No churning – no butter.
Space is empty.
Some hint of movement ‘creates’ forms from nothing.
The swirling activity ‘creates’ a sense of something ‘happening’.
‘Identity’ forms from nothing.
At the core of the experience-ing there is an absolute stillness – pure observing.
The sense of duration and sequence are known as appearances in a subtle motionless indescribable state of being. Even ‘being’ itself is included along with non-being in this ‘place’.
‘From’ this ‘place’ it is obvious that all the ‘elements’ are ‘appearing’, including the sense of identity, name, form and apparent substance.
The subtle bliss of being – the silent awareness of being, not this, not this.
I am THAT.
Because of this ‘I am’, everything is as it is.
Whatever is appearing, it is ALL in this Presence.
There is NO separation.
Nothing can be added to nothing and nothing can be taken away from nothing.
No Thing.
Minus One.
I am THAT.