AS the clarity itself – you are.

As soon as you think about awareness, it is an object and memory throws up concepts from the past.

If you were to come into existence in this instant right now, there would be no memory at all. Awareness would be present – (it is ever present everywhere and every when). You would have no labels for anything. The natural oneness of ‘everything’ would not be questioned.

Seeing is happening and seeing is not post mind content. Seeing-knowing is the pristine activity of cognising. There is no entity in the seeing itself.

The idea of an entity was introduced to you through language. At 2 years old there was no ‘reasoning’ and no world of concept projected onto everything.

(now)….All the memories are associated with the self-image that ‘developed’.

Empty the mind and be silent.

Do not think about awareness – just notice that everything is awareness. There is no centre to it and no boundary. By simply dropping all concepts and thoughts you have gone beyond the mind in an instant. No need to make up a teaching of how to get there.

This simplicity of natural presence, this non conceptual awareness is the natural clarity, the pure perception is taking place AS the clarity itself.

The mind says ‘I see’ but the words ‘I see’ cannot see – it is simply the mind translating.

  1. Some call it the Natural State.

  2. No need to make up a teaching of how to get there! Yes!