Arrogating self-importance

You may believe that you as a separate ‘thing’ are important, or even very special.
On ‘the scale of things’ the believed in entity attached to a body is far less than a speck of dust. In fact a speck of dust is like a galaxy compared to that believed in concept.

(The point of attachment is what needs to be investigated)

The recognition of one’s true nature naturally cuts through all beliefs without mercy or compromise.
The pure function of ‘seeing-knowing’ is dimensionless awareness. It is all inclusive and it requires nothing from anything to be what it is.
Self-important ‘beings’ have erroneously limited their true nature with a fragile belief, a belief in being separate.
The next time you see a guru stroll onto a stage and make a fuss about the ‘state’ he is in, remember that the speck of dust is far more honest, simply because it is not pretending to be anything other than what it is.

Let the speck of dust be your teacher. It floats freely in the sunlight and relaxes as it drifts through time and space, unconcerned with the fabricated dramas of self-importance.