Experiences and meaning

We are attracted, it would seem to some things and not others.   Attraction and repulsion appear to happen quite spontaneously.

Some folk seem to gel with us and others do not.   We value some folk and not others.   Is it a common view or common understanding?  We know where they are coming from, even if it is not clearly expressed in words.

We may have some friends we may not see for years and yet within a short time of getting together, it seems like no time has past.  The patterns are very familiar.  We trust them for some ‘reason’.   How does that happen?

Do we attribute value to things that (appear to) bring pleasant experiences?   We can relax with some and not with others.

We certainly don’t give a positive value to something that (appears to) gives us unpleasant experiences.

Where do we measure ‘value’ from?  What means is used to measure?  What exactly happens?

It is a fair question.  Contemplate this or simply observe the mind.

If someone describes us in an un-favorable light why does it feel unpleasant?

What exactly happens?  Is the capacity to observe clear of erroneous beliefs, enough to recognize what is going on?

Because the unfavorable description does not sit well with the image I have of myself, conflict appears.  Uneasiness appears.  The belief in the image of self is apparently challenged by a new description and it will not assimilate.  Conflict.  Usually a denial and an objection follow.  If the describer persists with their account then they are to be avoided in the future if possible.   Friends turn into enemies over different points of view.  It is all based on concepts.

Can a concept be wrong or right?

What is a concept?  A concept is energy vibrating into a subtle pattern.  On its own there is no conflict.  When it is compared or referred to another concept then apparent conflict may appear.  Each concept is energy expressing.  How can energy be in conflict with energy?  It can’t really be in conflict.  It is the image of self that is disturbed.

Now if that image of self is nothing but energy expressing as a concept, image or memory, how can there be conflict?  It is all energy.   It is the idea of ‘me’ that gets angry or upset.

How real is it?

If it is investigated it is possible to recognize that there is no basis for the conflict in reality.

So, what if all the personal drama is nothing but a misunderstanding?

What if the seeking a way out of it is also a misunderstanding?

What if the character is nothing but a mental construct, a fabricated sense of being a person?  If you wore a mask for the whole day and then took it off, would you lose anything?  Would your sense of existing disappear with the mask?


Pretending to be a person is like wearing a mask.  Persona, the mask.

There is nothing wrong with the mask.  So long as you know it is a mask then it will not lead you down the garden path, into unwarranted personal dramas.




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  1. There are many who have taken upon themselves the title ‘teacher’. More and more pop up each day. If they knew how transparent they actually are, they would not play that mind game at all. They have convinced themselves that they are absolutely clear. But their teachings betray that image they believe in. It is easy to trick the desperate and the unwary….. and there is no shortage of them. What a crazy circus it all is. The common belief that ‘I am a genuine seeker’ has a huge number of folk caught in the seeker mode. There is no seeker that can be real. The seeker is a fiction. The seeker cannot ever become a finder. Your true nature is always right here, right now. All you need to do is recognize what seems to obscure it. It is always belief in concepts and images. Stop.