AM is the verb ‘to be’

Is it still possible to get lost in the story of me?

How can that be anything that is true?

All concepts are sensations.  Every thought, feeling, idea, memory, image and nervous twitch is a sensation.  Duration and volume, time and space are sensations.

Concepts appear as a network of belief and clusters of concepts will always lead the mind away from the simplicity of presence-awareness if they are believed in.

You cannot get out of the now (presence).

Only conceptually can it be believed that, ‘I am lost’ …..or ‘I was lost’.  Even ‘I am enlightened’ is a fiction, with little or no difference to ‘I am not enlightened yet’. Both are concepts, sensations appearing in mind.  They are all illuminated by the SAME light.

AM is the verb ‘to be’.  Being IS.  There is NO becoming in Being.

WAS is past, dead and gone.

Why would an pseudo ‘agent’ of the present (me) indulge in a story about what was?   The mind is time and everything that appears in mind is a sensation – it comes and goes.  The sensations are ever changing.

What is, is ever clear and obvious.  Why put concepts onto the obvious clarity at all?

All directions are in the mind.   There is no path that anyone can walk on in their mind.

The so-called ‘sacred journey of the soul’ is nothing but imagination.  Shocking but true!

Even if ‘you’ and a million ‘others’ believe you are on a sacred path, the clear evidence that even a child can see, is that you are present here now and that any story about a path you are on, unless you are physically standing on a path, is just ‘in your head’.

Who wants to hear about such blunt and obvious facts?  Not many, it would seem.  If the core belief is removed the mind is quiet.   Panic attacks are often nothing less than the ‘me sense’ scrabbling to find some ground to stand on.  It is a fiction – a series of sensations.

The majority hanker (driven by an apparent desperation) for methods and practices to apply to the fictional bondage of self.

Instead of ‘cutting the psychological crap out’ and investigating directly  into the sensation of believing in being separate, they all appear to be totally addicted to indulge in ‘special inner work’.  Imagination gives them a sense of achievement but it is all smoke and mirrors!

Who is the one being ‘worked on’ and where is there any ACTUAL evidence that any of that ‘work’ actually does anything, except entertain the idea of being separate?

There is NO separation and NO concept can divide what cannot be divided.

This living consciousness, life itself, has never been divided by anything.

  1. I am smiling because it is quite obvious that no one wants to read about these confronting pointers. Everyone is happy to plod along like a donkey with blind faith, faith in a load of spiritual BS. Never once investigating the core issue. Imagination is what gets us into trouble in the first place. The sky appears to be blue. Where does the blue-ness go at night? Clear and empty is the true nature of mind. In that clarity it is VERY obvious that there is no self-centre, no boundary anywhere.

  2. Strange ….. when I read your pointers, there appears to be clear seeing but when I read your comments, it appears not.

    • The posts are direct and simple. The comments have a flavor of opinions. Some comments are meant to reveal the paradox of the ‘personal’ vs ‘impersonal’. Pointers appear in the comments also. Call it strange if you want. Life is a rainbow of all the colors.