Already so.

It is pointed out by those who know, that what you seek you already are.

What happens to the seeking if this ‘truth’ is acknowledged totally?

We hear about something called awareness and then we go looking for it.  We conceptualise the very ‘thing’ that is not a thing, the very non thing that permits the unnecessary search.

No one needs to believe in anything that is clearly self evident. The self-evident has nothing to do with belief.

The seeing is happening.  Spontaneous seeing.

The moment you open your eyes in the morning the whole world appears in the seeing (The room etc).

It does not gradually start appearing bit by bit.

Spontaneously it is (always) here.  As experience it is the appearance. In essence it is pre-sense, no thing.  The essence of existence is spontaneously so with no beginning and no end. The essence of the appearance is equally spontaneous with no beginning and no end.  Just as the horizon is only an apparent edge to the sea, when it is investigated it is found to have no beginning or end.  We have labels like ‘The South Pole’ but there is no such static point called ‘The South Pole’.  Even the axis of this planet is not stationary – it oscillates as it moves around and about a theoretical axis.

We put labels onto things and then we believe we understand what the things are.  The universe is a miraculous place and the more we study it, the more it reveals but there is one thing that has never been discovered – a static point.  It is all moving – it is all an appearance of movement.

How do you see?  Isn’t seeing a function that words and labels cannot fix in time or space? You can close your eyes and the world seemingly disappears but the seeing is still present.  The back of the eye lids are appearing in the seeing.  Hold a torch up to your closed eye lids and you will see some pink light.  Skin and blood gives the light a pink shade.  We all blink our eye lids many times an hour but we don’t notice it.  

We do not have x-ray vision.  If you hold the bright end of a torch up against your hand in the dark, you will see the bones and fleshy pink tissues of the fingers and hand. Everything appears or registers in the seeing.  When you sun bathe the light is penetrating the flesh far more than you might imagine.  Even an unborn child will see some degree of light while still in the womb.  Sound and light are vibrations.  So, even before we are born, hearing and seeing are happening spontaneously.  We do not need a concept about seeing or hearing and no concept about hearing is the hearing.  No concept about seeing is the seeing.  

We have many assumptions about ourselves.  Whether they are true or false should be of great interest to us.  If not, why not?

Wakefulness is already perfect.  Wakefulness is not the result of anything you do, will do or have done.  The body and mind content appear and disappear in the natural spontaneous wakefulness.  Wakefulness is not something that one has to cultivate or practice.  Like the seeing, ‘you’ are not ‘doing it’.  It is already so, prior to any concepts of ‘doing’ or ‘not doing’.

The apparent benefits and non benefits that appear to have meaning in the conceptual realms of mind are just patterns appearing and disappearing. 

The true identity is emptiness, spontaneously expressing as everything, emptiness suffused with the capacity of knowing.  No one can claim that as a personal acquisition.  To do so is ignorance.

Everything is appearing in this Know-ing.   Not what WAS known.  Not what WILL be known.  It is Know-ING.  Present tense.

THAT is what you truly are, whether ‘you’ know it or not.  It has no shape or form.   No beginning and no end.

Spontaneous.  LIFE itself. 

Life is not a religion, not a belief, not something with any separate substance, it is not a thing at all.

You can put whatever words or beliefs you want onto THAT, this ‘no thing’-  the reality is that all words, labels and beliefs are simply transitory appearances.  If you investigate them you will discover that they have no duration at all.  Belief falls apart when it is investigated.  This timeless, spontaneous nature, this ever present awareness is NOT personal.

The narrative of ME is just an apparent continuum of patterns appearing and disappearing.

The true awakening is NOT an awakening of something or someone.  It is more like an evaporation of an obscuration.  The revelation of the ALREADY SO, the spontaneous nature of non-conceptual awareness.   Just this and nothing else.

No one needs to get it.

Already SO.

  1. The inherent problem about clear pointing is that ‘teachers’ of methods and practices and seekers lost in beliefs are bound to dispute the pointers, pointers that undermine all methods and practices. Why? It is self-evident. Because their ‘teaching’ depends upon themselves and/or their followers continuing to live with non-recognition of their true nature. The freedom offered by so many ‘teachers’ is nothing but bondage dressed up as a ‘hope in a future time’. No one seems to recognise that that ‘future time’ never arrives. Being held to ransom by a false teacher is far more common than suspected. The most illustrious ‘teachers’ appear to focus on cultivating their holy self image far more than they point to what is ‘Already So’. The ‘path’ is an illusion. Becoming ‘something’ more or better in the ‘future’ is a dream. Recognising that is a falling away of a major obscuration. Call that ‘awakening’ if you want. Knowing that as reality does not require any labels to be put upon it. In the scheme of things, it appears that ‘people believe’ and it is that realm of belief that obscures what is clear and obvious. There is no point in robbing anyone of their beliefs. They get very upset. They can’t believe in anything that is self evident. The self evident has nothing to do with belief.

  2. 99% of those who hear what we might call ‘direct pointing’ will have some objection. Whether they speak up is a different matter. The habit of ignoring the clear evidence of the present, ignored in preference for believed in concepts, ideas and faith in dubious practices is a means to protect the ‘self-image’ and so any challenge to that is sensed as a threat to their very being. It is an image and until it is known to be nothing but an image, those afflictions of emotion will surface – a habit.