All things are equal

Equanimity is not a state of achievement.

Equanimity is the stateless state of existence.

Your experiencing is the razors edge…..and it is not ‘yours’ to claim.

‘You’ as a believed in separate entity appear and disappear upon this razors edge.

You are reality….you ARE the razors edge…… which is more vast than space itself……and has no dimension or locality.

This is why no seeker ever found anything, except transient appearances.

Rest upon the empty, concept-less intelligence…..and realise that that is what you are.

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  1. Being always interested in what it meant to be intimate with life and therefore being involved in many, many situations, where actually it was clear to see what this intimacy is all about. Doubt however remains.
    So, Yes I keep wondering what or how is it for ‘the other’ to expierence life in its fullness. This seems after all a hard nut to crack. When closeness wants to appear it seems mostly the other shrinks back?
    I simply did not understand and of course it kept me more or less in doubt about what is it in me….this human being?

    “there is only life and that is this life now, that is the most intimate expierencing that one can have” Your words Gilbert and how many times you have said it?
    Once I was struck by “and I will lie in the hollow of your arms and rest my head on your breasts” ( Nisargadatta?) And now rest upon the empty, concept-less intelligence……yes, and there are no others!
    Thank you as always.