All problems are due to perception – no?

All of ‘our problems’ are due to two non existent things.

1. Identity.

2. Boundary.


You may perceive that there is an identity somewhere in the body.  But can you find it?

If it is real, surely it would be the very thing that you would be most certain of.   You may be certain of it as a certitude of being but it has no actual substance.  That in itself is a potent pointer.  Probably the most potent.

Boundary.  Close you eyes and drop all concepts and thoughts.  If thoughts arise, let them come and go.  Be the witness of them and they will move to a ‘distance’.  Now, with the eyes closed and no concepts disturbing you and without going into memory, look at the present evidence.  IS there a boundary there, in the semi darkness of closed eyes?

Without thinking of a boundary you cannot find one.   This is not a personal attribute.  It is universally the same for everyone.


So there is no substance to the ‘I’ (identity) and there is no substance to any boundary.  Everything is sensation and it is boundless.


Now, if any of this is perceived as a problem, who has the problem?


The habit of belief in being a separate entity or identity is the cause of much confusion.  Psychology does not attend to this clarity of being what you are.  Psychology attempts to fix up the self image (me) and that is perfectly okay.  But it does not remove the root cause of suffering.

Seeing through the mind scape, the psychology, leaves you present and aware, without any problems.

Conventional society has no place for such insight.

Someone who can point another to a natural freedom is not valued by society.  There is no ‘place’ for such a one.

Half baked theories and endless therapy has taken up all the room in society and one must have degrees in this and that to be able to be valued.  For what?  For patching up the self-centredness of patients who must come back for more and more treatment.   It appears that we must avoid the cure at all costs – otherwise everyone goes out of business.

Relax.  It is all in the appearance of things.  Psychological suffering is completely unnecessary.  But try and take it off someone and you might get your head bitten off.



“I’ve spent the last 2 hours combing through old posts on your site and i came across something intriguing that you said.
When asked “what is awareness”?
You replied it is the “activity of knowing”…well i am not that smart of a guy…so 
what does that mean “activity of knowing”?Thank you for your time”. – Scott
Reply:  It is energy that is inherently intelligent.
Everything is THAT – no separation.
  1. I would like to say…Yes, in ‘therapy’ going directly to the point doesn’t work, people get scared. But breaking illusion piece by piece is more easily swallowed. For example, we tend to suffer at what others have done to us, so when the investigation goes as to ‘people have done nothing TO YOU’, things happen, ‘people’ just do things, no need to take it personally’, then it helps, alleviates. I believe we are all ready to accept this truth, but for that desperation, being sick of suffering is needed.

    • Yes Patricia, The suffering is what makes us investigate or at least brings a wish to escape the suffering. The attention usually gets caught up with the ‘me’ fixation. When we hear that the ‘me’ is not real, intelligence goes a step further and a clear recognition ‘happens’. Few believe it possible but it isn’t about belief.

  2. Two things, indeed. This pointer is so simple, clear, and concise. And I just caught myself about to say something about the habit of belief, when that is the last word of the last sentence a finger’s width above where I am typing. Folly dies hard. The nature of reality is not up for debate. Or consideration. Two things. Now that is a number I can work with! Thanks a bunch, again.