Active Receptors – passive receptors


All there is

Hearing is an activity of intelligence.

Listening is a transient state of mind.


The nature of wholeness is all inclusive. As soon as you fixate on something specific it seemingly becomes exclusive – all about ME.


As long as you take everything personally, the message will only ‘go through to the keeper’ (Cricket terminology).

The person or persona is a mask.  The mask cannot see or hear.  Seeing is happening.  Hearing is happening….prior to the mask.

The keeper is pure intelligence.  So, if the message registers, even though it is not heard clearly, it may come up later as a reminder.

The me is resistance to what is.

If the resistance is exhausted and the blockages drop away, the message may well be heard.

So long as everything is taken personally, it will only feed the belief in me and that is what (seemingly) blocks the vibrancy of the immediate intelligence.

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  1. In consciousness there is only active and passive.
    Awareness is equanimity – neutral.

    In taking yourself to be an entity in consciousness one misses the fact that consciousness is merely phenomena appearing in the uninterrupted experiencing.

    If the mind is emptied, the pure clarity of naked awareness is self-evident. It is not something that is achieved or evolved into. It is always already so.

    The question must be: What is getting in the way?
    The answer must be: Me.