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Mark: Gilbert, I am struggling to pay no attention to my mind and believe all of this is just happening to me, sometimes though I get days where I just let thoughts come and go without getting caught up in them and I feel good…. and in touch and I feel the ‘I don’t care about what happens’ is that the right track to be on – just not follow ones thoughts as though they don’t mean anything…. but it seems like an effort sometimes to not follow them – could you clarify this for me. – Mark.

Gilbert’s Reply:

Paying no attention to mind cannot be a ‘doing’.  Watch the mind with an open clarity, with no agenda.  If you try to follow thoughts, it will drive you mad.  (It will lead you consistently away from what is real)  Investigate who it is happening to!

See that they are NOT ‘your thoughts’.  A conviction (real conviction) is required.  Contrived stances in the mind are empty.

Thoughts appear spontaneously and they also disappear spontaneously.

What you truly are can not be a thought.  Thoughts are illuminated by the light of consciousness-awareness, not by a dead image of self, an identified, fabricated entity, appearing in the mind. (Thoughts come and go – what you truly are cannot come and go)

Thought is subtle energy appearing as a pattern.  (You have no idea what thought pattern will appear next)  There is no thinker of a thought.  Try and think a thought but watch the mind very closely with fine attention.  This will reveal an unexpected insight.

You do not choose thoughts from a bag of thoughts ‘out the back’.

Really see that you do not have any idea of what thought may arise next.

So, relax. Stop trying to ‘do’.

Just notice that everything is happening (with or without your permission).

Observe quietly as you go about your activities, without labeling anything. You will notice a lot more.  “Oh, that is interesting – the milk carton was taken out of the fridge – no one doing it”.

Carrying a fictional emotional burden, of belief in being the ‘thinker’, the ‘doer’, always leads to conflict and constant conflict is not a good way to be.  

Truly recognize that ‘the thinker’ is just a thought.   A thought can’t see.  So if the thinker is seen to be what it is, a thought, then the seeing must be non conceptual.

Whatever ‘comes up’… let it be – let whatever appears (as thought) be as it is. Don’t buy into it.  Don’t judge it or want to alter it or change it.  You can change your attitude to thoughts.  Thoughts will always disappear, all by themselves.  That is what they do naturally. They appear…..and because they appear, they disappear.  They disappear because they have no substance.  Belief in thoughts give them an apparent substance.  Investigate the apparent substance and they will reveal their illusive nature.  No thought has any duration. Thought is a flicker of energy and gone.  With an attitude of ‘letting them go’ insight are bound to happen.  

Where are yesterday’s thoughts now?  They all disappeared spontaneously, even if you tried to hang onto them.  

See everything as it is.  What needs to be recognized is that any point of view is unstable.  Points of view change constantly and all points of view will betray you because they are empty of substance.  Watch the mind – do not follow thoughts.

There is nothing to do – just be the seeing.

 – Gilbert.

Mark: Thank you so much Gilbert for your help, you clarify so much, so simply, with no bullshit.

What you are sharing has now become so clear to me that I wonder how I didn’t see it before – I know now I am just a thought away from the old me, but even if I tried I could not be anything other than awareness.  It is so simple, the amount of gratitude I have for the likes of you and Bob (and others) is beyond words – I have now seen my true nature and know now I can never lose That, my warmest thanks to you Gilbert. – Mark



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  1. It is remarkable how things can be pointed out and the profundity of the pointing is not taken delivery of. You cannot get out of an emotional state by flicking a switch. You can dismiss a thought easily. All emotional state start with belief in thoughts. Catch them before they ‘develop’ into a state and give them the flick. You must know how certain beliefs always lead you down the same track to madness and confusion. No one can do it for you. Be what you are. Don’t pretend to be anything.