A Book to read.

A good friend of mine, John, sent me a book that he thought I would enjoy reading.  I did enjoy it from the very first few pages.  I will share the details with you in case you are interested in finding a copy. It is not a Non Duality book. The title is “And there was Light” by Jacques Lusseyran.  Jacques was a leader in the French Resistance at the age of about 17-18.  He tells his story from early childhood, right through his ordeal in a Nazi prison.  Jacques was blind at the age of eight through an accident at school.  What is remarkable is that he did not suffer from his blindness. He found a light that shone in his being.  His ability to hear the world around him took on a remarkable sensitivity.   He could detect if someone was genuine by various qualities of their voice.  There are many passages in the book where you would think he was totally versed in what we speak about here on this site.

Here is a quote from the book:  “Truth slides over a man….. but falsehood fastens onto him like a leech”.    There are many passages that could be quoted but I will leave it to you, to either find a copy of the book, or not.

It is published by Morning Light Press.

Thank you John – Gilbert

  1. Thanks sounds like an excellent recommendation… a fascinating story. I love natural expressions of non-duality or expressions not in the ‘useful’ lingo. I see a reviewer points to his other book ‘Against the Pollution of the I’… which they felt contained chapters of his most remarkable writing. Nevertheless ‘And there is Light’ is the book to read first… will be on the lookout for a copy. Cheers.

  2. I would like to say…I have the book read in one breath,impressive his remarkable sensitivity.
    Thank you,Gilbert.