A belief is NEVER the actuality

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The simple fact is that no one can teach what they do not know.

Thousands upon thousands of teachers and millions of followers appear and disappear in this world.  What is the result?   Isn’t it obvious that there is so little evidence of any true understanding of our own true nature in common man.  Spiritual paths are many and all are imaginary and full of erroneous beliefs, yet no one mentions anything about it. Belief has everyone convinced.  Contempt prior to investigation is the common mind set.

Politics and religion appear to be so similar in so many ways.

As soon as you join a political party, you exclude all the others.   As soon as you join some religion, you exclude all the others.  Whatever opening you may have to your own innate knowledge is immediately limited by the dogma of your political party or your religion.

All of the examples of so-called liberated individuals, down through the ages, were not members of some club or some spiritual collective.  One might say that they were innovators.  Some left a legacy of ‘pointers’ and yet the clear pointers are stepped over in preference for commentaries added by those who had little clear understanding. Why?  Because the clear pointers do not relate to a ‘me’ and it is most common that everyone is reading and listening from the ‘me perspective’.   

Suffering is energy in conflict with energy.  It has to be understood.  In understanding what suffering is, it is transformed into a tool for investigation.   Suffering is not a dull pointer.   It is sharp and accurate.  Suffering exposes the identification with ‘me’ and when understood, the suffering dissolves naturally.  The energy is freed from conflict and along with it, the intellect is free to work without an unnecessary burden.

The common problem amongst ‘teachers’ is that they get everyone working on the image of self.  Adding hope to the dream only increases the despair.    Making efforts to save the ‘me’ or to transform the ‘me’ into a higher being is complete fiction.   No one can teach what they do not know.  The problem with most teachers is that what they know is nothing but a limited point of view.  So all the followers learn the limitations of their teacher under the guise of ‘higher knowledge’.

A little bit of so-called ‘honesty’ will show anyone that they have not actually acquired anything, with the exception of beliefs based on other beliefs, which amount to zilch if investigated.  All the years of service to some teacher or teaching is little more than a shabby unworkable shelter from psychological suffering.  If the suffering is not faced and gone through, then it will keep returning. 

No one can teach what they don’t know.   If all that a ‘teacher’ knows is just limited ways of keeping seekers bound to endless practices, then what good is any of it?

A belief is NEVER the actuality.



  1. “Because the clear pointers do not relate to a ‘me’ and it is most common that everyone is reading and listening from the ‘me perspective’.” You can really work up a head of steam when “You” have a stake in it, or when something relates to making “me” a better me. I guess if you want to quibble, nothing we can say here or anywhere is “true,” but what you are saying here is “correct.”This very good and very direct Gilbert. Thank you.

    • This is an email I sent as a reply to someone who showed signs of being close to understanding. It is far too uncompromising to feature as a page on its own:

      You are not what you imagine you are.
      What you are is not perceivable, not conceivable and you are without form or substance.

      Pure cognition is your true identity.

      Pure cognition has no past, present or future.

      The mind can never understand this and all attempts through mind fail.

      There is no path, no destination. You cannot depart from this apparent existence because you were never truly in it.

      The analogy of a screen is a limited one but it will suffice.

      The screen is what the display displays itself ‘upon’. The apparent reality of what is displayed is uncaused. One can find a plausible cause for a rainbow but the rainbow itself cannot be located. The apparent self appears through belief to have a cause but the self cannot be located. It is a mere image, a concept. It does not matter how many times one repeats the belief in any concept or idea, the concept or idea remains as it is, a concept or an idea. You do not choose concepts or ideas. They appear and disappear without cause.

      The reaction or resistance to this ‘information’ is merely due to the accepted protocol of social structures and belief.
      The basic premise of society is that no one wants to be nothing. Men want to leave a mark and in their efforts to do so they make a hell of a mess. They kill each other over ideas and beliefs. Madness is what it is. Do not entertain any ideas of sadness about this. All of it is an illusion of mind. Who wants to know this?

      No one.