Let no thing come between what you are and this intelligence of pure being.

Let no man, woman or child, no thing of beauty or ugliness, no attachment nor non attachment, be an agent on your behalf.

In the scheme of things, intelligence is your dearest friend.

Let it guide you without the habit of worrying about things that are not appearing as Present Evidence.

By taking credit for intelligence, you introduce pride and shame as your companions and every kind of trouble becomes your constant unwelcome visitors.


What is real and true is always simple……so simple we overlook it.

  1. “After listening to my wildly virulent talks you may not come tomorrow, it doesn’t matter. I tell you again and again, you might run around and around the world, but nobody is going to give you the knowledge. Recede into your own Self. Surrender to your own beingness and that alone will give you all the knowledge necessary for you – no one else will. You don’t inquire into this, you blindly follow the rituals of spirituality.
    You maybe anywhere, but be honest, be devoted only to your being.” – Nisargadatta Maharaj

  2. “In the scheme of things,intelligence is your dearest friend”.

    Just reading this phrase brought me where it once begon.
    Love of Being.
    Yes,it lead me to what pointing to.

    Only hints can be given:
    Podcast nr.29 URBAN GURU CAFE.

    Who knows,you never know,just listen.

    “You can’t see the wind,you see the effects of the wind”.

    Love and gratitude.

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