Before time was born



In the appearance of things, space and time, for many years I have shared various insights as they reveal themselves directly in this consciousness.

One pointer, which I often repeat, is a revelation that blew away all concepts (naturally).  In that remaining concept less ‘space’ it is (was) obvious that ‘seeing is happening spontaneously’.  There is no ‘see-er’ as such.

There is no process, progress or path in this clear and obvious spontaneous revelation.

This profundity sounds like foolish talk to many and curious to others. Those addicted to methods and practices say ‘No!’, they resist with gusto…..and that very resistance blocks their view.  Only those who have tasted this profundity of natural spontaneous cognition will know its obvious meaning.

The entire display of all concepts throughout all so-called ‘time’, appear and disappear in the seeing.  Nothing sticks anywhere, not even for the briefest moment.  Energy is a movement.  Energy does no stop moving.  Energy appears as ‘things’ and ‘events’ yet energy is none of them… the ‘time’ they appear, energy has moved on, seemingly.  You cannot get behind the immediacy.

Belief is overthrown totally. One’s identity is found to be that which is the seeing.  That cannot be seen or described in any way, shape or form.

‘I am nothing, I am everything’ has a brief meaning but even these concepts , like all concepts, disappear.

Nothing sticks.

Ever-fresh, ever-new.