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Snapshot of Pure Being


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From the text

The true nature of mind is clear and empty. Some describe it as luminous clarity, completely free from any stain, completely free from any imperfection or flaw.

This most obvious luminosity is inseparable from emptiness. It is non dual – pure being. So the true nature of mind is described as the union of clarity and emptiness and yet such a union is impossible simply because there never was a separation.

So, from this one may recognize that it is impossible to bring about a moment of transcendence into the true nature of mind from a dualistic notion or belief nor from the idea of being a ‘person’ who can ‘become’ enlightened.

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  1. This is a clear, direct and beautiful book of pointers presented by Gilbert. It’s message will leave you with the only thing that truly matters. The shining clarity of your existence. Thank u g.