The IMAGE of self cannot feel anything.

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Self image is just an image.  Imagination.

Basically everything is simple in reality. 

Psychological suffering is not necessary.

If you believe that psychological suffering is happening to you, investigate that apparent identity and really see if there is something there, something that has any real substance.
If the substance of the me fixation is seen to be merely thoughts, concepts, ideas, images and memory, energy appearing as perception in mind, how can you take yourself be those appearances?

The mind will always operate in the same way.

Knowing what thoughts are, stops belief  (subtle energy patterns), stops a believed in fiction, stops a seeming reality from being believed.  Belief can never become real.  There is no becoming in being.  Only in imagination does ‘becoming’ appear to have some substance.  Mind is time.

Looking in the mind for answers keeps the mind from what is simply obvious, obvious without a single concept.