Myth of Clarity

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The message can be as simple as this:

Seeing is happening. Knowing is happening.

Everything is perfect. There is nothing wrong.

Pause a thought and recognise the truth of it.

~ End of pointing.



The mind (me) wants proof but there is no proof in the mind.  The mind will keep dividing everything and so it cannot find rest.

To be tormented by self-definition and self-inflicted limitations is not what our potential is here for.
Our potentiality is as spontaneous as the activity of knowing.  
To place limitations on that potentiality requires belief in being something separate from the whole.
No such thing exists in reality. Imagination can include anything at all. When imagination turns upon itself, all hell breaks lose.

What we call logic is often illogical – but there it is.
It falls apart as soon as it is investigated.

Let the spontaneous nature of life be free to flourish.


The Myth of Clarity and enlightenment.
Clarity does not come or go, does not alter in the slightest. Awareness does no arise – the sun appears to arise. The sun does not arise nor set – it only appears to do so.

The mind interprets everything in the same old way. The thought ‘I am getting clearer’ only means that the usual mind stuff is clearing away.  It does not mean that some entity is getting clearer.  
If a sunken boat is revealed by the ocean evaporating away……it does not mean the boat was not there before it was revealed. The habit of believing I am the body or I am the mind can disappear. It is just a habit of belief.

If you are fortunate enough to have been with a genuine messenger, then you will have already absorbed the message. There is no escape. Even if the ‘teacher’ starts to say the opposite to what he has been saying or he or she starts talking utter BS…….it can’t suck you in. You can’t go back. The revelation of clarity itself cannot revert to obscurity. You were NEVER that transient content.

Q: It sounds like it will take time for the habits to fall off.

Reply: Mind is time. You are not the mind or the body. They appear in what you are.

Q: I just feel I don’t have enough evidence for that conviction. The habit is to assume that ‘I’ (me) is seeing, hearing, feeling.

Reply: The conviction is spontaneous. ‘You’ can’t manufacture a conviction.

Q: Surely if I just keep obsessing and obsessing over it, a conviction would have to happen.

Reply: Self-centredness in the non duality realm is more intense than in ordinary life, so it seems.

Q: Is this obsession to be free self centred? Is it keeping me in bondage?

Reply: It keeps the image of self in bondage through belief in words and the me of memory. Without the energy of belief it must dissolve!

Q: Ok well there’s not much I can do, I can’t do anything to stop it.

Reply: WHO is it happening to?

If you wish to go beyond something, you HAVE to KNOW what it is.

Q: This is all in imagination, dividing the thinking stream up into a thinker and thought…..imagining that this thought up person will get free.

Reply: Yes. You know it well enough. Belief is never reality. Live without going into belief.  

“Once you have seen something as false, you can never believe in it again” – Bob Adamson quote. Adding to that: At first it may catch you a few times but the remembrance that it is not real will surface one way or another.

If a habit has been there for ten, twenty, thirty years, it is not going to just up and leave without a trace. In essence it will but the ‘ghost’ of it will reappear because of associative thought patterns that have not been seen through.

The dream of being a separate individual cannot be penetrated by that so-called implied individual, ‘I’ or ‘me’. All the words you have, have been learned and are with consciousness. Awareness is wordless. You may believe ‘you’ are ‘conscious’ but the essence of it is there is only this undeniable awareness which is totally impersonal.

Q: Consciousness doesn’t hear the words though? The awareness receives the words.

Reply: The words are recognised where consciousness and awareness are not two. Everything IS awareness, appearing to be other.

Q: Is the message only heard when the division between listener and listened dissolve?

Reply: Hearing is happening. The constant referencing of everything to the image ‘me’ alters the message.

To some the message is like poison. To a few it is the resonance of pure intelligence.  

Q: How is it like poison?

Reply:  It is taken personally and so it threatens the ‘me’, the fictional entity.

Q: If a seeker came to a meeting, how would you advise them to use the time?

Reply: What time? The mind is time. The mind is me. The me seeks reality and fails because it can NEVER be real.  

Q: Mind is a movement of energy displaying as a variety of thought content with no self nature.

Reply:  Yes, exactly.  You already have (are) the great enlightenment – the only problem is you ignore it.   It is called ‘ordinary everyday awareness’.  

Those who do not know try to teach.  Those who do not know add conditions of attainment.  It is just a dream. 


  1. A logical illusion would seem the ordinary everyday awareness only appears to be having a moment of this or that.

  2. possibly one of your clearest pointers yet.