No ‘out there’ – no ‘in here’


Ashtavakra:  “The man of knowledge (Jnani), though living like an ordinary man, is contrary to him and only those like him understand his state”.

Upanishads:  “Fools dwelling in darkness, but thinking they are wise and erudite, they go round and round, by various tortuous paths, like the blind led by the blind”. 
(Upanishads Nikilanada – Ch II – 5  P-14)

All of the popular teachings, current today, are all using methods to improve the image of self, which is a self-referencing loop in the mind.  The teachings imply levels of consciousness and a means to go up or down these levels. The teachings encourage the acquisitions of new experiences.  The transient ‘highs’ that some ‘new experiences’ provide are addictive…. but it is all taking place in imagination and it’s all about ‘me’.  It is all self-centred activity.

‘New experiences’ fool the aspirant into believing that some progress is happening. It is simply a maze of reference points and a biased point of view.  Experiencing is uninterrupted and there is no actual experiencer other than a character in a narrative.

The bottom line is……there cannot be any more awareness than there already is.

Process and progress are illusions of mind, via apparent additions to the image of self (me).

Negation of the false leaves what is true, naked and undeniable.

That does not need a single concept to support it.


The irony of it all, is that in the appearance there are many seekers and a few finders.  In reality there are no seekers and no finders.  There is no teaching and no one to teach, no teacher, no pupil.    


As Bob Adamson points out: “The only fact you can be certain of, is the fact of your own being”. – end quote.


If you can stay with that fact without deviating into the ‘me of memory’, all of your confusion about (‘your’) identity would resolve itself naturally and spontaneously.  

Whatever prevents or blocks this, is exactly what needs to be investigated.



……….   In Sight   ………..



Mind is Maya.  Mind is time.  Mind is me.

In insight is an apparent fleeting moment of pure seeing.
Seeing does not come and go.  Without the narrative of ‘coming and going’ the seeing is clearly obvious AS the immediacy of cognition.

Drop the concept of ‘see-er’ and recognise the seeing is totally empty of concepts.
Close your eyes and notice the seeing is obviously there – it is spontaneously happening.
In sleep a dream may come and go.  What proof does any dream have?
Upon waking you may remember the dream. If the dream did not appear in the seeing-knowing, how would you know that a dream ever appeared?
Seeing is not limited to the eyes. Imagination utilises seeing.  A so-called blind person sees.  The eyes are not operating correctly (possibly) but they are just instruments of seeing.  The eye is basically a light sensitive nerve.

Creative activities utilise seeing.   Visualising appears in the seeing.

It is the mind’s inattentiveness that gives the impression that awareness comes and goes.  Some say ‘I was not present’….’I had gone off somewhere else’. Investigate these claims when you find yourself believing such narratives.

Everything appears in the seeing. Everything is in sight.
You cannot see around corners but you can move to a position where whatever is around the corner spontaneously appears in the seeing.

Seeing is spontaneous, just as knowing is spontaneous.
Understanding is not arrived at through some discipline of the intellect.

You actually know what everything is, more or less instantly, in the moment of appearance.

Everything that appears, also disappears.

Give some attention on the disappearance of thought.

You may be surprised at the insights that may come.



  1. What you will not usually hear in spiritual circles: A physical path is a relatively stable appearance. A physical body walks upon the path in one direction. Your position on the path is a fleeting circumstance. Energy moves! The apparent solid state of ‘matter’ is an appearance. A path has two directions. Which way you go is determined by your desire or fear, your apparent motivation or intent. The destination may be visible or out of sight. At no point are you out of the present. Every step is taken in the immediacy of right here, right now. There is no other place or time. A metaphorical path in the mind has no pebbles, nothing solid. The image of self is seemingly enhanced or found wanting by the dream label ‘spiritual path’. How real is the self image that believes it is traversing upon a metaphorical path and what can the destination be, other than an imagined destination? These points and questions should be of keen interest to any genuine inquirer. To live with assumption and hear say is not a satisfactory way to live.

  2. From (10 april)Love is not getting – it is Giving.

    “If you open all the senses to avail yourself of the natural state….space like awareness is the clear and present evidence”.

    The above art work,no’out there – no’in here’

    Profound,thank you for being the shining reflection.