Certitude of Being

Certitude of being


What are you absolutely certain of?

Labels are limited and words are only pointers.  

Certainty is not a belief or a concept.

The imitation of being is the illusion of becoming.  

The ‘me’ is a label, a word representing what exactly?

Belief in the real is unnecessary.  Belief in the unreal only appears to be necessary.  Without belief the unreal dissolves by itself.

The ‘me fixation’ is an imitation of being, always secondary.

The mind translates the experiencing.  Experienc-ING. 

The activity of actual experiencing is always this immediacy, the naked and unadorned, that which is not limited by concepts or beliefs. 

The mind adds an experiencer (me) and a description, the experience.

Experience and experiencer are CONCEPTUAL.  The uninterrupted experiencing is not in duality.  Knowing this removes a lot of unnecessary baggage…..the burden of belief in ‘past conditioning’.

Duality, experiencer and experienced, can NEVER become the experiencing.  Duality is a transient appearance only.

You are existence itself.  No beginning and no end.


Relax and let the recognition happen.   


There is nothing in this for the me.   The me is resistance to ‘what is’.


Psychological suffering is unnecessary.


The wanting of the me is a fiction.  It has to be put to rest.


Come back to the simplicity of being…. the wordless ‘I am’, as often as you can.  Insights will flow from that.  The revelation is I am already so, I am already that immediacy, the livingness expressing.


The belief in me fades away by itself.   Earnestness originates in your true essence.  The me can’t be earnest…..it can only imitate.


In the scheme of things, the way in which things appear to be, the believed in entity cannot actually know anything and in its imaginary knowing, it does want to know certain things and it does not want to know certain other things.

The ‘doer’ is a dream character.  It matters not who the subject is, King or pauper, the fact remains the same.

The believed in entity, ‘the doer’, ‘the thinker’, ‘the sufferer’ is a dream character.

Through imitating those around us, we attribute this character, commonly called ‘me’, with all sorts of powers and qualities, lacks and faults.  Since the basic premise of the believed in entity is an illusion of mind, so it is that all the apparent results of the so-called actions and the apparent dramatic circumstances of this dream character are also an illusion.

This kind of information is confronting to almost everyone and it is only on rare occasions that such information calls forth a response of genuine inquiry.

Being the messenger of such information is not going to make you into a celebrated ‘teacher of truth’ or a ‘guru’.

One does not need to be a genius to recognise that this kind of information is about as popular as being thrown into a cage with a raging bear.

Be that as it may, when one knows for certain ‘the truth of the matter’, one also knows that no harm can be done to an imaged character.

Sharing the ‘good news’ is not a choice made by anyone.

The sun shines.  The sun doesn’t say ‘I will now shine on all the good people and cast a shadow over the bad people’.


Anxiety or a sense of dis-ease is enhanced because of a fixation upon an unrealistic series of perceptions.  The dream character has no actual control over anything!  Who can accept that?  Logically it is easy to accept but in practice it appears to be threatening.  Why?  

Sometimes events appear to agree with the personal dream and sometimes they appear to be at odds.  The anxiety increases with the increase of powerlessness felt in the face of events and experiences which are relative to ‘me’.  It is all an illusion but the illusion is masked by belief that it is very real.  Some have to hit rock bottom before a genuine inquiry can take place.

The contriving notions of an imagined self-image, even in one individual could fill a thousand books without running short of material.  The story of me, the running narrative that plagues the mind is highly personal and yet the ‘person’ is not real.  Do your own calculations.  The core of it all could be written on the back of a stamp.

The only fact you can be absolutely certain of is the fact of your own being, which is cosmic in nature and totally unlimited by words, ideas or concepts.

The Certitude of Being.



  1. What is true decimates the false. The ‘teachers’ who insist on complexity and process do not know the way out of that maze. If they did, they would not engage seekers with erroneous concepts about some progressive path. The usual spiritual perspective is full of support for the believed in entity, so nothing transpires except more illusions and imaginary progress. That is not popular to speak about. Glances of hatred flash across a room and these ‘spiritual people’ reveal something quite different in their persona.

  2. Good stuff G. When you first said to me the person knows nothing, I thought you were crazy. I still think you are crazy, yet the clarity in which you speak resonates. x t

  3. ….and yes, the me, MY, me, can fill an infinite amount of books. My god, truth of what we are, as you say, can be written on the size of a stamp. When me is not there, the fullness of what I am, and what we all are is startlingly present and clear.

    • Even if the ‘me’ is running a marathon in terms of intensity, the fullness of what I am is present. It is the point of view that seems to cut off the clarity of mind. The sky may be full of clouds, dark and apparently menacing but the sun has not left the sky. The radiance of the sun illuminates everything and the milky way shines in the luminous darkness of the night. What is true clears away the false naturally….instead of attempting to replace the false constantly, let it all be as it is. Leave it as it is. ‘As is’, is a companion to the naked ‘I am’. Non conceptual being. In the ancient story of Snow White, she sleeps under the 100 year spell. Many princes and knights attempt to free her. The brambles that surround the castle she sleeps in thicken with ever blow of their swords. When the genuine prince comes…as he lifts his sword to cut away the brambles, they clear away by themselves. What is true is like that. The ‘what is’ is self-evident. Usually ignored but it is clearly self-evident, just the same.

  4. This is refreshing to read. ‘I’ have been referring to this site often, ‘I’ appreciate there is no power in words and no point in addiction to pointers. Since this encounter with the end of the road I find I am presently persistent in engaging with Advita, ‘I’ would rather spend it here than in anything else. There is no one in proximity that ‘I’ can share with so ‘I’ felt compelled to go on a retreat with a student of Robbert Adams which was very fine and generous in wonderment and openness. I here you when you say the dream character never wakes up and an image character can’t be harmed, however ‘Im sure many of my associates would define my leanings as spiritual. As you say, spiritual gatherings are full of the self centred meanderings of individuals and specialness however in the gathering and expressions life’s richness is revealed and its emptiness some what confirmed more than it is amongst the husstle and bustle of daily distractions.

    Where I go or what is done is not up to me yet I know I refer to your bed rock posts to flesh out what’s false and what is true. (A clean double edged knife that cuts bluntly is a life giver If the pig has been pulled from the pork)

    I don’t have to make sense as there is nothing to get and all my experiences are time bound!
    I speak as if I were in a room in Melbourne sitting on my tod talking it out.

    Thanks Gilbert .

    Eddie !

    • There is no beginning to the road you refer to Eddie. No beginning and no end. The spiritual path is an imaginary path and only imaginary entities can dream of walking it.
      The hustle and bustle of life can be cut through in an instant with the intention to remove attention from reference points and stories in mind. Communion with others is ‘a good thing’ but a room full of hypnotised individuals is not what I would call Life’s rich tapestry.
      The illusion of mind can fall away any moment. No conditions are a prerequisite although it certainly appears so to most.

      Realise that nothing makes sense. The sense already is. Everything is Clear and Obvious. As soon as we insert an agent between the senses and the experiencing, we ‘create’ the illusionary entity (me). That ‘me’ is devoid of senses and is only the mind translating ‘oneness’ into a a flurry of descriptions, words and associations. It is always secondary. Organised religion is corruption of the direct and simple. In the Bible it says quite plainly ‘Let no man come between you and your god’. Which means, as I see it, do not inject any belief in any entity – just be what you are – the natural state (god).

      There is so much investment in the hope for liberation and it is the investment that obscures the actuality. There is NO ONE in bondage. Never was and never will be.

      You are already That. It cannot be any different.

  5. thanks Gilbert refreshing to read , I’d like to say more but my duplicate comments get detected … ‘I’ll be back ‘

    Eddie .

    • As some wise one said: “May god strike down those who do not know…. but pretend to lead others to truth”.