Everything appears in the Seeing.

Seeing through hand

Seeing-knowing happens through the entire organism – all of the senses are equal.


The intellect is a sense which, in a way, represents intelligence. It is intelligence but it is not the primary pure intelligence.  It is a tool, a facility which can be wisely utilised or the opposite, whatever that may be. Intelligence functions perfectly and naturally prior to learning words.  Once we take on words as devices of communication, it appears that we lose access to the pure intelligence that enabled the words or language to be learned.  Belief in words is probably the key factor why so few see through the network of beliefs, which bind the so-called individual in what is commonly called ‘the bondage of self’.  Having had an untold number of conversations with ‘seekers’ (individuals) it is obviously rare that anyone cottons onto the fact that it is the words or belief in words that cause the psychological suffering. It is so rare, it almost never happens, even though a so-called messenger may go to great lengths to point it out in plain everyday english. Something seems to prevent the message from registering.  It appears to be a conundrum.  It isn’t.  It is just a habit.

The key is basically this:  Usually it is the individual, the belief that ‘I’ am being addressed, the ‘person’, so it appears automatically there is someone there to hear the message.  Hearing is happening.  Now this next point is essential to understand.  It is not so easy to grasp because of habit.  The ‘person’ does not have the capacity to actually ‘hear’ the message!  Why?  Because it, itself, is just a bunch of concepts, ideas, images and memories.  The primary is the hearing.  The translation is secondary.  ‘Personal opinions’ mix or are in conflict with the message in this territory of secondary ‘hearing’, which is NOT the actual hearing.  The translation is not the hearing!  The believed in ‘me’ can’t actually hear, see or know anything.  The basis is a narrative.  The ‘me’ is a hybrid of the senses and imagination. It can’t ACTUALLY sense or know anything.  It is merely the mind translating. Yes, it is almost instant, very quick and that is why it seems difficult to catch a glimpse of its nature.  Commonly through inadvertence, we take the translation to be reality… without ever questioning it.  The ‘me’ is a fabrication of the intellect.  Just as a cloud is not the sky, a thought or opinion is only a brief transitory state of mind.  Clarity of mind is not in any thought or idea, feeling or emotion. Clarity is always present.

The ‘spiritual seeker’ and the (guru-teacher) one who suggests that through seeking one will achieve something special is the basic error.  

Being genuine is not a contrived act made through or by the intellect.

What is true?  It is not rocket science.  It is more simple than simple.  The problem is that the one seeking enlightenment is merely a cluster of un-investigated ideas, concepts, images along with wrong or mis – identification.  

The one who claims enlightenment is basically a liar. A slave to an image of self – and it is totally fabricated and totally transparent.  It’s a construct of mind, a fabrication.  It is a ‘meal ticket’ for the perpetrator. They always want a lot more than just a meal.  They want a feast, everyday!  It is the me, me, me, gone wild. Holy crap! They believe they are doing ‘good work’ but it is just a mind game. The dance of pride and guilt. To lie about the very things that they hold up as sacred is basically unforgivable but who cares?  The believers love it, even though it is untrue.  Why make something so simple into a complex issue?  It is not permitted to challenge them because they imagine they have all the aces up their sleeve, or they believe they hold all the cards.

There is no such thing as a separate enlightened being. The ‘person’ is not reality.  As the belief in me weakens it appears that intelligence quickens. The apparent quickening is an illusion.  It is already complete and beyond speed or measurement, unencumbered by any thought, word, image or belief. It has been ignored and only requires fresh recognition – the recognition of our true nature. The glassy essence, spoken of by William Shakespeare.

Nothing is hidden!

If ‘people’ knew how transparent the mind game is, how transparent they actually are, they would have no choice but to give up the charade. They don’t see clearly because of compromises they appear to have made.  It is an illusion of mind, no ‘doer’.  Those compromises can be found in the story of me, dressed up as something else.  They are very obvious once you start to question it all.

The story of me is a complete fiction, no matter how sacred or spiritual the story is, it is a fiction. Awareness is concept-less.  Non-conceptual.  It seems that almost no one can accept that most obvious fact.  There is actually no one separate to accept or reject it.

Seeing is happening.  Knowing is happening.  They are spontaneous. ‘You’ are not ‘doing’ the seeing or knowing.  Conceptualising about one’s identity happens spontaneously.   Being is prior to conceptualising.  We cannot be a concept or belief.  Concepts and beliefs are transient appearances. Millions upon millions have passed through consciousness or so it seems. Memory cannot retain even 1% of them.  They have no substance!  

You must be that which is a witness to it all.

“As a rule, a man’s a fool.  When it’s hot, he wants it cool.  When its cool, he wants it hot, never wanting what he’s got, as a rule, a man’s a fool.” – Old anecdote.

We define ourselves through belief in concepts that we have not thoroughly investigated.

We put limitations upon ourselves without knowing what we are doing. That is ignorance.

Pure ignorance is no different than pure knowing. It is the realm between ignorance and knowledge where we, as an unreal believed in entity, oscillate between hope and despair.

There is an old saying ‘A little learning is a dangerous thing’. (Shakespeare)

What is true is always simple.

If we choose to go down the path of knowledge, we must go all the way and realise that the knower is a fiction. The sum total of all knowledge is resolved in stillness.

If we choose to ignore the path of knowledge, we must go the whole way and not buy into any concepts of higher or lower realms of consciousness.

We appear to suffer due to belief in a narrative about ‘me’. By impartially observing the mind and the narrative, we can leave it behind.

It is not a matter of acceptance or rejection. Acts of acceptance or rejection are pivotal points of attachment to the story of me.

We must be ruthless and impartial before the habits of ignorance can be set free.

Through identifying consistently with the transient content of mind, we remain on a wheel of repeating patterns. The patterns of personal suffering, personal vanity and personal delusions.

You may be able to see clearly where someone else is stuck but can you see the habitual reference points in yourself?

Pure awareness is not a ‘person’. The person is not reality.

Clarity is not acquired.  Clarity is already so.  Obscurations are transient and limited to particular points of view.  Wholeness is all inclusive.


Q: I have seen through the ‘me’ and that it does not exist (sometimes) but there is still suffering, sadness.

A: Who is really clear? Who can claim to have acquired clarity?

Q: The clarity needs to be mined through the exploration and structured.

A: Clarity is already self-evident. Adding concepts to it is where it turns into an obscuration.

Q: Well, it’s self-evident to those that it is self-evident to.

A: Not really….it is clear and self-evident to everyone.

It is concept-less – naked awareness, already so.  It is the base of it all.

Q: Something maybe self-evident and potentially accessible to all who SEE.

A: Everyone sees…..they just believe in erroneous concepts usually…..and that seemingly obscures the clarity but actually the concepts are as clear as anything else.  Many so-called experts insist that there is a process but it is their limited point of view that gets in the way of their own access to what is actually true.  They can’t give up their belief in process, so they continually look for the perfect process and they fail over and over again.  They even convince themselves that they are not seeking, even though their whole lives are arranged around seeking a secret process.

The trap that so many fall for is the ‘Elite Club’ of see-ers………“I know what you don’t know” shit.

Q: I understand….but there are still people who are not free.

A: There will always appear to be those who are not free. In reality there is no one bound.

Q: Maybe that’s true.. but there is a lot of suffering.

A: The very suggestion that someone is bound is serving the idea of bondage and that is how all these teachers keep seekers on a merry go round. By feeding those concepts!  You cannot help with anyone’s suffering until you see through your own.

Q: Yes, it may well be an illusion to think there is something to understand or somewhere to get to etc but there is still suffering… and yes, my own.

A: People cling to their beliefs and nothing will prise them from those beliefs.  They have a deep need to believe.

It only takes an instant of clear seeing, seeing that the whole charade depends on a fabricated image of self, for it to fall apart. Generally no one wants to go there. They avoid it like the plague. They would rather talk about it endlessly…..chat…quote scriptures….explain their difficulties, define themselves with their problems etc……and what they don’t recognise is that NONE of it helps. It just keeps the pattern repeating through the facility of belief.

Q: Well, I just want to experience the freedom from suffering.. and I haven’t. You can say its self-evident… and that I should see because its all there but that’s not in my experiencing!

A: My experiencing! WHO is the ME, the one who claims it as ‘my experiencing’?   All experiences come and go.  What is it that is always present?  Can it ever have a name or label?

Can you FIND the culprit ‘me’?

Q: Ok, well you are putting an end to all learning then? No questions. No dialogue. No learning! 

A: You do not have to LEARN to be what you already ARE.

Q: Just tell all who suffer that they’re maintaining the pattern by seeking and its all self-evident and declare an end to all exploring.

A: It is very simple…..but few will actually make the investigation into this believed in image of self (me). All the rest of the practices are just conceptualising and that does not help, no matter what anyone says.

All these teachers…gurus……no one is getting free. WHY?

Q: Ok I accept that is how it is seen by you and it is there, according to you, for me to see too. I see more than ever before. Still not free from suffering.

A: There is no more or less seeing.  Seeing is seeing.  It would seem that memory has got you going round and round. The me of memory. It never actually existed. It started as a narrative, personal and private.  We suffer because we keep repeating the patterns through the belief that we are this ME….even though when pressed, all we can find is images and ideas…memories…the past.  There is no me in the present.  It is all mind stuff.

Contempt prior to investigation is the problem.

Have the courage to examine this story of suffering – pull it apart. Can you actually find the me? What is it?

You repeatedly mention the suffering as though it is something real and you want others to believe in it. How can one cut through the illusion if we keep looking for support for the god damn story?  Who cares about your suffering?  Be honest with yourself, whatever that means. Who wants to listen for more than five minutes, except wounded souls who are caught in the same trap?

All this club mentality of getting together to find freedom through contrived methods is crap. No one can cut through the bullshit for you.

Q: I have cut through it. I don’t even relate to my physical body. Its like I have no idea who it is what it is…I just know there is an experience of being alive that has sadness in it…..there is sadness through missing the connection with my ex… for example.  I can look and say there’s no me….. and still the sadness is there.

A: Just saying there is no me is useless.  Self-induced enchantment is not freedom.  Self-calming leads to outbursts of frustration.  

A general state of sadness hangs around because the thought patterns of ‘Poor poor me’ keep being indulged in.

You have to CUT through it!

Q: I have tried but you think I haven’t.

A: Well…..who cares what I think?  It is your OWN clear and present evidence that is at stake here.  It is useless for me to believe what you say, in this case.  If you really cut through it, suffering would be definitely known for what it is, it can’t fail. Conceptual dances around it don’t work.  Why pretend to know anything?

Stories about how hard I tried don’t amount to anything.

Q: No they don’t.

A: What one needs to understand is that consciousness appears upon awareness. You are pure awareness, not the transient content of consciousness. Consciousness is what happens to you. A constant flow. Identifying with the consciousness traps the believed in entity, even though it is a fiction. 

What is wrong with right now…if you don’t think about it?

All your problems are in the thinking habits.  Belief in the thoughts is the problem.  Thoughts can serve but they can bind the mind if they are taken to be real.

The character (me) is a fiction. One MUST see that….and seeing that CUTS the thread of belief.

Q: I see all of that….. but the thread is not cut.

A: You tell yourself you see it….but in actually seeing it for what it is, the thread is automatically cut.

You are like a sky diver who refuses to jump.

There is no danger in discovering one’s true nature.. there can’t be.

Have the courage to be nothing. That is the way. All the rest is ego nonsense.

Examine what comes up as ‘reasons’ for why it’s so hard for ‘you’.

You have a running commentary, a story, of HOW it should be and you want some teaching to fit with your story. You have already tried so many teachings. It isn’t going to happen! You say you want to learn but the resistance is obscuring the natural clarity, the clear and present evidence.

Sympathy won’t help.


The key is the attention. One needs to free the attention from habitual thought patterns and focus on what actually is, without flinching.

Q: There is not the fullness and peace or joy, that freedom has, that people describe.

A: Because you (me) refuse to accept things as they are. ‘What is’ demolishes the me.  ‘You’ WISH for things to be different, ‘you’ want things that are impossible and those wants and wishes will betray you over and over…….So, be wise and want what you already have. 

Freedom and stillness are always here. What covers it up is the wanting, the desire for something that is perceived to be missing, some ‘thing’ or some ‘state of mind’……it is all a resistance to what actually is…….and it is all emotional noise. Peace or stillness is subtle….refined….not gross. The ME is a gross mechanical thing. It is not conscious!  It appears as selfishness and neediness. Use the intellect wisely…..investigate the atrocious noxious weed…ME.

Q: I can see that the suffering comes from wishing and wanting (its very clear) from an attachment to what is wanted….resistance to what is not wanted and yet….while they have reduced (over recent time) and there is more stillness, the sadness is still there.

A: Let it be there. It will move on. You don’t want it but you define yourself with it. Paradox. You resist it but it brings intense feelings and the intensity of emotions is what you want. If you can’t have the positive, then the negative will have to do.   Suffering….then the mind says ‘it shouldn’t be there!’  It is an appearance and it will move on if you let it resolve itself naturally without buying into it. Stop referring to it as yourself….it is just a habit called ME.  Stop defining yourself as those cumbersome limitations and see what happens. 

There are thousands of things that you do not cling to. They do not give you any trouble. The things you cling to or try to reject amount to the endless suffering you want to be free of.  

Keep it Simple. In seeing your nothingness there is nowhere for anything to attach itself. Nothing can stick…not a feeling not a single a thought. It all passes through without incident. 

Freedom is always here for the taking. But there is a cost!  The price: Giving up the belief in me!

The ME can NEVER be free. It is the seeming bondage of a fabricated entity. You were never the me.

You are the divine essence, free of all things.

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  1. Some spend a life time clinging onto definitions of themselves, definitions that lock them into a realm of suffering. Unnecessary. Unable to let go of the definitions of self, they repeat the same patterns and woe be tide anyone who tries to get them out of their addiction.