KNOW what is present and actual.

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Where does it begin?  Where does it end?

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Demystifying the spiritual mind game.

The so-called ‘spiritual journey’ relies entirely upon images and reference points – all in the mind.  Who’s Mind?  Your mind?  My mind?  

Is there such a thing as mind if you do not image it?  What form does it have?  What colour or shape?

How can you get to any destination by walking upon an imaginary path….a path that exists nowhere except in imagination?  What is the path made of? What colour, what shape does it have?

You don’t have to be a genius to work that out.  It is impossible. 

The only result of such activity must and can only ever be imaginary.

There are ‘teachers’ who insist that ‘their way’ is essential and that the ‘seeker’ must use certain specific methods that the ‘teacher’ assures them will work in the ‘seekers’ quest to realise themselves. 

Who are they referring to?

The seeker?

The seeker does not exist in reality.

These self-imagined ‘teachers’ believe that they are doing ‘good work’ and that they actually free ‘people’.  They have also convinced many that it is all true and yet, is it true, is any of it true?  Is it true with or without an input from imagination?

It is all just a dream. 

Self indulgent pleasure, derived from ‘doing good work’, is self-centred activity, no matter how it is imaged or justified by any intellect. 

In reality, there never was anyone who was in bondage and no one that was ever freed from bondage.  

So many say they want the truth or reality but they ignore it in preference for habitual points of view.

Reality does not change….. and time does not alter, change or modify reality.

Awareness is this dream-less wakeful-ness while consciousness is the dream.  CONSCIOUSNESS is the DREAM. All attempts, ‘made’ by a believed in entity, to purify consciousness, are just conceptual constructs in the mind.  The one making the effort is an imagined entity.  It is a dream. The dreamer cannot wake up.

Biased self-appraisal and biased measurements of one’s own progress or anyone else’s imaginary progress on some imaged path, is quite obviously delusional.  It is all a mind game.

This devastating information is repulsive to the ‘believer’, it’s an insult (shock) to the believed in entity that dreams it is beyond the dream.  How amazing it is that no one suspects the subtle nature of the dream.  How could they?  

To know something thoroughly one must be beyond it.

Consciousness cannot exit consciousness.

Awareness was never in consciousness.

Consciousness is merely the transient content of awareness.

Who does not know this?



Empty the so-called mind and KNOW what is ever-present.


Expel the spiritual BS that has plagued your life for so long.  Be ruthless. No harm can come from discovering your true nature.  

In essence you are perfect. Return to your silent, wordless essence as often as you can. The intellect may be teeming with beliefs and endless stories about ‘self’ and its worthiness or unworthiness but remember that all stories, including the story of me, start with ‘Once upon a time’. Stories are about another time, a time other than right now. 

To smother the present (this presence) with belief in conditioning, cultural, national or personal, is just a hornet’s nest. Getting stung by the believed in conditioning is unnecessary. Drop the stories and BE what you truly are.

Stop defining yourself with woes and sorrows. STOP DEFINING YOURSELF WITH WOES AND SORROWS!  

Take ‘the story about me’ and investigate it with ‘Is it really, really true?’ If you are totally and utterly genuine (and why not?) you cannot help but see through the stories. Without the stories, what remains is wordless, silent perfection in being. Get a taste of that and return to it OFTEN.

This simple ‘act’ will transform your life within a short period. Once tasted in its fullness, the stories will not be able to gain any ground. They will be recognised for what they are.

Nothing can exist without energy. Cease to give energy to the negative nonsense that brings depression and anxiety and the mind will have clarity and the innate wisdom will come to the fore. You may feel like you have been reborn…..but do not entertain those stories either. Be free in the immediacy of this living intelligence, which moves the planets and stars, which pumps the blood around your body, breathes you, lives you. The minuscule ‘thing’ called ego has no power and has done nothing, except dull down the intelligence and caused a sense of separation – which is only an illusion. How can you be separate from air, water, earth or space? You never were separate.

The healing of the mind is found through a natural relaxation with ‘what is’…..not through beliefs or the added false knowledge of ‘I am’. The true nature of ‘I am’ is silent and wordless – it is called the natural state. Nature. Mankind assaults Nature through his arrogant attitude and Nature replies in no uncertain terms. 

Respect Life or be damned to the isolation of erroneous beliefs and unnecessary psychological suffering.

  1. Are you not tired of chasing ideas about awakening? Are you unaware right now?
    Cease trying to work it out in the intellect. Give it a rest. The innate wisdom does not need words and words are empty.
    Attune your silent being-ness to its own resonance. That is all.

  2. The bottom line is the intelligence that you are does not need a teacher, a guru or anyone at all. Intelligence is prior to language. It is in the silent wordless nature of intelligence that the resonance of intelligence shines in its fullness. Be quiet and let this conscious being reveal its inner most knowledge.