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Clear and obvious just as it is

Email enquiry: “I have a request of sorts.

I was wondering if you could possibly devote a note to naming the top five or so erroneous beliefs that make up the ‘seeker’ and elaborate on them. I know I would find this helpful and am sure others would as well in investigating the ‘me’ concept.  – Thank you, R”.


The seeker doesn’t exist.

5 or 500 points on describing the features of a seeker would only entertain the intellect.

In the scheme of things, plenty of so-called gurus entertain so-called seekers with endless narratives.  It is just a display.  A rainbow.

Nothing ever happened. 

Nothing was ever created.  

It is all appearance only.

There is no duration. 

That pointer (No duration) alone demolishes all the stories about a seeker and the search.


Email:  “Slap!  (Ouch)  It’s now clearly seen that requesting that post was just another case of the fictitious ‘me’ trying to work it out. Thank you for pointing that out so clearly.” – R

Note:    Why repeat the error of falling for ‘spiritual teachings’ that obviously do not bring any result except imaginary progress?  The spiritual self image is a fraud.  Everyone knows that but it is ignored.  The illustrious image of the teacher/guru is a fraud.  Why have you assigned belief to a fictional character, a character in a fictional story?  A story about a battle between an angel and a devil (in yourself)?  Oscillating between hope and despair is unnecessary and it is basically an insult to intelligence.  Those who (seemingly) keep you trapped in practices are ignorant.  

The genuine messenger needs no attention from others, no props, no special clothes, no podium to stand on, no devotees to fuss over them. The genuine messenger does not need anyone to believe them.  They know that they are not important.  They do not have a choice in sharing the message or not.  The messenger also knows that it is self-centredness that deflects the message via the incessant referencing to a false image of self, in the so-called seeker. It does not ‘matter’.  The sun does not have a choice to shine or not.  Spontaneous life is this ever-present livingness, which has no past or future.  Being uncaused, it has no beginning or end. All phenomena is ignorant, empty.  Nothing in phenomena knows anything. The ‘knowing’ of phenomena is not in phenomena.

Any one of these posts on this site is pointing at the clear and obvious. However, none of it can make sense to those who are, apparently, full of erroneous beliefs about themselves and the world. The ‘me’ is a complete fiction.  The ‘me’ is resistance due to ignorance.  There is no way around the fictional because it is not real.  You cannot wash your feet in a mirage.  The world is an appearance.  There is no one in the world.  The world appears in what you are……and That is not a thing.  It is no thing – not a void….it is the dynamic essence that appears as the display – with NO separation!

The belief in ‘me’ will dissolve if investigated with one pointed attention. There is no separation between the appearance of the world and the appearance of the body-mind.  They are the same appearance.  If this is not recognised then it is imperative that what all apparent qualifications appear in or upon must be re-discovered.  You already know – the knowing is happening. The insistence that there must be something to do comes from the belief in ’cause and effect’ and the sense of being incomplete, the sense of being separate. You cannot be separate but for the sake of conversation ‘pointers’ appear to direct that believed in entity to enquire into it’s own fabrication. The resistance is basically due to fear of not-being, not being what one believes one is. Even though erroneous beliefs bring endless psychological suffering, the fear overrides the investigation.  Defining oneself with ‘the story of me’, to oneself and to everyone else, is a form of indulgence in the false evidence, the me.

What is on offer here?  Just some simple pointers.  Nothing is required from anyone or belief.  Test everything yourself.  No one can do it for you. No one can give you anything regarding the recognition of your true nature.   It is belief that obscures the clear and obvious.  

Belief is never reality.  What’s so difficult about that last statement? Nothing apart from belief itself!

Life is spontaneous and there is no journey of any soul.  Time itself is a conceptualised notion.


Footnote: There is nothing in any of this ‘message’ for any me.  The ‘me’ is basically a narrative about time and the me is a resistance that shows up in all so-called seekers simply because they have not investigated in their own direct experiencing, that which is always present and what cannot be denied.  The fact of being!  All the rest is conceptual.  Chasing conceptual nonsense is tedious and wearisome.  Stop and investigate the idea of being a seeker. You will not find any seeker or any entity that does practices or uses methods.  It is all a conceptual mind game that can only carry on via the false faculty of inadvertence.


Why do you continue to search for your identity in the erroneous attachment to ‘things’, events and experiences?   The stability of being is not to be found in emotional states, nor in concepts or ideas.  You cannot possibly be any of those transient things.

To assist the re-cognition of what is being pointed to:   In this immediacy, which never wavers or changes, the notion of time appears as a narrative. It is a familiar sensation which has been conceptually added onto some kind of definition of ‘self’ (me).  ‘The story of me’ is the apparent bondage of self and yet one cannot find that ‘me’ or any ‘self’ if it is looked for.  Who is looking for it if not the self that believes it is looking for a self?  Do you get the paradox of such nonsense?  Like the glorified question “Who am I?” Who is asking the question?  Are there two identities?  One real and one false?  If that were so, how is it possible that one can be confused?

All of our stories about ‘time’ are implications of all kinds of things…. other than this immediacy, which is empty of duration, empty of any beginning or end. Uncaused and uncreated naked cognition.  It cannot be denied… it cannot be negated… because that is all there is!   ‘Is’ cannot be ‘was’ or ‘will be’.   The ground of being is eternity, all inclusive, with no dependence upon any thing in the appearance (Maya).  The ‘ever-lasting life’ promised by certain religions is NOT somewhere in the future – it is this LIFE right now, as it always is.  Why this is obscured for ‘you’ is only because of belief in an image of self, a conceptual construct that has NO substance or independence whatsoever!

Consider the actuality of ‘no duration’ for a few ‘moments’ of ‘your time’ and witness the mind empty itself.  The taste of eternity is ever present, uncaused and uncreated.  In recognising that this naked concept-less activity of knowing is one’s true identity, it is pristinely obvious that one has never been anything other than that.  ‘I am That’ is a natural wordless expression that resonates as that eternal presence, sometimes referred to as ‘I am’.  The sense of separation collapses as the energy of belief evaporates (or returns to its origin).  I am That.  


Bob Adamson: “You will never work this out in mind”.

Nisargadatta: “Stop making use of your mind and see what happens. Do this one thing thoroughly. That is all.”

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  1. The early morning sun evaporates clouds. The same applies to awareness. Belief in erroneous things evaporates when investigated.
    There never was an entity bound or freed from bondage. There is only wakefulness, which is basically the activity of knowing. Not the known or the will be known. Not the knower or the known. All your stories about seeking are transient content of mind. Stressing over conceptual images about yourself and others, about progress, success and failure are just a narrative about whom? Me! The me is a fiction. The me can NEVER wake up. It is a dream character.