Who are you?



‘I Am’

Extract from the book ‘Who do you think you are (without a reference point)?’ by the author of this post site.

Imagination is NOT reality.

Take a clear look now.

Where you are SEEING from is clear and undivided presence.

Wakefulness has no parts or levels.

The light by which you SEE and KNOW is INTELLIGENCE (energy) itself.

It is the intellect (a mechanical apparatus) that comes up with all these implied ‘parts and levels’.

That intelligence is what you ARE. (How could you be separate from that?)

The appearance of the body, the instrument of cognition, the world and the universe all are expressed (appear) in, from, AS that One Essence? ….what Bob Adamson calls ‘Intelligence Energy’, the ACTIVITY of Knowing.

Can you or anyone ‘get behind’ THAT?

As Bob so potently points out ‘Start from the FACT that you ARE already THAT.’

End of extract.

There is no separation in reality.  Everything is THAT.  That is THAT.

Everyone, without exception shares the same identity.  Many names have been given to that identity and no word or name is ever the ‘thing’ it re-presents.  Therefore, your true identity is nameless, silent and totally wordless.  The potentiality of non being expresses itself as being.  There is only one being.  Cosmic Being – Cosmic Consciousness.  How could you ever be separate from THAT?

Every atom in the universe shares the same source or energy, although the expression appears to be diverse and thoroughly different in so many ways and yet in essence, everything is and can only ever be one, without a second.

No one needs another to point out the true nature, except for the fact that it appears to have been obscured by the learning and belief in words.


You are not a person.  The mask (persona) is a mental construct, which can be observed as a transient appearance that comes and goes.  You are not what you THINK you are.  

The apparent problem is that no one can ‘take’ the ‘position’ of being no one.  Left to one’s own devices the mind keeps changing its ‘goal’ and the aim is divergent and all efforts are dispersed.  The story of me is an obsession full of transient bias.  The ‘me’ can never achieve its goal because every goal it takes on is an illusion of mind and the subject ‘me’ is an apparent ‘static point’ that has no substance or independence – it is not real.
With specific interactions from a ‘master’ (one who knows, the essence, is the essence) one can face all the obstacles that the mind and ‘the me of memory’ present as resistance.
The book ‘Zen in the art of archery’, which I read as a young man reveals something of the apparent arduous ‘journey’ of the aspirant. Earnestness and a determination to get to the heart of it all is necessary. In the scheme of things, most aspirants lack an ability to stay focused on the goal. The goal is yourself. The irony is there is no actual self. In the exercise of trying to ‘hit’ the self (bullseye) the ‘mountain’ (the obstacle of belief in me) disappears. Once it is recognised that there is no self, the naked experiencing undoes all belief based upon belief in me. There is no going back to believing one is a separate entity. Fear of being nothing (death) must be overthrown. The bondage of self is completely conceptual and the idea of being separate is also conceptual. No concept has any independent nature or substance. The livingness is this energy, this intelligence and THAT is LIFE, as it IS……not as one believes it is or wishes it to be. What is, is. What is not will never be. The mind does not have any being – it is entirely conceptual. A concept cannot stand on its own. Very simple and yet so illusive for the believed in ‘me’.  

This applies, of course, to all spiritual aspirants no matter how sacred their institution and membership is.  Religion has lost its hold on the general public in recent decades.  Many of them have tried to become modern and adjust their ‘teaching’ to suit the modern life styles.  It only reveals how contrived they are in their wanting to be in control.  Religion is at best only a guide.  Within a short period of time Christianity turned into the Inquisition.  Buddhism turned into a fully blown attachment to an idol and a predominance of individuals pretending to be someone ‘good’ – a denial of the dualistic characteristics that need to be seen through.  In the middle east we observe conflict that has been going on for centuries and they all say ‘God is on our side’ – which is an absurdity that begs for belief…and yet so many believe it is ‘right and just’.  Psychopaths lead nations into the darkness of separation and anxiety.  All in the name of ‘truth’.   

It is all an appearance – maya – the illusion.

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  1. You are already That.
    You do not need a certificate or a mantra or membership to some lineage.
    The undivided clarity of pure being is self-contained.
    Many fool themselves that they ‘got it’ but it is clearly obvious that no one got anything.
    The erroneous foundations of pretending to know obscure the clarity of spontaneous knowing – in mind.
    Self delusions about being a ‘teacher’ is evidence of ignorance. Any remnants of seeking that are not cut through will sprout like a weed. Within the space of a few years, the pretender is back seeking, secretly in special places, looking for what they pretended to have.
    It is all an illusion of mind.
    The seeker is a fiction.

    In conversation ‘people’ reveal their beliefs in almost every sentence they speak.
    Some are so convinced of what they call their ‘own direct experience’ (a new term they have learned) not realising that it is a fiction, a fiction that misleads them constantly away from any direct evidence, which is always right here, right now. The mind is time. The being is timeless. There are no independent or separate beings born into being. There is only being.
    Some speak of past lives (as if such a thing could ever be real) and their fictional story reveals the imagination that is the source of all their anxiety, their insecurity and their fictional belief ‘system’. Some of these individuals are ‘therapists’ with flourishing businesses, treating many other similar victims of imagination. The ‘specialness’ of their ‘talents’ feed the egoic notions and keep them trapped in a loop of imaginative self-referencing – the cause of their own suffering. In my opinion there is little more gross than a ‘spiritual ego’ feeding on its own excrement…..with an expectation that others will admire them for their extremely sensitive talent for insight into the ‘human condition’. Of course these individuals are very easily offended, which reveals just how tentative their conceptual constructs are. And to top it all off, it is all going on under the banner of ‘Truth’.