Self-centeredness has many subtle aspects

Email: “Hi Gilbert, I hope you are enjoying the weekend. If you have the time, I was curious if I could get your take on something that I recently read by Leo Hartong?

“The person, the ego, is not in control; it is an object in the Awareness-You-Are. This clumsy use of language may suggest that there is a “you” that is being this awareness, so here is a rephrase: There is only This- Being/Awareness, in which everything appears including the body/mind, including possibly thoughts of volition, of doing right or wrong, and including thoughts of a body/mind that does not behave as it should.”

“As long as you believe yourself to be limited to the body/mind organism, instead of seeing that you are the Animating Energy, you will be like the lamp and you will sell yourself.”

In the last quote, he is comparing electricity, lamp and light to Oneness/God, body and life and saying discover that we (and everything else) are all the same Oneness and not these apparently individual bodies.

I can’t reconcile the apparent duality of this. It seems on one hand, you often hear that awareness is our true nature and then on the other it is said that we are all essentially god, life expressing itself as numerous different forms, like statues made of gold are all the same substance though they appear different. To me, this implies the “no-thingness” that registers it all and the energy that is appearing as everything.

If you have a chance to respond, I would very much appreciate it! If not, that is ok too. 

Thanks so much, P.

Reply:   It is not my place to interpret what so-called teachers say.   The questions and doubts ‘belong to the fixation on me’.  Since you ask, I will address the basic question, which appears to be some kind of subtle belief hidden in the subtext of your email.  It is not actually clear what you are getting hung up on.

What is, is what is.  What is is No Thing.  Not nothing.  No Thing.   In taking oneself to be a thing, that vibrates into the multiplicity of other ‘things’.  The relativity is appearance only.  You cannot get from the relative to the real.  You cannot get to non duality from duality.  So, this is why it is said ‘Start from the Fact that you are THAT, one without a second’.  Then all the things are known as appearance.   You cannot know what you are simply because what you are is No Thing.

Everything registers as it is, as what is.  What the so-called conditioned mind automatically ‘creates’ from this ever fresh registering, is OF the appearance….and it has NO substance whatsoever.

The body appears in the mind and mind is infinite…..yet mind (mind content) appears upon awareness.  Awareness is self-aware.  It does NOT need an agent.  There is no one who is aware of something.   

The stories of me are just stories.  Recognition is a spontaneous acknowledgement in mind of what is actually cognized, in the very same moment.   No one wants to be nothing.  What they are is no thing and in that there is no choice of being no thing or of being some ‘thing’.

Belief has no place in the actuality of cognition.  You KNOW that you are.  You don’t say ‘I believe that I am’.   

Reality is not fragile.  What is not real is totally fragile and consistently falling apart.  The high maintenance of believing in being a separate entity is tedious, tiresome and frustrating.  WHO is it all happening to?   The answer must be ‘ME’.   So INVESTIGATE that ‘me’ and recognize that it is just a believed in image and story.

The frustration that so many ‘seekers’ feel is due to the constant weaving of new ‘pages’ of ‘the story of me’.  Stop it!

Be No Thing, and SEE what happens.

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  1. Email from P (in post) Gilbert,

    Thank you so much for the reply.

    I see that thoughts, actions, feelings, etc. simply arise. So if I am understanding correctly, the trouble starts when the mind says “that is me, I am this thing (thought, body)?” Then from there, other “things” that aren’t me are created. Does this sound correct?

    So the mind basically “creates” the appearances of the world by taking what is and labeling it this that or the other?

    When you say “be no thing, and see what happens,” do you simply mean see the mind’s limited identifications as just something else that is arising?

    Is this the bottom line?

    Reply: The problem appears to start when the idea of ‘me’ takes root. ‘Not me’ appears as its opposite. The root cause of psychological suffering is via the referencing of a so called experience to the image of self (me).

    So me is the apparent centre of the personal world and every other appearance is ‘not me’. A sense of insecurity forms and is kept going by adding more belief to the idea that I (me) is separate.

    There is no answer in the mind.
    In essence you are not limited by any thought, idea or concept. The mind is not the enemy. Creativity is of mind…no problem…. but when mind turns on itself it can be very destructive. ‘I am no good’…..’I am a bad person’ etc.

    The bottom line is that what you are is Infinite Being. You are not a person. Take the belief out of ‘me’ by not referring everything to the image of self. Be nothing. No Thing.