Recognize! Re-cognize!

The solution is so simple we don’t even notice or if we do, we dismiss it as nothing.
Adhering to the ‘personal’ realm of being a ‘seeker’ is bondage of self.  Investigate that bondage of self and really see if there is a self in bondage.  See if there is any truth to it. A life time of struggle with a phantom is a wasted life.   Your only purpose is to find out what you are.  Not ‘who’ you are.  ’Who you are’ is just an endless story that will go to the grave with you.  Use the intellect – do not let the intellect use you.
The intellect is useful.
The intellect can assist in a clear and precise investigation by allowing the intelligence to cut though erroneous beliefs.   It is the impartial nature of intelligence that does the job, not the intellect.  The intellect has a bias, which must be exposed one way or another.  The constant referencing of experiences to the ‘me of memory’ seemingly blocks a clear view.  The actual naked seeing is prior to mind content and this factor plays a significant role in recognizing our true nature.
Recognize that the image of self, me, is mechanical and has no power of itself, except a seeming power like the ‘volition or intention of a dreamer’.  In that dream and in the waking state the identified ‘point’ (me) oscillates between hope and despair.  The glue that holds it all together is the personalized emotional drama, the energy of conflict, conflict with its own fabrication.

One aspect of the intellect is that due to ignoring our true nature it behaves like a maze maker.  Being bored with the maze it turns to making new […]

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The limitations are mere beliefs

Hallo G,  I have had this idea for quite a while that self-realization seems to come to a particular type of mind. Whether it is you or others, you appear as your personality was “wired” for it… an independant temper, self-assurance, sharp minds… And for this reason, only the desire for truth can lead to awakening. Although it is not through intellect, the type of conditioning (more good than bad) is primordial.
I guess my hopelessness comes from that presumption. I am too dissatisfied with myself, too anxious, too badly wired, too self-referencing… What do you think truly ? - M.
Reply: Belief in concepts, as if they were real, is the problem.
You speak of mind as if it were something real.   Can you find the mind?   Show me your mind.
One of the biggest blockers is this common story about ‘awakening is necessary’.   It is a big business venture for those who love to sell ideas.  
The wakefulness cannot be more or less awake.  The moment you open your eyes in the morning, the wakefulness is already there.  All that appears, appears upon that wakefulness.  The entire days ‘experiences’ appear and disappear upon that wakefulness without altering the natural clarity of the wakefulness.  Belief in concepts is where the problem abides.  Investigate.
There are so many pointers offered.
Observe the so-called mind and see how it operates.
The intellect is an expression of the intelligence.  The intellect has no intelligence of its own.
Observe the life energy in the body.  Observe how the body moves and behaves.   The body has no life energy of itself. The body is an expression of the life energy.
The intellect is so closely aligned with the intelligence it has ‘taken on the belief’ that […]

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Point of view held by no one.

“Ignorant of what he is most assured of, his glassy essence.” – William Shakespeare
All that is born into consciousness is nothing other than consciousness.  Pure consciousness is undifferentiated and all inclusive.  All that appears and all that disappears in consciousness is nothing but a display of consciousness itself.  Neither right, nor wrong.  Throughout Eons of  ’time’ nothing is added… and nothing is taken away from consciousness.  No ‘thing’ has a beginning or an end.  All is spontaneous.  Forms appear and disappear like clouds in the sky.  The sky remains the same.  Consciousness remains the same, even though it appears that great victories and great defeats, many gains and many losses appear and disappear within the vast expanse of consciousness.  Nothing is lost. Everything appears in space. Elemental space, the appearance of volume, is an appearance in true space.  The sense of time passing is an aspect of the livingness of the totality.  Nothing is…..and nothing moves independently of the totality.

Being-Conscious is a natural aspect of the totality.   Patterns of relatively independent life forms are nothing without consciousness.  They all function as expressions of consciousness and of themselves they cannot move one cell of their form or body nor their apparent conceptions, without the life energy that animates them.  
The timelessness of the totality can never be divided into moments or parts.  The totality remains all inclusive.  Thus everything is perfect as it is.  Those who wish to claim some special state of consciousness are ignoring the totality of existence in preference for their own limited conceptual constructs and beliefs.   
Consciousness has no need to claim anything because it is everything.
For the so-called individual, the simple re-cognition of pure spontaneous cognition is all that is […]

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Nothing falls away except belief

There is a not so subtle difference between perceiving and seeing. What appears in the seeing is what we might call ‘what is’.   What appears in perception is what we might call ‘what appears to be’.

The being-ness is not psychological.   The apparent becoming of a ‘person’ is entirely conceptual, psychological.  The interior is filled with ‘internal considering’ about everything and ‘people’ believe it is real.  It never was real.   We ignore the pristine clarity of non conceptual being-ness, the thoughtless reality of being and wonder why we are uneasy.

You might notice a ball on  the grass in a park.   No one else is in the park.  The ball is not close by, so you take a walk to collect it.  On closer investigation you find that it is not a ball at all.  It is a round stone.  The belief that it was a ball disappears.  You were quite convinced it was a ball.  If you had not investigated it, you might have announced to a friend ‘I saw a ball in the park today’.   Your friend may ask ‘Did you go get it?’   You might answer ‘No, I have no need of a ball’.  
What appeared in the seeing was a stone.  What appeared in the perception was a ball.   Unquestioned beliefs have no chance of revealing their true nature if they are not questioned.  It is the same for us.
How much of your personal world is composed of words and concepts?   All of it?  None of it?
Is there a personal world in reality?    Does it have a ground?  
Where is the one who believes in some theoretical ground?  
Where is the one […]

The simplicity of what is

What is, is what is.  
The nature of what is remains as it is and yet in the appearance ‘what is’ appears to be ever changing.
In other words what is, is the basis of what appears to be.  What appears to be is what we can describe as ‘appearance’.
A mirage is an appearance of water where there is no actual water.
There appears to be an infinite foray of endless details to the appearance.  Take a microscope and look at the details of cells in a leaf.  Thousands of cells each containing millions of seeming parts and each part plays a role in the life of the cell.  The complexity in one cell is beyond calculation, except in terms of limited descriptions.   We may believe we understand how a leaf’s cells transform light into useable energy for the plant or tree but the miracle of such details is a wonder beyond the intellects capacity.   What kind of intelligence is at play?   
The universe is full of examples of intelligence in action.  Getting lost in details does not bring us closer to understanding completely the what is-ness of what is.  
What is, is not what was or what will be.   What is, is not limited to any time realm.   
As the moments of time ‘appear’ to tick over, all the seeming parts of what we call ‘living things’ and all the parts of inanimate things are unceasingly in movement.   ‘The appearance’ is energy expressed AS the appearance of form.  All the myriad forms are all one energy expressing in the immediacy.   What is, is this immediacy.   What was is dead and gone.  What will be has not happened.   The […]

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No merit, no demerit. Awareness cannot be an entity

Q:  Can you say anything about dense body energy and it’s sense of  mass appearing as a stuck self ?
How to deal with mind/body contracted state?
Thanks, F……
Basically no one wants to let go of the ‘image of me’.  Why?   Because they are afraid that if they let go of that image (cease to refer everything to it) they will have no idea of what they are.  
Nisargadatta says:  ”There are no customers for this knowledge”.   (end quote)
No one wants to be nothing.  Fear of being nothing keeps the illusion of being something in place.  But that place is ephemeral, no substance.  Suffering the angst of juggling a hot potato (me) for eternity is all an illusion of mind.  Who cares about your complex belief system?   Who understands it?  Spending your life converting ‘others’ to belief in your self image (me) is slavery to a myth.
Everything is energy.  Nothing exists without energy.  Energy cannot get stuck anywhere.  Energy is not static. Energy can never be static.  Every ‘particle’ of the universe is composed of energy moving.  
The ‘mass’ of the image of self is a seeming solidity which appears to be some real thing due to belief….. and its companion is the habit of  constantly referencing all experiences and events to that image.  Without the energy of belief it dissolves.  So, that ‘real thing’ dissolves, proving that it never was real.  Fear of that dissolution keeps the wheel of suffering turning.  It is all about ME!
Where do all experiences and events register?   Is there a separate identity that can be found anywhere?
All descriptions of what awareness is are conceptual.  Concepts appear and disappear upon awareness.   How can a definition be what it describes? […]

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Self-knowing – self-illuminating

The mind divides everything up into parts and com-part-ments.   It does this through the use of words.   Belief in words is not reality.  In the actuality words or concepts cannot divide anything.  Knowing is not something in the mind.  Knowing is a natural resonance with what is. Belief is a mere vibration that is empty of resonance.  The intellect will follow the resonance in being, so long as the addiction to belief in ‘me’ is put in its place.
If there is such a thing as mind, then surely it must be self-knowing mind.  The content of mind is an expression and it obeys the nature of the manifestation – it is expressed AS dualism.   The nature of the manifestation is the expression of dualism.  
Not two.  It is one manifestation, one appearance.  
In ancient Hindu cosmology it basically says: ‘The All knowing One manifested itself and became many – and thus ignorance came about’.
It is still One Cosmos!    No matter what any mind appears to declare the wholeness remains whole.    
No thought ever divided anything, except itself – and it cannot even do that.
Much talk goes on about big Self and little self.
If there is a self, surely it must be self-knowing – no need for words or explanations.  Innately we all KNOW this.  
It is simply overlooked via belief in words.
In brief:  All our problems are due to belief in words.  
The natural state is wordless and silent.  
That is where you need to stay and really taste your true nature.  
There is NO answer in the mind.

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Intuitive understanding

Our true nature includes a pristine intuitive understanding and yet it functions naturally without being noticed (by almost everyone).  No labor or effort is necessary to reveal what is already so.
The ‘reason’ for this obvious clarity of pure natural functioning (understanding) to be ignored is due to our ‘indoctrination’ to the habit of adhering to words and the constant narration about ‘me’.  We have become accustomed to believing that words are somehow real.   We do not notice that we add specific ‘personal meaning’ to words.  This habit must be put aside, one way or another.  The habit of belief appears to be very strong but in actuality it has no power whatsoever.
The tyrant ‘me’ is the central feature of suffering and yet it has no true centre or substance.   It is ideas, concepts and memories strung together on a ‘string’ called ‘inadvertence’.
As soon as the ‘me fixation’ is investigated it begins to fall apart.  Reacting to this falling apart appears to leap into something we label as ‘fear’.  It is all a fiction.  In fact, the whole story of me is a fabricated account that must avoid detection at all costs for it to continue.   As social beings, we all appear to take part in this avoidance of what is true and real by supporting each other through the drama of believing in being a ‘person’.
Society has no place for naked truth.
The irony of the situation is that we all appear to be trying to find a way to truth via those who promise fulfillment (teachers or gurus) – yet betrayal of trust appears to be the most usual result, even after many years of complex devotion and strenuous methods, methods that do not […]

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Where is your attention now?

The attention is free to move anywhere.   Is it not?  The attention does not have a static point or location.   (Where are you seeing from exactly?)
The ever-fresh quality of awareness (attention) is not noticed due to a habit of fixation on ‘me’ and the ever-fresh nature of awareness is overlooked by the fixation on ‘me seeking’ something that appears to be missing.  Nothing is missing, nothing is hidden and there is no secret knowledge.  There is no esoteric realm.  Ordinary everyday awareness is the overlooked gem.
Awareness (attention) is not limited to time or dimension.  Awareness does not move.  The moving aspect of awareness is called ‘attention’ and the attention ‘appears’ to move but it never strays from awareness because it is awareness.  Awareness and attention – not two.
The linear sense of time passing is due to memory.   Mind is time, mind is me and mind is memory.  In the actuality there is no entity that has to learn to live in the now.  There is no entity that can get lost or come home.  The display of phenomena is the display of awareness.  The apparent movement that appears to happen for the attention is actually stable and without deviation.  It is only the fixation on an idea ‘me’ that appears to waver, come and go.   What you truly are does not move.  The definition of reality is ‘that which never changes’.
If you watch a bird in the open sky you may notice that the bird leaves no trace in the sky.  You cannot predict where the bird will fly.  There is no perceivable pathway stitched into the sky.
Observe the ever-fresh quality of the attention and let the observation dissolve into the attention.
All of […]

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The bright side of the road

Many folks walk on the shady side of the road, unhappy with themselves and unhappy with many facets of their life.   ‘My life is not going so well’ might be a common phrase they repeat to themselves, even if they don’t admit it openly to others.
On the bright side of the road, the light and warmth of life itself can be appreciated naturally.
The phrase ‘the gift of life’ isn’t heard a lot in recent times.   The world appears to be focused on conflict and the media brings what seem to be endless reports from all around the globe right into your home via TV and Radio or via the internet.
In stark contrast to this, many could walk in a big city park or in the countryside and spend many hours without a hint of conflict to be found in nature.
Overload of so-called negative news in the form of ‘entertaining’ newscasts  can cause some serious desensitizing of our instincts.   Many forms of computer entertainment are also based on violent behavior.  It seems we are losing our intuitive symbiotic faculties in exchange for cheap entertainment and endless gloom and conflict. 
Depression is a growing problem in society and a little more light can do a wonder of good – bring a new balance to everything.  Depression is creeping into the lives of younger and younger age groups.  What 18 year olds were grappling with, 13 year olds are now experiencing.  Time to wake up folks.
I would encourage anyone who can do so, to regularly spend some time in nature and possibly bring some fresh insights into the simplicity of their lives, in recognizing I am life, now.  The simplicity of ‘being alive’ can open up the […]

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