Spontaneous immediacy – Life

The life that lives you in this immediacy right now is the same life that lives and www.fx-bar.com appears as all living things, past present and future.  It does not change.  The caveman of antiquity ‘was’ lived by this very same life that lives you.  The apparent individual patterns, the forms, appear and disappear.  Cavemen have gone but life remains as it always is.  The living bird that flies through your garden is that same life, this life!  No separation.  Two eyes, one seeing.  The mind appears to divide the appearance into many things and it is the labelling of things that seemingly divides. Take the labels off and what remains? Investigate.  See for yourself!
Many speak of ‘my reality’ and ‘your reality’. There can only be a singular reality. The mind is time, direction and dimension or the appearance of such. All directions are in the mind. Space or volume is an appearance. One needs reference points to measure or judge volume or distance with. Many say they are running out of time. When did time begin? When can time end? The essence of time is timeless.
The relative static point of the http://nauticalprogressions.net/buy-cialis-on-line observer is an idea (I or me). Take a look. SEE for yourself!
There is nothing there that you can pin point and say ‘This is what I am’. All reference points are relative. Relative to what? Investigate for yourself. No point taking on someone else’s explanations. Relationship is relative. Relative to what? Me and the other. Me and not me.
What is self-realisation?  Is it a thing?  Is it ever arrived at in reality?   Could it be that self-realisation is this undivided immediacy of livingness, this everlasting life and nothing other than that?  
To […]

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No cloud is stuck to the sky

Latest video of Sailor Bob Adamson is uploaded.  Search in youtube for: 
Sailor Bob – The Nonduality “Spiel” Melbourne, March 12, 2015
Why does the clear and obvious seem so mysterious, so hidden from view?
It isn’t actually hidden.  It is closer to you than your breath.  Inadvertence appears to be the ‘reason’ for the non-recognition of our true nature.  The belief in ‘me’ is non-recognition.  What resists the clear and obvious?  Isn’t it the cialis without prescription belief in an image of i use it self – ‘me’?
The evaporation of obscuration is the key.
At any moment in any situation it ‘appears’ that the clarity of ‘what is’ can be obscured by fixation on thought, belief in thought or simply inadvertence, the attention being dispersed onto ‘other things’ or non existing ‘things’……the focus is not with the clear evidence of the actuality of ‘here now’ – it is all imagination….dream-like.
The ‘seeker’ believes that something is missing or that there is something wrong.   The intuition may be right.   But it is not that there is something ‘out there’ that has to be acquired.  It is the fact that what appears to be ‘in here’, a belief in an image of self that must be transcended or dissolved.
As Nisargadatta says:  “You cannot transcend something unless you know what it is”.
Generally the public have no idea of the extent of their own imaginary world of self-centredness.  Belief in an image of self is an unquestioned assumption.  There is no actual proof of a ‘me’ in the clear evidence that is not merely another belief, concept or image from memory.  What is memory?   Is memory any different from imagination?  
Even though the belief in me is the main cause of all their problems and all […]

Already so.

It is pointed out by those who know, that what you seek you already are.
What happens to the seeking if this ‘truth’ is acknowledged totally?
We hear about something called awareness and then we go looking for it.  We conceptualise the very ‘thing’ that is not a thing, the very non thing that permits the unnecessary search.
No one needs to believe in anything that is clearly self evident. The self-evident has nothing to do with belief.
The seeing is happening.  Spontaneous seeing.
The moment you open your eyes in the morning the bana-uk.com whole world appears in the seeing (The room etc).
It does not gradually start appearing bit by bit.
Spontaneously it is (always) here.  As experience it is the appearance. In essence it is pre-sense, no thing.  The essence of existence is spontaneously so with no beginning and no end. The essence of the appearance is equally spontaneous with no beginning and no end.  Just as the horizon is only an apparent edge to the sea, when it is investigated it is found to have no beginning or end.  We have labels like ‘The South Pole’ but there is no such static point called ‘The South Pole’.  Even the axis of this planet is not stationary – it oscillates as it moves around and about a theoretical axis.
We put labels onto things and then we believe we understand what the things are.  The universe is a miraculous place and the more we study it, the more it reveals but there is one thing that has never been discovered – a static point.  It is all moving – it is all an appearance of movement.
How do you see?  Isn’t seeing a function that words and labels cannot fix in time or space? […]

Identity, boundary, duration and volume.

All of our problems are due to identity issues and boundary issues.
You will never work it out in the mind.  The more you look, the more it seems that the answer recedes from view.  Stop looking for ways out.   Be what you are.
The mind needs to be understood.
Mind or intellect is mechanical.
Every word you use has been learned.
Intelligence was obviously present prior to language being learned.  One could say that intelligence enables language.  What we miss is the fact that by putting labels onto things and in believing in those labels we inadvertently compose an unsolvable problem for ourselves.  Some call it ‘the bondage of self’.  A cage of beliefs.  The irony of click now it all is that words have no substance and no power of themselves.
Intelligence, as the activity of knowing does not come and go.  In deep sleep the intelligence is still beating your heart, breathing is happening and cells are being replaced. Just because words are there in the waking state, to be used, does not mean that we have to be bind ourselves up with them.  The mind is a useful tool.  If it uses us, we are then slaves to a mechanical apparatus.
The natural state is wordless and silent.
Out of that wordlessness words spontaneously appear and disappear.  Their apparent duration is an illusion.  Mind is time.  Space and http://rumahkayu.info/buy-generic-viagra-online Time are relative.   Without a reference point to measure from, what time is there?
Out of silence sound appears and disappears.  Notice the silence in the instant before you speak and in the instant after the words end.  The loudest sound is swallowed up by silence.  Silence is not disturbed by what appears upon it.  Out of stillness movement appears and disappears.  What is […]

The silent pointer beyond words

The harmonious functioning of the wholeness of being is compromised by a fixation with the intellect.  Words are given a value beyond their actual function through belief.  Belief acts as a filter which appears to alter what is actual into a fiction of mind.
For the functioning to reveal its harmonious potentiality it is necessary for all the eurousc.com senses to be open.  The habit of try it fixating on the intellect, as if it were the primary functioning is the most common error and the cause of a tremendous amount of misunderstanding, conflict and dis-ease.
The available intelligence is dulled down and the limited points of view bring on a display of an apparent endless series of narratives, stories of me and untold numbers of afflictive emotions.
You do not choose your feelings or thoughts.  It is all spontaneous and only for you the belief that ‘I am doing’ something leads to confusion, lack of only today trust and uneasiness in being.  It is kept in place by the fixation on belief in being a separate entity, the ‘thinker’, the ‘chooser’ and the ‘doer’.  The fact that it is all a fiction does not dawn upon the consciousness, unless it is pointed out – because it is never questioned.
Our attention appears to be turned outwards and the source of our woes, belief in being a ‘me’, is not investigated. Everything registers naturally and we call that natural registering ‘being conscious’.  The consciousness is not limited to ‘thinking about experiences’.
There are umpteen ‘teachers’ offering ‘ways out’ and they are all fictional. They are all addressing themselves to fictional characters (in their own minds).  The foolish ego of the self proclaimed guru knows no limit – it is sheer ignorance on display for all to see.
The […]

Being what you are is effortless

There are stories and legends about ‘enlightenment’ and most of them are serving an illusion of being separate.  The illusion of ‘grasping consciousness’ finally attaining ‘something’, a state of permanent bliss, or some other fantastical imagined state of mind has to be split wide open.  It is all a dream but the representatives who claim to be gurus or teachers do not point this out.  Why?  Could it be simply because they too are just aspects of the same dream?  The so-called ‘privileged position’ of appearing to take on the responsibility of try it delivering seekers out of the dream is an impossible task because it is all the content of Maya, the illusion of separation.
“No one can penetrate my world bewitching Maya” – Lord Krishna.  
It may be too shocking to recognise that no one can penetrate Maya.  No one!   No one! No one!    Even those who say they have penetrated Maya are just in the dream.   What is witnessed in spiritual groups is basically ‘monkey see, monkey do’.  The terms, the words and the lingo are learned, more or less by rote and the intellect then works hard to maintain the facade of being ‘someone who got it’.  The visible evidence of being someone ‘special’ is on display along with an underlying ‘note’ of angst.  It is all in the realm of Maya.
Equanimity is non dual.   Wholeness is non dual.  The awareness that is awareness itself is non dual.  There is no other awareness.  Awareness is not divided into states of mind. States of mind appear and disappear upon awareness.  Whatever you believe you are aware of in this instant is due to impersonal awareness.  To claim it as ‘my awareness’ […]

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Spiritual imagination is a dream

Falling for the temptation to dream of spiritual progress is very common.  It is the easiest thing to entice seekers into a realm of hope in a future time.  In the scheme of things, it is one of the biggest industries for ‘modern man’.  There is no such thing as spiritual progress in reality.  What is true is true – what is false is false (and the twain shall never meet).
To distinguish what is real from what is false should be easy but it appears to be quite difficult for most.  Why?  A biased point of view (the me fixation) distorts the generic cialis cheap view.
The simple act of watching the mind to see how it operates is enough to reveal everything as it is, so long as the bias is recognised and dropped.  Belief has no place in the actuality of ‘what is’.  
What is real is real.  What is false can never become reality.  
The imagined spiritual entity and buy real levitra the imagined spiritual destination, plus the path that the imagined entity believes and appears to travel upon is completely imaginary.
The so-called sacred journey of the ‘personalised identity’ through the mind is totally imaginary.  Nothing can exist without energy, so it is the energy of belief that keeps the illusion in place, or so it seems.  Protecting the personal illusion of ‘my progress’, on an imaginary path, which is believed to lead to an imaginary destination, is high maintenance, exhausting.
A madman may be picking cherries out of thin air or sitting on a stone wall in the middle of town with a fishing rod believing he will catch a fish.  Who would believe it?   Fact is fact. What is self-evident does not need to be explained. […]

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The simplest pointers bypass the intellect

The intelligence that is available to all is not a separate thing located in different patterns, things or beings.  Just as all things seen are appearing or registering in the activity of seeing, the intelligence is not located exclusively in the instrument called the intellect.   The telescope is an instrument.  The eye that looks through the telescope is an instrument.  The eye cannot see the eye.  The concept of or about a see-er is a concept.  A concept cannot see.  Can a thought up ‘me’ see?   Who do you think you are?  Can that image of self, ‘me’, see or hear?  
Without doubt, seeing and hearing are happening!  What is remarkable is that it is all so very simple, clear and obvious without concepts getting in the way…. and yet we all fall for concepts and ideas that our parents, our society, our schools tell us.  We never stop to investigate if any of it is true.
What is true is always simple.  Reality does not need the support of any intellectual description or any experience dragged up from memory.
The word Being means, basically, the immediate presence of spontaneous energy, which is appearing as a life form or as a pattern, a thing. Being is not what was a moment ago. Being is not what might be a moment in the so-called future. Being is immediate. Be-ing. Present tense.
Now your own being, if there could ever be any such thing, is not to be found in memory or in imagination of a future time.  Being is now.
The words ‘I am’ express this being-ness and the words appear to be extremely personal. The person is a psychological image, a kind of mask, an interface between what […]

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The essence of self-aware consciousness – I am.

The Bodhisattva Avalokita, while moving in the deep course of Perfect Understanding, shed light on the five skundhas (the five functions or aspects that constitute the sentient being: matter, sensation, perception, mental formations and consciousness) and found them equally empty.  After this penetration, he overcame all pain.
Speaking to his companion:
“Listen Shariputra, form is emptiness, emptiness is form, form does not differ from emptiness, emptiness does not differ from form.  The same is true with feelings, perceptions, mental formations, and consciousness”.

The words ‘I am’ are words.  The essence of ‘I am-ness’ is certainly not in the words.  The words re-present.  Words are vibrations.  There is nothing in the words.  Words call forth images, pre-conceived ideas or notions from the PAST.  The past can NEVER re-present the immediacy of right here, right now.  This immediacy is spontaneously fresh and new. This so-called moment has NEVER happened before.  It will NEVER happen again.  This ‘moment’ has no beginning and no end, therefore it is unceasing.  Because it never started, logically it cannot end.  We all know this and the best choice yet we overlook it because it is an ever-present fact.  Differentiation attracts the attention to the changeful.  That which does not change is virtually impossible to re-cognise because it is no thing.  You cannot re-call something that is already here, now.  It can be re-cognised.  We re-cognise ‘something’ only because it has already been cognised prior to re-cognition.  The ever-present appears to require re-cognition only because we have put our attention on ‘something else’.  Being invested in objective ‘things’ brings an assumption of being a ‘subject’.  
“Duality is due to the see-er and the seen” – Siddharameshwar.
The see-er and the seen cannot exist as anything separate from the activity of […]

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Too simple – no one recognises it.

Is there actually some separate being that could recognise anything?
The simplicity of the apparent mythical answer to the question about life, is not to be found in the mind.  Myriads of apparent individuals have pondered the http://www.rainbowrising.org/order-viagra-online great questions and mankind is no closer to a definitive answer than when the first man (or woman) ever contemplated the meaning of life.
Is there an answer?  It may well be there (in the mind) but it seems that the intellect cannot find it.  Is it possible that the intellect cannot find a definitive answer because the answer is not an objective ‘thing’.  Isn’t it life itself?
The river flows.  The water down stream knows nothing of the water upstream or the ocean.  No drop of water knows anything about being separate.   There is no separation in reality.  Only in the illusion of separateness does there appear any seeking for an answer.  That seeking is just an apparent seeking appearing like a mirage.
Life does not need to find an answer to explain itself.   The doubting mind is what looks for a reason for its apparent paradox of being and non-being.   Mind appears in awareness and awareness is being.  There may be an image of being in the mind….the image is not the being.  
‘To be or not to be – that is the question’ (Shakespeare).  Who is the questioner?   You ARE, before you think about being or not being.
“Let there be light”.   No one can get behind this self-illuminating, spontaneous being.
The problem remains as an unsolvable paradox – but for whom?  For the pattern of belief called ‘I’ or ‘me’.  Drop the reference point and see what remains.
Why do we miss the simplicity of […]

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