A belief is NEVER the actuality

The ever popular Urban Guru Cafe is still functioning.  
Take a listen if you have not done so already.
The simple fact is that no one can teach what they do not know.
Thousands upon thousands of teachers and millions of followers appear and disappear in this world.  What is the result?   Isn’t it obvious that there is so little evidence of any true understanding of our own true nature in common man.  Spiritual paths are many and all are imaginary and full of erroneous beliefs, yet no one mentions anything about it. Belief has everyone convinced.  Contempt prior to investigation is the common mind set.
Politics and religion appear to be so similar in so many ways.
As soon as you join a political party, you exclude all the others.   As soon as you join some religion, you exclude all the others.  Whatever opening you may have to your own innate knowledge is immediately limited by the dogma of your political party or your religion.
All of the examples of so-called liberated individuals, down through the ages, were not members of some club or some spiritual collective.  One might say that they were innovators.  Some left a legacy of ‘pointers’ and yet the clear pointers are stepped over in preference for commentaries added by those who had little clear understanding. Why?  Because the clear pointers do not relate to a ‘me’ and it is most common that everyone is reading and listening from the ‘me perspective’.   
Suffering is energy in conflict with energy.  It has to be understood.  In understanding what suffering is, it is transformed into a tool for investigation.   Suffering is not a dull pointer.   It is sharp and accurate.  Suffering exposes the identification […]

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You won’t find it because you never lost it

First off, you must recognise that your ideas about being separate are imaginary.   Your ideas about what imagination is are also imaginary.  All of your sacred ideas about higher realms of consciousness are mere gossip and hearsay.   Your spiritual heroes are without substance and are equal to your own reflection in a pond of water.
Speaking of the basics can sound mysterious or even esoteric. It isn’t.  We all innately know the essence of being.
The immediacy of this phenomenal appearance (world or universe) is energy appearing as an apparent field of finite patterns appearing in space (volume).  
The finite appears as the content of infinity.
‘Things’ appear as the content of consciousness.  Consciousness is no thing.  No one can define what consciousness is.
The appearance of ‘things’ is naturally and constantly changing.  There is nothing static in the universe.  Energy is a movement.  That which moves cannot be known as an object.  It may appear as an object but the essence is not seen.  The activity or movement is the knowing – not separate.  The universe is composed of entirely ever-fresh movement and there is no static point or thing that moves of itself.  The River flows constantly.  The evidence or trace of ‘things’ is an appearance and that includes the entire universe.  When you look at a star in the night sky there is no separation.  All registers exactly where it is.  It is all energy appearing like reflection, just like the reflections in a mirror – they are an appearance.  Nothing in the mirror can affect anything else in the reflection.  It is all empty of substance.  
One mirror, one reflection.  The reflections have no independent existence of their own and none can stand on their […]

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Carry that Weight

What’s New?   Hebrew version of “What’s wrong with right now?” – an excellent book of transcripts from Bob Adamson’s meetings.  The book is a complete introduction to your true nature through simple language and unswerving directness.  See sidebar for link.
AND:  POLISH voice over on a video of section of one of Bob’s meetings.  Katarina translated and recorded voice over.  See Video section to watch.
“Boy, you gotta carry that weight…a long time” – (from a Beatles song)
Everything is perfect just as it is.  There is NO duality in reality.
The ‘story of me’ is a fiction. So-called ‘events’ in the past have no emotional content unless you refer them to the image of ‘me’. This profundity goes un-noticed by ‘members of society’, ‘people’ in general.
Knowing that, knowing that the image of me is just a transient image and that it is the cause of distorted perception, one naturally ceases to refer to it.   Why refer to a fiction when what is true is clearly obvious without going to the me of memory?   Present evidence does not rely on any past.
There is no actual ‘I’ that expects anything from ‘my past’ or from the so-called ‘me’.  A fiction is a fiction.  Period!

You are here, now.  Where is the boundary to ‘here’.   There is none.

Where is the now?  Did it have a beginning?  The present is the only actuality there is.

Some call this ‘enlightenment’ but I don’t call it anything.
You can call it LIFE.


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Love is light.
Light is energy.
Everything is light.  Everything is illuminated as it is.
The luminous nature of all things is self-evident.
Love doesn’t die or go anywhere. 
Love is the basic essence of life. 
Our love is eternal.

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Consciousness is spontaneous – uncaused

All of the concepts about ‘my existence’ are based on assumptions.
The mind is ‘me’.  The mind is memory.  The mind, even though you cannot find anything that you can call mind, is a realm of many, unquestioned, believed in reference points, all being displayed as ‘a seeming field of cause and effect’.  
It is all a fiction.  A belief is not a fact.
Consciousness cannot be the result of its own content.  Even the most (apparently) persuasive thought is spontaneous and without any ‘past’, without any cause or substance.  Assumptions and belief go hand in hand with delusions of self.
Without a thought or belief what are you?
This is an excellent quote from Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj:
“The entire universe contributes incessantly to your existence.
Hence the entire universe is your body.
Coming back to the idea of having been born: You are stuck with what your parents told you, all about conception, pregnancy and birth, infant, child, youngster, teenager, and so on.
Now, divest yourself of the idea that you are the body with the help of the contrary idea that you are not the body. It is also an idea, no doubt; treat it like something to be abandoned when its work is done.
The idea that I am not the body gives reality to the body when in fact, there is no such thing as the body; it is but a state of mind.
But here and now, through all your bodies and souls shines awareness……..hold on to it unswervingly.
Without awareness, the body would not last a second.
There is in the body a current of energy, affection, and intelligence which guides, maintains, and energizes the body. Discover that current and stay with it.
Find the […]

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Resonance with our true nature

The word, any word, is not what it re-presents.
The word water has how many features or properties of water?
Nothing that represents something else is what it re-presents.  All concepts about consciousness are concepts.  They are not the pure consciousness.  They are content of consciousness – not separate from consciousness – they are expressions of consciousness.
Without any clear understanding of words, words cannot serve with clear communication all that well.
A lot of misunderstanding appears for someone attempting to assimilate into a new country (with a different language) as they struggle with learning the new language.  Many oddities in one’s own language will reveal themselves if you are trying to help someone learn your language.  You may notice many expressions, that you take for granted, that are not so clear.  If your grasp of your own language is not well grounded, you may not be being as helpful as you might imagine.  Just spending time with them may be more helpful than your efforts to teach the language.
No one can teach what they don’t know.
‘The Great Way’ is not difficult for those who have found their true nature.  Your true nature is the light that shines upon all things revealing everything as it is.  This is not belonging to any conceptual realm of mind.  Most, it seems, do not understand this.
With regard to understanding the nature of things, if your understanding is limited you will probably like to read the words of others and that is most likely a subtle form of seeking.
Many ‘teachers’ love to read the words of other ‘teachers’.  Some are like composers listening to the compositions of other composers, looking for inspiration.  No harm done. If they are genuine, then they are genuine. […]

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The light of seeing is the fire of being

The display of consciousness is the fuel of consciousness. Consciousness is eternal.  
The fuel is uniform and appears as equanimity.  Undifferentiated fuel.  
It all burns.  Your experiencing right now is that fire.
The fire is eternal and the immediacy is consumed as the ‘display’ – which is fuel for the next moment. 
The display is forever changing on all scales of being.  The sun is self-shining.  Awareness is self-aware – self-shining.  The light by which you see and know is the fire of consciousness – commonly called ‘being’.  It is not becoming anything.  Spontaneously ever fresh and new.
This beginning-less and endless immediacy is LIFE – just as it is. You can’t alter it and the mind is slow – it can NEVER catch up.

Belief in ‘me’ is high maintenance for a believed in entity, which feels vulnerable – it needs support. It is NOT real.
The one who claims any state of being is only an appearance in the display of consciousness, which is completely consumed before the next moment.

Reality needs NO support.
It just IS.
For the intellectuals:  
If everything is the content of consciousness, how can anything be the cause of consciousness?
What can be outside of consciousness?
Isn’t consciousness the eternal potentiality appearing as a spontaneous display with infinite variety?  Can anyone get behind that?   Can anyone go beyond that?
 Pure Being: Timeless in nature, it appears ‘as time’ and yet no past is ever created. 

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So Simple

Spiritual promises are empty and unreal.  Service to the illusions of  ‘becoming’  is the common obstacle that is not spoken of in ‘spiritual teachings’.
Wishing and hoping, hoping and praying.  It is foolish to believe when the proof of direct knowing is self-evident.  Belief is not reality.  Round and round it goes, turning upon emptiness like a ring of wooden horses on a turnstile.
The true message is direct and uncompromising.
No one is asked to believe anything.
There is no one bound up in any phenomena of any kind.
What is not true requires a conceptual construct to make it appear to be true.
Innate knowing is uncomplicated like instinct.  Call it a gut feeling (if you want).
Reality is ‘what is’, as is and totally self-evident.  ‘Prior’ to conceptualising.
‘Know-ing’ is not separate from be-ing.  Being is.
The believed in entity has no being.  That is why you cannot ‘fix it’ with psychology or any methods or practices.
It is a fiction.
Innately we all know what is true despite how things might appear to be.
So Simple – yet overlooked most of the ‘time’.  
Mind is time.
There is no ‘me’ in the immediacy of consciousness.
Don’t take my word for it!
Investigate and SEE for yourself.
Belief is not the way to ‘go’.

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Turn, turn, turn.

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.
A time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to pluck up that which was planted.” – Ecclesiastes 3 – King James Version
Reality is that which never changes, THAT which IS.    IS-NESS.  Undeniable is-ness, as is. Unaltered, unmodified (by mind) and uncorrected.  THAT which IS.
That which changes is that which ‘appears to be’.   Everything is appearance – appearance is everything.  What the appearance appears upon is like space – no thing.
Fear of reality – being afraid of what is true can only ever be a transitory state of mind.
The nature of reality knows no fear.   No transitory appearance can ever represent the Whole.
All things must pass.   No transitory state of affairs can be lasting.  It appears to have a beginning and an end.
What appears to have a beginning and and end cannot be reality.  Reality is timeless – not subjected to time.  Reality is eternal.
Because one believes that they were born, dying appears as its opposite (in dualistic mind).  Fear of dying is imagination.
Fear of the future is ‘unreasonable’ and is based on belief.  The fixation of ‘me’ can never be in the actual present.  The ‘me’ is mind, the mind is memory, past.
No one knows first hand what death is.  Life and death are two sides of the same coin. Without death, there can be no life.
Life lives on life.  
No one has ever come back from ‘death’ to tell their story about what death is like.  
In the scheme of things, in the appearance of what appears to be, existence appears as ‘things’, things upon a […]

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Truth or reality

What is most usually not recognized is that there is a bias to our ‘wanting to know’.  The ‘me’ gets desperate, frustrated, secretly or openly blames the ‘other’, life or maybe the ‘teacher’, then it all comes back on the ‘me’.  Depression sets in.   The way out of it is clear and obvious but it is not recognized. Just as the sky is not recognized due to the attention being attracted to the content of the sky.  Clouds, birds, planes, storms, blueness…. and then there is that gloomy grey-ness which appears to upset the self-image for so many.  The clear open sky is simply not present, it would seem – or it appears to be obscured.  
Through belief awareness is seemingly obscured.  Belief is the obscuration.
Awareness or Knowing is not a result (of any ‘thing’).  All is spontaneous and ever fresh, without any conditioning at all.  Like the sky, present evidence is awareness itself, clear and empty of bias.
The bias that causes misunderstanding is ‘me’.  What does ‘I want to know’ mean?   The assumption is that the ‘I’ has some substance which can add to or subtracted from (itself).  And the same assumption includes an idea that the ‘I’ has already accumulated lots of ‘knowledge’ which is being refined and added to…..and that it (me) is somehow evolving.  It is all nothing but imagination.  
As long as that me is not recognized for what it is, recognized from beyond the bias that it is, then nothing much can happen regarding any true understanding.
Knowing is instant, always instant.  Mind is time (apparent process).  It ‘appears’ that 99% of those interested in these ‘matters’ do not have a ‘clear capacity’ to acknowledge (their own) naked awareness because […]

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