Turn, turn, turn.

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.
A time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to pluck up that which was planted.” – Ecclesiastes 3 – King James Version
Reality is that which never changes, THAT which IS.    IS-NESS.  Undeniable is-ness, as is. Unaltered, unmodified (by mind) and uncorrected.  THAT which IS.
That which changes is that which ‘appears to be’.   Everything is appearance – appearance is everything.  What the appearance appears upon is like space – no thing.
Fear of reality – being afraid of what is true can only ever be a transitory state of mind.
The nature of reality knows no fear.   No transitory appearance can ever represent the Whole.
All things must pass.   No transitory state of affairs can be lasting.  It appears to have a beginning and an end.
What appears to have a beginning and and end cannot be reality.  Reality is timeless – not subjected to time.  Reality is eternal.
Because one believes that they were born, dying appears as its opposite (in dualistic mind).  Fear of dying is imagination.
Fear of the future is ‘unreasonable’ and is based on belief.  The fixation of ‘me’ can never be in the actual present.  The ‘me’ is mind, the mind is memory, past.
No one knows first hand what death is.  Life and death are two sides of the same coin. Without death, there can be no life.
Life lives on life.  
No one has ever come back from ‘death’ to tell their story about what death is like.  
In the scheme of things, in the appearance of what appears to be, existence appears as ‘things’, things upon a […]

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Truth or reality

What is most usually not recognized is that there is a bias to our ‘wanting to know’.  The ‘me’ gets desperate, frustrated, secretly or openly blames the ‘other’, life or maybe the ‘teacher’, then it all comes back on the ‘me’.  Depression sets in.   The way out of it is clear and obvious but it is not recognized. Just as the sky is not recognized due to the attention being attracted to the content of the sky.  Clouds, birds, planes, storms, blueness…. and then there is that gloomy grey-ness which appears to upset the self-image for so many.  The clear open sky is simply not present, it would seem – or it appears to be obscured.  
Through belief awareness is seemingly obscured.  Belief is the obscuration.
Awareness or Knowing is not a result (of any ‘thing’).  All is spontaneous and ever fresh, without any conditioning at all.  Like the sky, present evidence is awareness itself, clear and empty of bias.
The bias that causes misunderstanding is ‘me’.  What does ‘I want to know’ mean?   The assumption is that the ‘I’ has some substance which can add to or subtracted from (itself).  And the same assumption includes an idea that the ‘I’ has already accumulated lots of ‘knowledge’ which is being refined and added to…..and that it (me) is somehow evolving.  It is all nothing but imagination.  
As long as that me is not recognized for what it is, recognized from beyond the bias that it is, then nothing much can happen regarding any true understanding.
Knowing is instant, always instant.  Mind is time (apparent process).  It ‘appears’ that 99% of those interested in these ‘matters’ do not have a ‘clear capacity’ to acknowledge (their own) naked awareness because […]

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Trans-parent Words

The SAME activity of knowing runs right on back and prior to Adam and Eve.  The activity of knowing has no parents.  It is trans-parent.  What you are is not the result of any cause – you are actually trans-parent.  The body is animal and in the scheme of things the body has parents, in the appearance of things.
It seems that no matter how clearly it is pointed out, no one ‘gets it’. It is more simple than simple.
The basic problem is that everything is apparently automatically referred to the believed in entity (me, an image of self). You are probably ‘doing that’ right now.
The activity of seeing is happening right now – you are not ‘doing’ the seeing. The activity of knowing is happening right now – you are not ‘doing’ that.
The common belief seems to be that nothing is understood until it is composed of words or labels. When you look at a table it is understood instantly.
You do NOT have to see the table THROUGH the WORD or concept ‘table’. You KNOW what it is. You can walk through a busy city and you KNOW what everything is before you name any of it.
Some ‘teachers’ talk about the space between thoughts as if that space is something special and important. The WHOLE universe, every speck of it, appears in space. Look through a microscope at a small ‘thing’ and it is clearly obvious that, that ‘thing’ is suspended in space. It may be resting on a platform but that platform is suspended in space. The microscope is on a table, the table is on the floor, the floor is in a building.  The building is on the planet. […]

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Thought cannot see. Thought cannot know anything.

If there was, is or ever will be a ‘knower’ then the knower could not possibly be content of the ‘known’.   The ‘knower’ must be beyond the ‘known’.  ‘Knower and known’ are conceptual reference points appearing in the ‘knowing’.
You can take a photo of something on the ground and you may not notice that your foot is in the ‘shot’.   The foot is not the believed in entity that is ‘taking the shot’.   You cannot take a photo of your self, the observer.   You cannot see the ‘observer’ and no one else can see the ‘observer’.   You may see a man on a hill with a pair of binoculars.  You might say ‘I saw the observer on the hill’.   Yes, you saw a man on the hill with a pair of binoculars but you did not see the (implied) observer.  No word is ever what it re-presents!
Many say that they want with all their hearts to ‘awaken’ but the dream is nothing but ‘appearance’ and there is no actual ‘awakening’ (for anyone) from the dream of being separate.   The dreamer cannot awaken.  The dreamer disappears with the dream.
There is NO separation in reality.
It does not matter if you are as plain and ordinary as plain and ordinary can be – or you are a guru with ten thousand followers.  Reality is reality.  The differentiated nature of the appearance is nothing but appearance.  
As an ancient Buddhist text says: ‘There is no difference between a Buddha and an ordinary being’.
When it is pointed out: ‘You are seeing from empty space’, you might reply “Woh! My mind worked hard on this one!” and then arrived at the conclusion: “Inconceivable is a good […]

Belief is ignorance.

The words belief, certainty and conviction refer to the acceptance of, or confidence in, an alleged fact (or body of facts) as being true or right without any positive knowledge of proof.
An apple is an apple.  The apple does not require belief, certainty or conviction.  It is an apple no matter what someone believes it is.  If it is a pear that looks like an apple, then it is a pear that looks like an apple.  It does not require words or belief from anyone to be what it is.  Blind belief, including so-called certainty, indicates belief and positiveness in one’s own mind, that something is true.  
What is, is what is.   Concepts, labels and belief in concepts, labels and words are all secondary. Belief is never the actuality.  To know is to know.  To believe is to believe. Knowing and belief only ever mix in the knowing of a belief as being a belief.  
A belief cannot be knowing.
If your attention is not stabilized and if the mind is not cleared of erroneous beliefs, then your life will have little meaning in any real sense.  Observe the quality of your attention and watch the mind.  In this way the mind can serve, instead of behaving like a dictator.  
If you do not genuinely investigate the believed in entity and see it for what it is, life will just follow the habit patterns that have been established and the blind spot (belief in me) that prevents you from seeing anything clearly, for what it truly is, will stay as the constant obscuration.
Most usually no one truly wants this knowledge.
They worship gurus and teachers, as if that will save them.   Ignorance is bliss. […]

Non Duality – two words

Many divide the natural oneness of ‘what is’ in their own minds.
Oneness means oneness.
Non Duality cannot be divided, least of all by mere concepts or ideas, attitudes or opinions.

The terms commonly used today, ‘Neo Advaita’ and ‘Traditional Advaita’, belong to a dividing mind.
Any credence given to those divisive terms only keep the mind in servitude to belief in concepts.

Dvaita means Two. A-dvaita means Not Two.
Advaita is commonly translated as ‘One without a second’.   Advaita means non duality in plain english.
Non Duality is not a religion.
Non Duality is not a belief system.
Non Duality is not any thing.
Non Duality simply means that existence is ‘not two’ – Two words pointing at ‘That-ness’, which is not even one.  
(the number 1 implies 2)
Non Duality is Zero. 

Non Duality – a simple description, in simple terms, pointing at the nature of reality.
There is only one reality which is all inclusive.
Non Duality is non conceptual.  You cannot get to it because you are already that.
Trying to get to non duality via duality (mind) is a fiction.
No concept can encapsulate what Non Duality means or is.
Wordless, concept-less, Is-ness.
Every vibration of every seeming particle is THAT and can not ever be anything other that THAT.  
The words ‘I am That’ is an expression from Zero degrees of separation.

The Fire and the ashes

It seems that everyone is afraid of fierce emotional states.
Everyone wants bliss. Life is a flow of all there is, in all its diversity.
What a wonder emotions are!
Instead of building a wall of concepts or running away from or blocking emotions or hiding in imaginary places in the mind where emotions can’t get ‘you’ – light a bonfire and toss ALL of your beliefs into the flames.
Watch (observe) the mind and see how its content of transient existence cannot survive its own imaginary ‘time’.
Mind is time.

Your true essence is beyond appearances.
The sword can’t cut it, the fire can’t burn it.
The light of consciousness is invisible to mind and the witness of all is Life itself.
Life is eternal Being.  Birth-less, death-less Spirit.  Spirit and matter are not separate from each other, not two – just as the Earth and Space are not separate.

We put names upon the timelessness of existence (eternal being), words like consciousness, awareness, God, Shiva, Pleasure and Pain.  

When were you EVER separate from THAT?

No way, no path.

The clear and obvious nature of oneness is not subjected to any dimensions. It is not subjected to any directions and it is free of all concepts.
The past was never created.
The future has never been created.
The present is beyond the capacity of the intellect. The intellect in essence is intelligence, energy appearing as a pattern. The content of the intellect arrives as a spontaneous, never-ending, flow of what can be named as ‘relativity’ and the relative is dualism. Awareness is non-dual.
The singular nature of ‘your own consciousness’ is obvious and yet it is beyond all boundaries and is all-inclusive and is not personal in any way, shape or form.
No concept can ever divide this obvious oneness, which is always present as ‘what is’.
Reality is neither slow nor fast. Reality is neither gross nor refined.
Reality is No Thing.
The intellect is slow, a ‘Johnny come late’.
‘Thinking about the inconceivable present’ is like a man with a broom, sweeping up the debris at the Grand Stadium after the Big Game.
Just BE what you ARE.  Stop pretending.
You have never done a thing.  You are not the result of thinking or doing. There is no such thing as a ‘self-made man’ (or woman).
You cannot be a concept, an idea or a static point in space.
All there is, is Consciousness.   The subtle movement of cognizing is the basis of all there is and it IS all there is.
Conscious Being is the only revelation.   Once recognized, you can’t go back!

Beyond the reach of words

‘One energy’ moves in all there is. One without a second.  

Indescribable, inconceivable, un-namable and totally beyond anything that mankind has given a name to.

Even though this energy, this one energy is inconceivable, it is the very movement of cognition and is not separate from any ‘thing’ and all things are nothing other than this same one energy moving.  

How can you say that you know it not?

Nothing can be separate from the knowing (cognition).

The movement is Omnipotent Cognition. Self-knowing. There is no separate subject or object. All concepts are included as subtle movements of this same one energy.
I am THAT.
(Some will ask) What is THAT?   ‘I’ represents identity, ‘am’ represents ‘to be’ (being) and ‘that’ represents existence.  ‘That’ is just a word and that is a common word….and yet it is also a rare word.  It is rare because it is free of any ‘particular’ qualities in memory based images and associations.  Consider this and see if what I say is true.
I am THAT.  No separation.   Your true nature is more subtle than any appearance, more subtle than space itself.
THAT (essence of I am) is what you truly are.
The undeniable impersonal existence of conscious being.  Prior to the words ‘I am’.
What is more clear and obvious than the clearest and the most obvious is THAT, the self-evident that-ness of all things.
What you are is non-perceivable, a living fact far beyond the reaches of discriminating mind.
Some call it ‘self’.
Its nature (That-ness) is indestructible and beyond the appearance of the constructed nature of matter.
THAT is beyond all limitations. Without gross or subtle shape, without form.
(The sword cannot cut it)
Therefore nothing that is manifested can touch it, wear it down or alter it […]

Never mind

Whatever you can think of, conceive of or dream about, is nothing but consciousness.

This is naturally self-evident.
There is nothing either wrong or right – there is only this immediate consciousness, as it is.
With no static point, no center and no boundary, consciousness is nothing other than the all-inclusive nature of ‘all there is’ (all there has ever ‘been’ and all that will ever ‘be’) without any possible division.  There are no actual divisions into dimensions, time zones, time lines or space volumes.

A concept cannot divide anything except itself and even that division is merely conceptual.

Nothing can ever divide this consciousness into two. This is naturally self-evident.  
The indivisibility of total unity, wholeness, is naturally perfect, as it is.  
How misleading or arrogant it is to believe that any believed in ‘me’ or ‘you’ can divide consciousness with a concept or belief.  
Mind is seemingly divided into ‘good and bad’ – ‘God and devil’ – ‘Heaven and Hell’ etc…. but any division of mind is an illusionary division.  
Some ‘believers’ say:  ‘I have a personal relationship with God’.  This is like a mask exclaiming ‘I have a personal relationship with the face I am covering up’.
Whatever drama that appears, it is all nothing but an appearance of consciousness itself, an appearance, which we call ‘mind’ – a movement in stillness, which is ‘no mind’.  
‘Mind’ and ‘no mind’ are not two.
No self & no other.
No ownership.
No bondage.
No one can ‘own’ anything, not even one atom of ‘life’ as we know it.
Highly recommended: Excellent video of Bob Adamson speaking at a meeting in December last year…..to watch click HERE X  (If Link does not work – google search ‘sailor bob December 15th’)