No one but you

No one can ‘do it’ for you.  
Those who perceive entities (with belief) have not realised anything.
Through belief in things that are not, you have limited yourself by ‘creating’ a cage of belief.
The cage is composed of concepts.
What substance does any concept have?
The infinite potentiality is spontaneously ever present and link for you no thing can ever put any limits upon it.
Nothing can limit the infinite nature of existence (or non-existence).
Presence and absence are infinitely entwined like a rope.  Space and content of space are the same.
For so-called ‘human beings’ the infinite potentiality, even though it is always present, is dampened down through belief in words and labels.
By simply removing belief, insights spontaneously appear.
So-called enlightenment is ever present – there for the taking.  But can you take it?  That is the crux of it all.
It is only erroneous beliefs that seemingly prevents self-realisation.
Infinity is already self-realising, as is.
Infinity does not need an agent.
The seeming activities of a false self-centre obscure the clear and obvious.
By simply investigating it, the self-centre reveals its non existence.
You are still present and aware.  But if fear of being nothing is believed in, the cycle of repetition continues.  The essence of all patterns is energy.
There is only one energy.

Belief requires energy.   Nothing exists without energy.
Take the energy out of belief by focusing your attention straight into the space where belief is supposedly residing.  The locality will be found to be empty.
The common error is that even after a very clear insight into this, the mind will then construct a new belief.
Those who say they got it must be lying.   The belief that someone got it is completely erroneous.
All that happens here is impersonal pointing.   Those who see entities have not realised […]

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Only a series of words – the inner conflict (if any) is yours.

You live in a world of concepts, juggling ideas, words and fabricated meaning and trying to arrive at a conclusion that will satisfy your mind.  You have overlooked the fact that the herbal alternative to cialis mind is in constant movement and changes every moment.  You have overlooked the fact that a belief can never be real.
You defend your beliefs as if they were a treasure worth clinging to.
All of your opinions are clouded by your beliefs and are based on nothing but sensations from the past.
You have not recognised that everything is a sensation, whether it be an experience of some external ‘thing’ or some internal ephemeral pattern of reoccurrence.
Nature displays itself spontaneously without a centre or reference point but your blindness to this fact is endemic (your own imagined locality), apparently insurmountable.
A simple arrangement of words can threaten you, such as these words above and below. 
The only thing you are certain about does not feature in your contemplations.
Imagining that one is on a path of becoming is extremely obviously delusional, a disease of mind – but no one notices.  Having already invested heavily in being a separate entity, how can they.. and why would they have any interest in seeing through it?
Nations fight with nations over a piece of land or access to oil or water (or some other benefit for me and my tribe or nation).  The Earth was here long before humans came along with their fences, their flags and their pieces of paper! 
Nature supplies enough for all but the self-centred greed of a few creates havoc for everyone, so it seems.  
All the drama is happening due to belief in being someone or something separate.  As soon as the idea of being separate […]

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Be wise – investigate

The spiritual realm is certainly not what it appears to be.   Self-delusion is the common feature of most spiritual groups and religion alike.  Belief and faith are unquestioned gods to them all.  Ignorance parading as knowledge can only fool the unwary.
The capacity of escaping from erroneous belief appears to be related directly to the degree of being sucked into the belief in being a separate entity.Those who question their beliefs do so only because some degree of freedom from belief still occupies some of their experiencing and it vibrates presently like the sound of a bell. Acknowledging the bell is a sign of our true potentiality revealing itself momentarily. Undeniable. The activity of knowing is undeniable.  Belief is relative and based on anything but reality.
You know this innately.  You are the activity of knowing, not a mere belief.  Bringing the intellect into acknowledgement of this clear and obvious knowing must overthrow belief completely.  Belief is a habit and a habit can be broken.
Spiritual images of self are conceptual and can be negated or cast out – the sooner the better.Courage to follow through on a thorough investigation into erroneous beliefs appears to be rare amongst so-called seekers.  No blame can be assigned to anyone.  It is all mechanical – an appearance only.Defending erroneous beliefs is very common and totally useless.  Protecting an imaginary entity called ‘me’ is ignorance.  Devoid of any self-knowledge, the story of me is just a story.
There is no one in bondage but as long as a belief that there is remains unchallenged, then that belief will haunt the consciousness like a wild hungry beast.Light overcomes darkness.The dark night of the soul is a struggle that appears to take place. It is […]

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The ‘doer’ is imaginary

“You can do nothing.
What time has brought about, time will take away.
This is the end of yoga, to realise independence.
All that happens, happens to the mind, not to the source ‘I am’.
Once you realise that all happens by itself (call it destiny, or the will of God or mere accident), you remain as witness only, understanding and enjoying, but not perturbed.
You are responsible only for what you can change.
All you can change is only your attitude.
There lies your responsibility”.

– Nisargadatta Maharaj

To put it all in a nutshell, I can offer this:
All is a movement upon stillness.
Movement and stillness are two aspects of the singular essence.
That is all one needs to know. The knowing is the movement (intelligence-energy) and the formless inconceivable ‘knower’ is stillness.

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Not a religion – not a belief

Non Duality. The accepted meaning is: One without a second.
It could not be simpler.  Some say it is too simple – it can’t be that simple!
What is true is simple.  When investigated it merely reveals its true nature.
What is true implies an order.  
That which is false is unnecessary, complex and it fragments, it falls apart when investigated.

As ‘you’ look out at the world, two reference points form.
One is ‘I’ and the second is whatever is perceived ‘out there’.
That is duality.  I and not I.   Me and not me.  Duality.
What appears between these reference points?  What appears between all reference points?
I will not rob you of that discovery by telling you. 
One may investigate either reference point, I or not I.
Both reference points, all reference points, register in cognition, which is non dual.
As Siddharameshwar (Nisargadatta’s guru) pointed out “Duality is due to the see-er and the seen”.  This simple and profound pointing took place in 1920’s-30’s.  
The truth of it is timeless.  You can prove it to yourself.  The proof turns your life around and there is no going back.  
Do you truly want it?   It is available but it is not something to be timid about. If you do not want the proof, then my advice to you is straight and uncomplicated: Stop pretending to yourself that you do want it.

So, for those who remain interested: Investigate the see-er…. or the seen and realise that it all is conceptual constructs in mind. Words and images.   All words have been learned.  
There is no word that is the natural state.
The origin of mind is clear and empty. One might say that the origin of mind is cognition. It is not […]

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We cannot imagine what it could mean to not exist.
Non existence is no thing. This is why we cannot realise our true nature (as a thing) – and why we cannot find the self.  
“To lament that we shall not be alive a hundred years hence, is the same folly as to be sorry we were not alive a hundred years ago” – Michel de Montaigne.
Everyone seems to want a method or a practice.  Reality does not practice anything. There is no time to practice in reality.  Everything is perfect as it is, in it’s immediacy.
If you want a simple method, try this:  
With all your attention free from ‘other matters’…..investigate the difference, if any, between imagination and memory.
Memory re-presents your own ‘living past’.
Imagination is conceptual constructs in ‘mind’.
We can imagine a future.
To anticipate, is to image the future. To remember is to image the past.
Nothing can take place outside of the immediacy.

Let the cialis online canada mind be empty, for a moment…… and see everything without words.

Existence and visit web site non-existence are two sides of the same coin.

The salient point is: Cognition belongs to neither side.
“There is no duality in Non Duality” – Bob Adamson
Pointing out the clear and obvious requires a kind of assumption that there is someone who does not know something.  Is it true?
On investigation it is found that there are no entities anywhere.
The whole thing is a dream.
Cognition is not in a dream, it is not ‘in anything’.
A dream appears in the sleep state. A different dream appears in the waking state.  In deep sleep there appears to be nothing at all.  Deep peace seems to be experienced in deep sleep.  The ‘psyche’ is resting.
All states of mind have one […]

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Genuine and thorough investigation

The self-realising principle (I am) requires no words, no sacred text, no doctrine, no system and belief is nowhere to be found.
Some may ask why it seems so difficult to come to a clear understanding of ‘non duality’.
Non duality is not a religion, not a belief system, not something that can be deconstructed. There are no parts and there are no particulars to it. Everything is That. That is everything.
The ‘fact’ that you have to import your ‘self-knowledge’ from memory is a sure sign that it is nothing but imagination.  This salient point is overlooked by everyone, so it seems. How can anyone come to a clear understanding while clinging to false knowledge?  It can’t happen.  It won’t happen.  It is an impossibility.  What is, is what is.  What is does not depend on a past or a future.  It does not depend on a thing called the present.   What is, is the un-namable fact of being.  You cannot negate that. You cannot affirm it or deny it. What is, exists beyond existence and non-existence.  You are not a feature of THAT.  You are THAT, whether you know it or not.
In the scheme of things almost all aspirants are led astray by those who are convinced that they know ‘truth’ in a personal way.  The ‘person’ is not real, so any belief that what is true is known in a personal way is delusion of mind.  It is obvious that these ‘special people’ do not and cannot ever know what ‘understanding’ is.  They obviously do not know the difference between ‘belief’ and ‘knowing’.  All of their sales pitch is based on belief.  This does not mean that they are ‘bad’ or devious.  Many ‘good […]

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Wisdom surfaces spontaneously

Mind is limited. Mind is time. Mind is me.
With the mind one tries to realise that which is limitless.
Failure appears over and over again simply because the limited cannot ‘become’ the limitless.
Wisdom surfaces as intelligence discards the mechanical nature of belief in words and belief in belief.
It is imperative to understand what belief is.  Belief is not a foundation for truth.  A belief is NEVER the actuality.
So-called self-realisation is not the realisation of some person, someone, some body-mind.
Self-realisation is the formless nature of intelligence itself. That which formed the body, brain, the language, THAT which the ‘mind’ assumes it represents.
Nothing re-presents anything other than what it is. No division. No separation.
The self-realised (one) is neither proud or interested in praise.
All manner of patterns (energy) may appear and only now disappear upon the timeless, limitless pure essence of being.
Do not follow a guru or teacher. Do not follow anyone. Above all else, do not follow the thoughts that appear in ‘your mind’.
They all lead away into divisions of this ever present unicity. They all lead to illusion, which does not actually exist – never did and never will.
What you truly are is limitless, formless intelligence, whether ‘you’ know it or not.
It cannot be seen.  It cannot be found.   
To look for it requires its presence.  
Are we like the man who hold his keys in his hand while searching everywhere for them?

 New video of Mark West
An active Link is on his website on Video page.

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Still Already so.

You may fear that what you are will disappear if thought stops or if the idea of me disappears or is given up…. or if those habits of belief in the image of self should stop unexpectedly.
Why not test it for yourself?  Let the mind empty itself and see that this naked awareness actually remains as is.  Just as the sky is not composed of clouds, the simplicity of awareness is not composed of states of mind, thoughts, images, ideas or memories.  Such ‘things’ merely appear and disappear ‘upon’ this awareness.  Nothing that appears upon this awareness can ever actually obscure this awareness.  Belief that something does obscure is due only to identification oneself as a reference point.  That is usually called ‘me’.  Investigate it and see that it cannot see or know anything.  It is an appearance only.
What ‘appears to be’ is simply content.
When the sky is observed without bias, it is the greatest teacher of all.   The sky demonstrates the basic nature of all phenomena, clearly and precisely.  Like all obvious principles of nature, it is not noticed, overlooked and even ignored.  The blueness of the atmosphere is absent at night.  The night sky reveals the vastness of infinite space (sky).  With no boundary to be seen anywhere and without a reference point to measure anything from, the universal ‘message’ is clear and obvious.  By focusing on one’s trivialities and discount viagra online personal dramas the unique nature of naturally resolving phenomena is missed. 
Awareness is ‘self aware’ – it is awareness and nothing other than awareness.  It is not limited to any ‘thing’ that appears or disappears.  One may witness many ‘things’ that appear and disappear.   What is, is not ‘some thing’ appearing as it […]

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Already so

Contemplate your Spiritual Heroes for a moment.  
Before any of those so-called ‘great men or women’ appeared in this world, the natural perfection of pure being was ‘already so’.  
Words divide and separate.  Nothing can be added to consciousness.  Nothing can be taken away from consciousness.  The mind divides the oneness and then tries to add the conceptually divided, believing that something profound has been achieved.  All illusion of mind.
Words are pointers.  Words are empty…..just like a wooden signpost is empty of any special meaning other than its pointer.  The value of the pointer is in its accurateness but the goal cannot be found in or around the signpost.   Worshiping the signpost is a very common error.  No matter how glorified the signpost is dressed up with bangles and beads, the only value it has is in its accurate pointing.  
This wakefulness has not come along after some idea registered.  Ideas come and go.  The ‘self-knowledge’ of all the great sages came and went.  One must not confuse the pristine qualities of consciousness-awareness with any formalised being, great or small.  Being is spontaneous and look there the form that it appears as is secondary.  No separation exists in reality.
As each new individual (being) comes into this world, the nature of pure being is ‘already so’ already present (presence).  As each being leaves this world the ‘already so’ nature of pure being is present (presence) and in the pure reflection of a lifetime, it is obvious that nothing has altered the clarity of awareness.  
All of what you call your ‘experiences’ register in their own immediacy as a mind translation of sensations – a subtle narrative using learned words.  Without those learned words you could not say […]

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